27 Best Small Campers with Bathrooms

Here is my list of small size campers with bathrooms that can be towed with a car or SUV. These all weigh 1k – 4k lb range, with average of 2500 lbs.

Each of these campers are unique in their respective ways that make them stand out. They cater to different tastes and needs of different people, and I’m hoping you have your own agendas set out by now.


1. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer 

If it comes to boasting an entire selection of comfortable and cozy utilities and a sleek innovative look both inside out, then Lance 1575 is your knight in shining armor. This trailer got it all that you need in a small camper and more. Thus, you won’t even feel like you’re in a small camper because the whole compartment and flooring of it is utilized efficiently.

This premium trailer is like a hotel in the disguise of a tiny camper. The Lance brand has a reputation for its campers and the only way to see why is if you give Lance 1575 a check yourself. 


  • Length: 20’ 5”
  • Width: 84-3/8”
  • Height: 9’ 10”
  • Weight: 3700 lbs (Gross Dry Weight– 2775 Lbs)
  • Sleep Capacity: At least about 4 people


Tons of utilities: Can you imagine a 20 feet camper being able to provide you with a furnace, dinette area, bathroom, fridge, kitchen, and bed? All this is available smartly and innovatively, making Lance 1575 a great choice to get your hands on. 

Premium Bathroom: Curtains in your shower with full bath accommodation? What more can you ask from a shower. Besides, it also features a shower skylight with natural air and light providing a natural feel. 

Proper Insulation and Ventilation: This trailer is made to withstand and support you through all seasons. With an air conditioner, heated water tank, furnace, aluminum framed floors and ceilings, you will never feel too suffocated, hot nor cold. Everything is balanced.


  • A built-in fridge 
  • Sleeping areas can comfortably support up to 4 people
  • An All Weather-Optional Package


  • Not suggest using roughly on off-road sites




2. Casita 17’ Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer

The Casita Spirit Standard Trailer had a reputation of its own but the Deluxe one made sure to surpass that above and beyond. The Deluxe version though lacks 6 people sleeping capacity, it still makes up for it with its amazing bathroom and more premium design. 

This trailer is made from reinforced fiberglass which makes it able to withstand any rough weather and terrain conditions. This custom-fit fiberglass build is only available for the Spirit Deluxe version


  • Length: 16’-17’
  • Width: 6’-11’
  • Height: 8’-11’
  • Weight: 2480 lbs 
  • Sleep Capacity: At least about 4 people


Bathroom with Shower support: The standard version of the Casita Spirit lacks an indoor shower which is a big bummer. Nevertheless, this one made sure that you get a clean bathroom with shower facilities and a washbasin. 

Multiple Storage options: Not only will you get a specific storage cabin, an entire wardrobe space, and also storage spaces overhead with carpets. All your additional camping equipment can be brought alone thanks to all these extra space supporting options!

Convertible Dinner seats: Casita Spirit comes with a convertible dinette/sleeping area that can seat up to 6 people for dinner and also make space for sleeping for 2. Total of 4 sleeping spaces are split into 2 areas. 


    • Sleek and luxurious interior design and floor planning
    • Lightweight and aerodynamic body 
    • Convertible dining space that can support 6 people


    • Wet Bathroom type 
    • No roller shades attached by default




3. Jayco Hummingbird

This light teardrop-shaped trailer certainly has more to offer than one can fathom. Don’t let its humble outlook fool you as this trailer packs proper lighting, space, design, etc. Additionally, it also comes with kitchen appliances, proper lighting, and a versatile bathroom 

Unlike many others on the list, you can choose the floor planning for this camper yourself. Depending on your needs and design, you can customize this camper. Choosing whether you want it to come with a wet or dry bathroom is up to you. Undoubtedly, a luxury coming in the shape of a teardrop! 


  • Length: 19’ 10”
  • Width: 8.25”
  • Height: 6’5” 
  • Weight: 3550 lbs
  • Sleep Capacity: Only 2


Can Carry Bicycles: Accommodating bicycles and extra camping gear is a standard that is yet to be achieved by other small campers. This unique feature is met by none other than the Jayco Hummingbird! 

Spacious Dining seat: The U-shaped dinette area of this camper easily supports 6 people though it may feel a little cramped. Hence, if you’re creative enough or okay with sleeping vertically, then you may even convert this as an extra sleeping space

Easily Towable: One thing that I’m really glad about is how easily towable it is with SUVs. All thanks to its compact and ultra-light design which allows it to be easily maneuverable on the road. 

