How Much Does AAA Plus RV Cost?

The AAA plus membership will cost you $143 and it covers RVs that are up to 32 feet in length. There is also a premium membership for $210.


AAA gives you two tiers of memberships – plus and premium.

The Plus membership will end up costing you around $143 and for Premium membership would be $210 if you’re wondering. Here is the thing though, these rates may seem a bit steep but they don’t fluctuate. AAA is one of the best bets if you want stable membership rates.

Another little caveat is, AAA requires you to purchase automotive coverage and later add your RV coverage. The prices I just mentioned, however, include both. And the Plus membership will easily cover RVs that are up to 32 feet.

The rates can vary depending on the states though. This particular price I mentioned is for Florida. But should give you a good idea of how much the costs can end up being.

AAA’s site will also help you know what are the benefits included within the tier packages.


What Are You Paying For When You Get AAA Plus?

You can’t make an informed decision without knowing what benefit you are exactly getting, can you? This section will help you know exactly what are the benefits included in the Plus plan with AAA. Spoiler alert, there are a couple of very useful things.

Let’s briefly touch on what AAA is, for those of you who are still a bit unclear. They are a nonprofit federation of regional automotive clubs. They serve the entire US. There are different tier plans but ‘Plus’ is sort of a sweet spot for most drivers, especially if you like RVing a lot. Benefits:


  • Plus Locksmithing

You get attractive locksmith discounts. Do you know what hurts? Being locked out of your car and having to pay extra to someone so you can get back in it.

It’s somewhat embarrassing and that’s money you could have easily saved. Depending on the club, you can get discounts of up to $150.

  • Plus Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a cool benefit you get. There are three tiers within this one as well. It can range between $500 to $1000.

You also have lost baggage coverage of up to $250 and accident coverage is $200,000. All these are per party, of course.


  • Plus Legal Fee Reimbursement

If you’re a Plus member, the legal fee reimbursement is a bit higher for you. The range can be between $1000 to $2000.

This means if you ever fall into any legal issues with your RV, all of your expenses will be covered up to $2000 regardless of the outcome.


  • Fuel Delivery

Oh, this one is helpful. It is pretty self-explanatory and AAA will give you free gas enough to get you to the nearest gas station in emergency situations.

For example, being suddenly out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Of course, the amount of free gas can go up to gallons if you’re in an isolated area!


  • Complimentary Passport Photos

You get two sets of passport photos per year, for free. That might not be an eye-brow raiser, but hey, it’s still something.

And if it’s free then it is always worth it. Passport photos seem unnecessary until the exact moment you need them. So, it’s better to have some lying in your drawers than to suddenly have to get your pictures taken.


  • Plus Towing

Members get complimentary towing to a repair shop. You can choose the repair shop that’s within 100 driving miles.

This is another crucial benefit to have. Especially for RVers who are always on the road. Being on the move all day every day, you can be sure that you’ll end up with something going wrong at some point and be stuck in the middle of nowhere.


  • International Driving Permits

AAA offices can issue international driving permits. The discount rates can vary or can be full price as well.

However, you will need to provide some information and documents like a driver’s license and two passport-size photos. All you need to do then is just wait and the AAA will issue it without any hassle.


  • Battery Replacement

If you have ever been stranded in an isolated place and require a battery replacement, you would thank yourself for having an AAA membership.

You can get a full battery replacement, but you need to agree to pay the full cost of it. Which is better than not having any options.


  • Travel Agency Services

Here is something a lot of people may not know. AAA also does travel agency services and can give you a personalized trip, get you discounts at popular sights and attractions, travel booking and more. What is even better is these can be free or at reduced-cost.

There are many more benefits. If you want to know more in detail, hit up the link I included earlier. All these are well laid out on their site.




Are There Any Alternatives?

The Standard membership will cost you $65, $80 for Platinum and $120 for platinum complete. At first glance, this might look more appealing compared to AAA. But after a year the rates go up and become almost on par with AAA. So, both are pretty close at the end of the day, actually.


Good Sam is one alternative. They offer unlimited towing miles and less restrictions on use of roadside services. You can call more than 4 times. You get trip interruption service up to $1200.



Whichever you choose, having a road assistance plan is worth it no matter which way you look at it. This is especially true for RV owners who are always on the road instead of living in trailer parks.

Which plan or service is better for you may be different, but having some kind of safety net of sorts is better.



For some, the costs may not be worth it and they would rather go for something else. But if you see yourself driving a lot and enjoy the occasional RV trip, knowing that you can call for help and some roadside assistance when you need it is a great thing to have.

You can have some peace of mind and know for sure there is a number you can call. Whichever tier you get, make sure the benefits work for you. You surely do not want to be overspending. The flip side is also true. You do not want to get a tier with low benefits that isn’t worth it either.

Q: Can AAA Plus RV protect me from encountering Bigfoot while camping?

A: While AAA Plus RV provides excellent roadside assistance, it doesn’t have a specific “Bigfoot Protection” feature. However, if you happen to come across the elusive creature during your camping adventures, you can rest assured that AAA will be there to assist you with any other roadside emergencies that might arise.

Q: Can AAA Plus RV summon a magical campfire that never runs out of s’mores ingredients?

A: As much as we’d love to have a bottomless supply of s’mores ingredients, AAA Plus RV’s magic is reserved for roadside assistance rather than culinary delights. However, with a little planning and a well-stocked pantry, you can certainly create an endless supply of tasty s’mores to enjoy around the campfire.

Q: Will AAA Plus RV teach me how to communicate with woodland creatures so they can assist me with setting up my campsite?

A: While AAA Plus RV can’t guarantee the ability to communicate with woodland creatures, it does provide valuable roadside assistance to ensure your camping trip goes smoothly. As for setting up your campsite, you might have better luck enlisting the help of fellow campers or using good old-fashioned human teamwork.

Q: Can AAA Plus RV fend off a swarm of mosquitoes with their amazing roadside assistance powers?

A: While AAA Plus RV can’t perform mosquito eradication miracles, they are experts in handling vehicle-related emergencies. As for those pesky mosquitoes, it’s best to come prepared with insect repellent and other bug-fighting strategies to keep them at bay during your camping adventures.

Q: Can AAA Plus RV provide me with an inflatable RV for extra camping space?

A: While AAA Plus RV can’t magically inflate additional camping space, they can assist you with roadside emergencies and help ensure your current RV is in top shape. If you need extra space, you might want to consider other camping hacks like awnings, tents, or clever space-saving solutions.