Can a Toyota Avalon Tow a Travel Trailer or Teardrop Camper?

The Toyota Avalon can tow 1000 lbs. This car is not made to pull a camper.

You may be able to tow a small teardrop under 1k lbs. You really need a SUV or truck to pull around a trailer.


The Avalon comes with a feature of driving on all wheels which means that while you drive, you can feel half of the rotational force exerted being distributed to the rear wheels uniformly which makes your drive all the more comfortable and confident.


It has been installed with a 3.5-Liter six cylinder piston engine which creates a pressure of 301 Horsepower, but maintains a pretty good efficiency. It has been designed with latest valve technologies (VVT-iW) and smooth speed transmission technology which enables you to change your gears and speed up your car whenever you feel the rush. It also has the quality of track-tuning handling so that you experience thrilling ride.


The aerodynamic system of the car has been specially designed with tangential vents on the sides of its front bumper; a rear spoiler and a rear diffuser which lets you glide your car smoothly and balances the correct air pressures in the wheels. The coefficient of friction of the wheels with the road is maintained so that you do not feel unnecessary friction, yet get a feeling of safety while driving.


The sport mode of the Avalon Touring comes with an adaptive suspension system (AVS) that provides instantaneous adjustments for smooth handling. The Nightshade Edition of the Touring enhances the sounds of the engine with its Engine Sound Enhancement technology.



The weight carrying capacity as mentioned by the manufacturers is around 1000 pounds which is pretty impressive for a sedan class model. The volume of cargo that can be supported by the Avalon is 16.09 cubic ft. The fuel tank can hold up to 13.2 gallons. The passenger volume that the model is specified with is 103.8 cubic ft.

If you think about investing in a sedan class model, Toyota Avalon is a brilliant choice with luxury and style, but note that it is not made for towing.