Tons of amenities: Proper lighting, stereo sound, storage spaces, and a functional kitchen will meet all your requirements for proper living. Meeting the standard requirements and beyond makes this a convenient luxury camper.


    • Full dry bathroom option 
    • Plywood based interior 
    • Amazing Electrical Awning 
    • Multiple Floor planning options


    • Interior may feel congested



4. Airstream Sport – image top of page.

Airstream is a lot more expensive than most small campers on the list but it surely meets up to its mark. Moreover, its futuristic retro exterior aesthetic sets it apart in terms of quality and polishing. Aside from its vintage outlook, the interior is just as polished and made of finer materials.

In terms of utilities, it has separate dedicated areas for sleeping and dining. It has a wet bathroom with internals designed to match its metallic outlook. AC, stove, sink, refrigerators, and cabins are a bonus!


  • Length: 16’4”
  • Width: 8’
  • Height: 9’3”
  • Weight: 3500 lbs
  • Sleep Capacity: At least about 4 people


Metallic exterior: The airstream sport is famous for its shiny metallic shell made out of polished aluminum which is leak-proof and can last for years. It is extremely durable and lightweight which makes it a unique camper.

Covers all Essentials: All the necessary kitchen electrical appliances are there. There’s even a TV that can support cable and has its sound system. The bathroom supports an indoor shower and much more!

Good Insulation: Despite being made out of aluminum, this camper has proper ventilation, dark tinted windows, and covers. The room is quite reflected and kept well insulated at all times. Heating strips and air conditioners make it a definite choice for winter trips.



    • Furnished and modern looking exterior and interior 
    • There is an expandable tent that can be attached 
    • Flame-resistant, Anti-bacterial, and Stain-Resistant Fabric is used
    • The Interior Colors and Textures are customizable 


    • Comparatively Expensive 
    • Wet Bath
    • Exterior appearance may not cater to everyone




5. Timberline Camper 

A beautiful classic wooden teardrop-shaped camper is probably the best-looking one out of all the campers on this list. What I love about this camper is how it stands out from the crowd. It’s always a good flex to have a premium-looking camper that not only is eco-friendly but feels just as good to be inside.

On the other hand, it is made out of lightweight materials which makes it quite flexible and towable with medium SUVs despite it being 23’ long. It’s honestly a portable wooden cabin in easy words.


  • Length: 23’
  • Width: 7’11”
  • Height: 8’11”
  • Weight: 4275-4750 (Dry)
  • Sleep Capacity: At least about 5 people


Solar-Powered: If you prefer going green then this is your best take at a camper. It is electrically efficient enough to support 5 people at best on trips.

Aesthetic look: If you’re fond of taking aesthetic pictures on trips, then this camper will be a bonus for your Instagram feed. I always love coming across these beautiful birds once in a while running errands in campground sites.

Well-Equipped: The Kitchen feels spacious and flexible. Furthermore, the washroom has various water tanks supporting both normal and hot water for your specific needs. Sleeping can be comfortable for about 5 people in this camper.


    • Classic wooden look
    • Environment-friendly materials used 
    • Solar Power used to provide electricity
    • Sleeping capacity of about 5 people


    • Wet Bath 
    • Is not suitable for off-road adventures
    • Heat and AC support is optional 




6. Happier Camper

One of the most unique and good-looking campers out here on the list. This compact and vintage-looking camper never under delivers. It is a total bang for your back and its lightweight makes it ideal for just about any family car to be able to tow it. 

In addition, this camper is a keeper as it can certainly take you anywhere and provide for you any way you want it to according to your needs. It certainly becomes one with its owner as the amount of comfort and utility it may be able to provide in its tiny interior is all dependent upon your customization.


  • Length: 17’
  • Width: 6’5”
  • Height: 8’
  • Weight: 1100-1800 lbs
  • Sleep Capacity: At least about 3 people


Modular components: The built-in components are flexible and interchangeable and can be utilized in multiple ways according to your imagination. The cubes inside can be used to transform the given space into an office, sleeping area, dining table, etc.

Additional Bathroom: The Bathroom can support hot showers and is enough to get necessities done. However, the bathrooms are more of an add-on rather than a built-in addition, it still counts as one.

