29 Must Have Jet Ski Accessories For Fun Time on Water

As a Jet Ski owner, you are going to have to consider safety, maintenance, comfort and a lot of other things. And for that buying the proper gears for you and your jet ski is essential. Now, it’s easy to be clueless about understanding which accessories are must-haves and which are just plain useless.

Life jackets, jet ski cable lock, jet ski ladder, helmet, goggles, dry bag, storage cooler, cooler rack – are some of the accessories that are essential for any jet ski owner.

But there are so many more which I will go through. I will also be giving recommendations on which ones you could buy within those categories. So, keep reading till the end to have a complete idea on essential Jet Ski accessories.

  1. Life Jacket

Let’s start with the most important safety equipment, a life jacket. I don’t think I need to explain why you need a life jacket. You might think that you don’t need one, but even if you are an adept swimmer, you don’t know what lies ahead of you in the open waters.

It is a good idea to keep at least one or two more life jackets than the number of riders. Spares never hurt anyone. There are quite a few good life jacket options in the market, make sure to choose one that will last long.

The O’Neill Men’s Reactor USCG Life Vest or the O’Brien Women’s Impulse Neo Life Vest are great premium options that are both long-lasting and comfortable. There’s also the Airhead Trend Life Vest if you are looking for a more budget option.

  1. Jet Ski Anchor

Any aquatic vehicle needs an anchor. It’s a must to keep the vehicle in one place when needed. Now you can’t exactly use the average boating anchor with a jet ski. Those are too large. You need Jet Ski anchors.

There are a few different types of Jet Ski anchors out there. Sandbag, screw, mushroom style, and flukes. They all have their specific purposes but flukes are the best all-purpose options. The Airhead Complete Grapnel Anchor or the OLIVIA & AIDEN Grapnel Anchor Kit are both safe options you could go for.

  1. Bungee Jet Ski Dock Line

A bungee dock line is much better than marine rope to tie smaller aquatic vehicles. Managing rope ties can be a hassle on a jet ski. With a bungee dock line, however, you get more stretch, and tying things up becomes a lot tidier and easier.

Even without perfect length ties and knots, a bungee line helps absorb the bumps and turbulence much better than ropes. It’s a lot more forgiving. My recommendation for this is the 6 feet Airhead Bungee Dock Line. It is a solid option that will last long without deteriorating.

You can also go with the Extreme Max 3006.2358 BoatTector if you are looking for a bit more value. This is a pack of two 6 feet bungee dock lines.

  1. Jet Ski Cable Lock

A cable lock is the best way to keep your jet ski safe. You don’t want it to be stolen or damaged while it’s docked. A cable lock helps you lock the vehicle to almost anything because of how flexible it is.

You should get a very sturdy cable lock that can’t be easily cut off. It also needs to be able to withstand water damage and be resistant to rusting. A jet ski can impose a lot of harsh conditions for the average lock. I recommend you go with the Master Lock 8419DPF Python Cable Lock.

  1. Collapsible Telescoping Paddle

These paddles are small when packed in, but can extend like a telescope when you need to use them. Why would you need a paddle with a jet ski you may ask. Well, you don’t need to paddle in a motorized vehicle unless it is an emergency.

You don’t need a paddle in a jet ski until it becomes a must. From running out of fuel to getting stuck in rocks or vines, a paddle can help you get out of a lot of tricky situations. This is an absolute must if you want to prepare for every possible emergency. The Yamaha New OEM TELESCOPING PADDLE or the Attwood Emergency Telescoping Paddle are both great.

  1. First-Aid Kit

You can never predict an accidental injury. On the waters, on a trip on your jet ski, many different kinds of accidents can happen and you could possibly get hurt. Having a first aid kit can not only be convenient but can also make the difference in a life or death scenario sometimes.

A first aid kit is a must at all times. You should have one at your home and with you on any kind of trip. It’s a must-have on Jet Ski trips too. Coleman Sportsman Waterproof First Aid Kit and Deftget 163 Pieces First Aid Kit are two great waterproof first aid kits you could keep on your jet ski.

  1. Jet Ski Ladder

You might feel like getting on and off from a jet ski isn’t that hard, and you will be right. It is easy, but at the same time very easy to mess up too. And without a ladder, you could fall off while getting on very easily.

