Can Mercedes Sprinter Van Tow a Travel Trailer or Camper? [Towing Capacity]

The Sprinter Van has a towing capacity up to max of 7500 pounds. The standard models like the Cargo, Worker Cargo, Passenger, and Crew have a towing capacity of 5000 pounds. There is a customizable model for extra towing power, The Sprinter Cab Chassis, which has a towing capacity of 7500 pounds and can carry a maximum of 6400 pounds of payload.


Sprinter Van Engine

In the US market, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter standard models come with a 161 horsepower 2.1L turbo-diesel inline-four engine, a four-cylinder engine capable of delivering 265 pound-foot torque. Another option is the 188 horsepower 3L turbo-diesel V6 engine, a six-cylinder engine capable of generating a 325 pound-foot torque.

Towing with the Sprinter Van

To tow with a Sprinter Van, it needs a trailer hitch, which is not included in the base models and must be bought separately at a premium. This trailer hitch can tow a maximum of 5000 pounds.

The Sprinter Van is also equipped with a technology called ESP trailer stabilization, which keeps the vehicle stable when it is driven with a trailer and begins to swerve. If the system detects a trailer, it activates the ESP trailer stabilization at an approximate speed of 40 mph (65 km/h). A targeted and single-sided application of brakes can reduce slight side-to-side swerves.

The engine’s output is lowered, and wheels on all sides are braked in case of severe side-to-side swerves. However, in bad weather and road conditions, the ESP trailer stabilization is unable to prevent swaying of the trailer and vehicle combo. It has the looks of a stealth camper.

Tipping may occur well before detection by ESP in cases where trailers of high gravity centers are towed. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the driving style according to the current weather and road conditions.

Additionally, the Sprinter Van is equipped with a rear-view camera, which has a trailer view. This can be used to monitor the trailer hitch as it has a yellow guideline that acts as a locating aid and a red guideline at 0.3 m to the trailer hitch’s ball head.


They make a 2500 and 3500 model, here are differences:

  • 3500 has dually wheel option.
  • 3500 has higher towing capacity, max of 5000 lbs vs 7500 lbs
  • The 2500 is available with 4×4 option, the 3500 is not.
  • The 3500 has higher payload capacity by small amount.
  • The 3500 has higher level of stabilization to keep it from tipping over.
  • The 3500 costs more by about $5k.
  • The 3500 has larger wheel wells and stronger suspension.
  • Rear axle standard is 3.92 for 2500, vs 4.18 for 3500.


Classified as a large van in the US, The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been in production by Daimler AG, a company based in Stuttgart, Germany, since 2007.

Today, in the US, assembly is done using complete sets of knock-down kits by Freightliner. Mercedes-Benz does the Sprinter Van’s direct marketing. The Sprinter Van comes in four different variants: Cargo Van, Crew Van, Passenger Van, and Cab Chassis.

The Sprinter Van is amongst the top-tier cargo vehicles in terms of towing capacity. For buyers looking to pull up to 5000 pounds, the base models would satisfy their requirements.

But, for those looking to tow more than this and up to 7500 pounds, the Sprinter Cab Chassis would be the appropriate choice. Mercedes-Benz has various features to assist in towing, such as the ESP trailer stabilization program and the rear-view trailer hitch camera mode.

For those looking to do some heavy-duty camper trailer towing, the Sprinter Van is an excellent choice due to its impressive towing capacity and features.