Heavy-duty service: The Happier Camper is built to withstand natural elements and is made to serve for many years. All the thanks should go to its fiberglass exterior. 


    • Strong enough to withstand natural elements
    • Components with multiple usages 
    • Towable with sedans


    • Needs a lot of interior rearrangement for specific tasks
    • Can get dirty fast in off-road conditions




7. Barefoot Caravans

The only camper in the list made in the UK, it has a unique glossy finish and a capsule-shaped exterior. Nevertheless, its interior is curved from the roof to the edges due to its unique shape. Additionally, it stands out because of how its bathroom is at the front of the capsule-shaped interior. 

Despite its size, it can accommodate the kitchen, dining areas, interchangeable sofas, storage, and many more. Additionally, both the exterior and the bathroom are customizable according to your choice and it’s safe to say that investing in this camper is worth it.


  • Length: 16’6”
  • Width: 6.3’
  • Height: 7.75’
  • Weight: 2500 lbs (1200 kg) 
  • Sleep Capacity: At least about 4 people


The unique Bathroom: The bathroom feels just like it does at home. It comes with a full mirror, a cabinet, toilet, and shower. The bathroom is separated from the internal space, makes it efficient and provides better privacy. The 30-liter water heater tank can be powered by gas or electricity 

Eco-friendly: The attractive windows of this camper are made of polycarbonate made from recycled materials. Undoubtedly, helping you go green with style! 

Plenty of storage options: Cupboards and wardrobe space are available with additional storage space in the washroom. 


    • Comes with a mini-DAB radio
    • Polycarbonate windows 
    • Convertible sofas that can accommodate sleep



    • Wide range of fun bright colors might not cater to the personal choice of some 
    • The rounded roof and edges may not feel usual to those used to traditional campers



8. Scamp 13′ Deluxe

9. Airstream Bambi

10. Airstream Basecamp

11. Forest River R-Pod

12. Winnebago Micro Mini

13. Somerset Mesa

14. nuCamp’s TAB S Teardrop Camper

15. Prolite Classic

16. Venture RV’s Sonic

17. KZ Escape Mini

18. Happier Camper Traveler

19. Escape 17B

20. Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS

21. TAB 400 Micro Camper with Bathroom

22. Camp Lite Trailer

23. Bigfoot RV 25B17

24. Barefoot Trailer

25. Escape Trailers 17B

26. Trailmanor 2518 Series

27. iCamp Elite



Do Small Campers Really Come with Bathrooms?

Yes, plenty of small campers do come with small bathrooms. They may be as extravagant as the one in your house. But they do get the job done.

It’s a common myth that small campers don’t come with bathrooms. That leads many to question whether or not they really come with one. Though it is common to feel that way since some small campers do look like they are crunching to make some space.

It still is safe to say that some of these campers indeed come with bathrooms that work just fine. These bathrooms are functional enough for you to not wait in huge lines in campgrounds, gas stations or fire stops if you want to have a go at the bathroom.

This is a huge advantage when you are on the road travelling throughout the country. And even when you are just on the trip with your family. Most campers with built-in bathrooms are also improvable by default! 

Trust me when I say that most of these campers pack a good enough bathroom able to accommodate all the bathroom needs! Though you should keep your expectations low. These bathrooms are completely geared towards functionality and functionality only. They won’t provide the comforts of a modern home bathroom.



Why Choose a Small Camper?

There are many reasons and perks associated with small campers which makes them an ideal hot take for a trailer. Small campers pack sufficient bang for your buck and certainly will deliver a promising vacationing experience. Made unique with really compact designs and the most effective utilities, they still have a lot more reasons for you to write a cheque for them.

Here are some of the reasons that make Small Campers a wise choice for travelers to get their hands on. Additionally, I would list down why it makes them convenient options based on expectations I expect small campers to meet.


Easier to Maneuver

I think those of you who had the same experience I did with long rigs are aware of how uncomfortable and uneasy they may feel at first. The first time I was offered to tow my dad’s huge Jayco Eagle trailer, I was surely stoked. 

It only feels a lot scarier having to carry around a large behemoth around sneaky corners and rough edges. Hats off to those 18-wheelers who do this daily on a daily basis.

