Is Mileage or Age More Important When Buying a Used RV?

Anywhere above 100,000 miles can be considered to be too much. If the RV is often used then it won’t be much of a surprise if it reaches that milestone in a few years. When it reaches that mileage, it would be time to be thinking of buying a new one. They last about 15 years.


How to Buy an Older RV

You can never be sure the things that all the older RV has gone through. As a result, better be sure that the RV is in great condition even if it is a bit old. The best thing to do would be to bring a mechanic over to wherever you are planning to buy an RV so that the vehicle can be properly inspected.

It is true how the mechanic will find a few things that will need to be fixed in the future. When that happens, you can haggle for a lower price but it remains to be seen if the seller would want that to happen.

After buying the used RV, better take it to the nearest repair shop in order to have everything checked. It won’t be long before you would feel like you brought a brand new RV.

You may need to give the car mechanics their fees but it would be totally worth it since this is their field. You would feel pretty confident knowing you got an RV at such a good deal. They could even give you tips for it to last a lot longer than you originally thought.

There are many websites that provide a variety of affordable RVs. Just when you thought you are getting a good deal from them, you can even haggle for a lower price.


Are High Mileage Vehicles a Good Investment

The answer would depend on the age of the vehicle. If it is just less than five years old and has lots of mileage then it would be a great investment especially if it is still in good condition. Believe it or not, RVs are not financial investments but it is a lifestyle investment. It can be a good one when you are great at making it look good both interior and exterior.

After all, if you are not using it then you can always have it rented out. While it is true that you will spend a lot of money for the RV at first, you are going to save a lot of money in the long run. Imagine not being able to worry about all the bills that come with owning a house.



How Many Years Do They Last

An RV could last as long as 20 years or 200,000 miles whichever comes first. The 200,000 miles will surely come first if it is often used. There is actually nothing wrong with that since you paid for it so you have all the right to use it as many times as you want. In addition, be sure that it is properly maintained so that you won’t be encountering any problems with it while you are on the go.

The longer you have an RV, the more you can make new friends. When you take the RV to the campground, you will be surprised at the number of RV owners who are there. Add that to the fact that your pets will feel pretty comfortable when joining you at the RV trip.

The old RV can even be used as an extra space for your home. For example, if you need a quiet place to do some work but the house is a bit noisy then you can do it in your home.


How Many Miles Do They Last

An RV usually lasts 200,000 miles. Of course, that would still depend on a variety of factors including how well you take care of it. It may last a lot less than 200,000 miles if you don’t have it checked by experts every now and then.

Since the RV is one of your prized possessions, you must do everything in your power to take good care of it. The last thing you would want to happen is for it to break down after using it for only a few years. When that happens, you would have no choice but to blame yourself.


Compare to Cars

RVs are pretty expensive and require more maintenance compared to cars. If you don’t mind the extra work, you will no doubt enjoy the fact that RVs are pretty spacious. Besides, that will let you save a lot of money when you go on vacation.

There would be no need to worry about accommodations and flights. After all, you already have a place where you would sleep and travel at the same time. An RV would give you a change of scenery when you need it.

If there are travel restrictions in your place, it may not be that long before you can travel again. It is all about versatility with your old RV as you can choose to extend your stay at wherever you are without paying more for accommodation.

Add that to the fact that it would be awesome accomplishing two things at the same time because you can watch a move at the RV while still traveling to a far destination.


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