To prevent yourself or your companions from getting hurt while getting up on the Jet Ski you need to install a Jet Ski ladder. The average jet ski does not have these preinstalled. These are immensely helpful and quite simple pieces of equipment so you shouldn’t skip on having them installed.

If you are looking for Jet Ski ladders then Yamaha OEM VX110 Folding Boarding Step and the Sea-Doo New OEM PWC Retractable Boarding Ladder Step are both great options you could go for.

  1. Helmet

A lot of people do not use helmets on jet skis because of how bulky they can be. And in most Jet Ski scenarios having a helmet isn’t an absolute must. But you should have one nonetheless. With a helmet, you can be safe when an adverse scenario or an unwarranted accident occurs.

Vision and hearing are very important while jet skiing, so you need to get helmets that don’t obstruct you that much. They also need to be usable in the water so look for the ones that won’t get waterlogged easily.

The Fox Racing Proframe is an absolute beast of a helmet if you are willing to spend that much. It is one of the best helmets out there. The O’Neal Trail Finder helmet is another great option that is more budget-friendly.

  1. Goggles

Low light and glare both can be a problem while on the water. When you are riding your jet ski, having good vision is an absolute must. Polarizing sunglasses or goggles are an absolute blessing in this case.

A pair of polarizing goggles can both increase visibility in low light and protect your eyes from solar glare. If your helmet doesn’t already come with an appropriate visor, or you are not using a helmet, you should get a pair of polarizing goggles as soon as possible.

If you don’t know which one to get, my recommendation will be either the Birdz Seahawk Polarized Sunglasses or the Silver Polarized Sunglasses. They are both good quality lightweight goggles that are very good for the use case.

  1. Watertight Dry Box

There are quite a few things you will need to keep dry. From your phone to your wallet to some other emergency items. You might have action cameras or other electronic equipment with you. And even if your Jet Ski comes with a watertight compartment, that might not give you enough space.

So, to help you keep your necessities dry you will need to get a dry box. These boxes are plastic containers that prevent everything you put in them from getting wet. The Pelican 1040-027-100 1040 Micro Case is an amazing small waterproof case. And if you need something bigger, go with the Attwood 11834-1 Waterproof Boater’s Dry Box.

  1. Waterproof Phone Case

Let us be real, most of us don’t have a waterproof phone. And even a lot of waterproof phones are not immune to damage from saltwater. Of course, you can keep them safe by keeping them in the dry box but that prevents you from using them.

That is where these waterproof phone cases come in. These give your phone a protective waterproof cover and often have a lanyard attached. This way you can easily use your phone even while riding the open waters.

There are a lot of options for waterproof phone cases out there. The JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch and the Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case are exceptional among them with their superior build quality and premium feel.

  1. Whistle Or Air Horn

In many places, you are required by law to have a safety whistle attached to your life jacket if you are riding a jet ski. And whistles and air horns could save your life if they are ever needed. On the open waters, the sounds of the waves and wind muffle all other sounds. You will need the loud and piercing sound of safety whistles or air horns to reach other people.

We always hope that these emergencies don’t arrive. But it is always a good idea to be prepared. So that is why you need to be ready with whistles and air horns. The Shoreline Marine Safety Whistle is a simple and effective whistle you can easily keep multiple of. And the Super Blast 7218 Pump Air Horn is a good consideration too.

  1. Dry Bag

While you might keep your valuables and electronics in waterproof containers or compartments, not everything will fit in there. Spare clothes, sunscreen, towels, extra tools, are some of the things you will need to keep secure and dry other than your valuables and electronics.

A dry bag will help you protect these things from the environment. After all, you don’t want your clothes to get wet when you need them. Getting a good durable dry bag is a must. This Pelican Waterproof Dry Bag is an amazing candidate for your consideration. There is also the Lewis N. Clark Lightweight if you want something more compact.

  1. Solar Charger

A solar charger is useful on a jet ski in many ways. It can save you in a pinch where your battery dies. It can help you recharge your devices. It can add to your mileage by slowly adding small amounts of charge as you go.

A solar charger even helps you keep your battery healthy during the offseason by not letting it drain entirely. It is one of those accessories that you don’t get to know the value of until you try it.

There are a few good options out there. My personal recommendation is the DuraVolt Marine Solar Panel Battery Charger because of the amount of versatility it provides. The POWOXI 7.5W-Solar-Battery-Trickle-Charger-Maintainer is another good lower power alternative.