However, my experience carrying around a Jayco Feather Micro- ultralight trailer was a different experience. It barely felt like I was carrying our living spaces for the weekends when I used my SUV. Making turns and dealing with mass traffic felt a lot safer with this small camper for sure. 


Lightweight and Compactness Matter

This goes for any sort of RVs and in this case, small campers rule supreme. Agility and speed are important game-changers in your long trips as you can move around quicker. Saving time is an important aspect of camping especially when you do so frequently. 

On the other hand, lightweight campers mean you can even carry these campers around with your sedan. A micro camper weighs about 1200 lbs and a small travel trailer about 2500 lbs.


The Aesthetic Factor

Many may not agree with me on this unless they have a similar sense of aesthetics as mine. However, I adore these small campers because of their small, homely outlook.

Even on the inside, it looks humble and calming. My wife tells me they resemble tiny RV babies and certainly finds them adorable. 


Money-Related Factors

Going vacationing quite frequently can be hard on your finances. On top, you won’t always be throwing a full-fledged family reunion camping trip either.

Thus, if you’re looking for an affordable camper that just has enough space to get the job done during short trips then this is it. Budget-friendly small campers are always a good option if breaking your bank isn’t in your best interests. 

Not only will it save you some bucks initially but even, in the long run, your maintenance cost and much more will be reduced. 


Comfort and Coziness

Let me bust the myth that small campers usually feel claustrophobic and don’t feel cozy enough to live in. This is not true because I’ve experienced first-hand unique comfort in these bad boys.

It feels a lot homely having to be near your buddies and family instead of spacing out like hermits in individual rooms. Newer models of small campers also come with cozy interchangeable bedding and sitting options alongside an outdoor TV. You can even get just enough space and air inside and not feel cramped. 


Easy to Store and Park

Parking campers while in reverse can be the biggest factor in contributing to your anxiety especially in mass campgrounds. Making a mess or falling victim to fines while parking isn’t something you would want to go through during vacation or weekends. 

This is where the small compactness of these campers makes them easily towable, easy to park and store.

Storing and setting up my small camper in my garage certainly saved me a fortune from spending it on paying rents on camper off-sites.

Minimalism is sometimes the best option.


Q1: What are campers with bathrooms?

A: Ah, the luxurious abodes on wheels! Campers with bathrooms, also known as RVs or motorhomes, are recreational vehicles that come equipped with a private bathroom facility. It’s like having a mini oasis on your road trip, complete with a shower, toilet, and possibly even a sink.

Q2: Why would I need a camper with a bathroom? Can’t I just use nature’s restroom?

A: While communing with nature is wonderful, sometimes you need the convenience of a bathroom without sacrificing your love for the great outdoors. A camper with a bathroom lets you answer nature’s call while still enjoying the comforts of civilization – no more awkward encounters with curious woodland creatures!

Q3: What bathroom facilities can I expect in a camper?

A: Campers with bathrooms can vary in size and amenities, but most include a toilet, shower, and sink. Some might even have a small vanity area for all your primping needs. It’s like having a compact spa on wheels, allowing you to freshen up after a day of hiking or simply enjoy a private bathroom experience on your travels.

Q4: Are the bathrooms in campers spacious?

A: Well, let’s just say that spaciousness is subjective! The bathrooms in campers are designed to maximize functionality while making the most of limited space. So, you might need to embrace your inner contortionist skills or get cozy with your travel companion. But hey, it’s all part of the adventure!

Q5: How do I handle bathroom waste in a camper?

A: Ah, the not-so-glamorous side of camper life! Most campers have built-in tanks to handle both black water (from the toilet) and gray water (from sinks and showers). You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the RV’s waste disposal system and follow proper procedures for emptying and cleaning the tanks. Don’t worry, there are plenty of guides and YouTube videos to help you navigate this less-than-glamorous task.

Q6: Can I use the bathroom while the camper is in motion?

A: Technically, you can, but we recommend avoiding bathroom activities while the wheels are rolling. It’s best to use the facilities when the camper is parked and stable. After all, you don’t want to end up in a real-life amusement park ride within the confines of your bathroom!

Q7: Are there any fun bathroom-themed decorations for campers?

A: Absolutely! Let your creativity flow like a sparkling stream. You can find adorable bathroom-themed decorations like quirky shower curtains, whimsical toilet seat covers, and even cute wall art to add a touch of personal flair to your RV bathroom. Make it a throne fit for a camping king or queen!


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