Can a Toyota 4runner Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The Toyota 4runner can tow a max of 5000 lbs. It has the towing capacity for campers with weight by type of: travel trailers 7300 lbs, popups 2500 lbs, teardrops 1200 lbs. 

Toyota manufacturers have now made efforts to modernize the standard driver assistance features and infotainment system. The 4Runner also comes with enough cargo space and a spacious cabin so that all passengers can enjoy their rides comfortably. This mid-sized SUV seems a perfect option for family vacations with powerful towing capacity and a versatile interior.

If you are looking for the towing capacity of Toyota 4Runner, you will be happy to hear that it can handle up to 5000 pounds even on tough roads. Toyota 4Runner can help you tow your cargo safely to your preferred adventure destinations without any compromises on the road.

This vehicle is loaded with a 4.0L engine that assists in the convenient pulling of 5000 pounds on tricky terrains. The engine is hard to beat with its ability to generate 278 lb-ft of torque and 270 horsepower capacity.

The integrated towing hitch receiver provides a more functional setup that can fit standard tow hitch needs with ease. Manufacturers also provide wiring hardness with 7 and 4 pin connectors that anyone can handle with ease. It comes with an easy-to-use and handy trailer light connector that can offer you the best experience on all kinds of terrains.

Toyota 4Runner comes with a five-speed automatic transmission system and a 4.0-liter V-6 engine. You can buy this vehicle in the all-wheel, four, and rear-wheel-drive versions. The fuel economy is reliable with 16mpg performance on city roads and 19 mpg on highways.

Toyota 4Runner off-road capabilities

You will be happy to hear that the Toyota 4Runner towing capacity is not limited to the city roads; the versatile engine also promises incredible off-road capabilities.

This vehicle comes with a 4WD Active Traction Control system that can help you maintain traction on a variety of roads during your next adventure outing. The multi-terrain select and CRAWL control can help you reduce wheel spin so that you can keep on moving forward.

Toyota 4Runner is rated high for its hill start assist control that keeps you safe from rolling backward if you press brake on a steep incline. However, the downhill assists control works selectively on brakes so that you can maintain a controlled pace on steep or slippery descents.

The locking rear differential system allows drivers to navigate safely on tricky terrains while ensuring that the engine distributes enough power to the rear wheels. It can also help you maintain a controlled pace over obstacles. With all these amazing features, you can enjoy comfortable and memorable rides on road during all family vacations.

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner is one of the best mid-sized SUVs in the market that presents rugged performance over all kinds of road conditions.

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Even the latest version of 4Runner will look the same as the model that was launched 10 years ago. However, the manufacturers have made many new additions to its features and comfort factor. The sturdy body-on-frame construction along with modern off-road-oriented options make it a very reliable vehicle for adventure vacations including camping with a trailer.