  1. Jet Ski Fender

These are small bumpers made of plastic or some other material. You attach them to the outer rim of your jet ski to prevent it from getting bumped and damaged when you leave it docked. Even though a lot of jet skis have quite durable rims it is a good idea to use these fenders before your jet ski sustains any kind of damage.

They are quite easy to carry and easy to put on and off. There are several options available in the market. I suggest you go with the Extreme Max 3006.7270 BoatTector PWC Contour Fender Value Pack as it is the best overall option out there. The Hull Hugr PWC Fender is a considerable alternative.

  1. Jet Ski Cover

A Jet Ski cover is a must for storing. Whether you are putting it away for the day or putting it away for the season, you should put on a cover before doing so. Even when you are storing your jet ski indoors, a cover is a must. A cover helps you protect your jet ski from environmental damage and prolongs its lifespan.

A good Jet Ski cover covers the entire body of the Jet Ski properly. It has enough elasticity to wrap around it in a snug fit. There should also be straps for better adjustments.

My recommendation is that you go with the North East Harbor Gray Trailerable PWC Personal Watercraft Cover because it’s the most versatile option out there. There is also the Pyle Heavy Duty Boat Cover which is also a decent option.

  1. Storage Cooler

Long trips are never possible without a good amount of food or drinks. And you need a place to store all those food items. A cooler box is perfect for this kind of situation. It keeps your food fresh and your drinks cold.

You should get a quality cooler box for your jet ski. You won’t be able to carry food and drinks in just any ordinary container. The direct heat from the sun will spoil it all. But inside a cooler, the ice will keep everything nice and cold.

Among all the coolers available in the market currently, the YETI Sidekick Dry and the Coleman 48-Quart Performance Cooler are the best ones to use with a jet ski.

  1. Cooler Rack

What good is a cooler if you can’t properly keep it on your jet ski? To keep your cooler filled with snacks and drinks safe and stable on your jet ski you need a cooling rack. These racks are attached to your jet ski to keep a cooler box secured.

Without a rack keeping the cooler secure with cords and straps is a big hassle. It also has the risk of failure a lot more and your snacks and drinks might also be damaged while inside if you keep them like that. A rack is the best overall option.

The Kool PWC Stuff Jet Ski Cooler Rack – Model Z is a great rack for your jet ski. It is simple and efficient. It’s also very durable.

  1. Safety Lanyard

A jet ski is a very fast vehicle, and when out of control it can be very dangerous too. A safety lanyard is an elastic cord that has one end attached to your life jacket, and another attached to the kill switch of the Jet Ski.

If by any chance the rider falls off the Jet Ski, the kill switch gets pulled and the Jet Ski immediately stops. This prevents the Jet Ski from going out of control and causing accidents.

The Kwik Tek ULTIMATE LANYARD is a great durable option when it comes to safety lanyards, it even has a whistle attached to it. There is also the Atlantis A7447 Yellow Standard Floating Lanyard if you need an alternative.

  1. Tow Tube

Now let us talk about something more fun. Tow tubes are an amazing thing. There are very few things as fun as getting towed on a tube by a jet ski. It’s so much fun that you really should get a tow tube even if you have bought a jet ski for purely professional purposes.

An inflatable tow tube won’t add much bulk to your jet ski. But it will add a ton of fun. There are a lot of different fun designs and types of tow tubes you could get. The WOW Watersports Thriller Deck is a simple and quality option for everyone. And the SportsStuff Super Mable is a great option if you are looking for something larger.

  1. Tow Rope

Tow ropes are mainly for towing the tow tubes I mentioned earlier. But they come in handy in other situations too. From towing various floatable things to tying things up, there are a few different uses of these things.

The WOW Tow Rope or the Airhead 2-Section Tow Rope is a great option if you are looking for recommendations on which tow ropes to get.

  1. Impeller Protector

An impeller protector is a thing that will make towing a much smoother experience. Without these things, tow ropes often get sucked into the back of your jet ski and that is a hassle to clear up. So if you are towing then this is something you must get.

This JLB Impeller Protector or this Sea-Doo DOuble Nylon Shock Tube are both exceptionally good options when it comes to impeller protectors.

  1. Waterproof Speakers

Listening to your favorite tunes while riding freely on the open waters is a feeling like no other. The average speaker is not waterproof, and most jet skis don’t have built-in speakers. So, you will have to bring in your waterproof speakers.

The JBL Clip 4 and the Anker Soundcore Icon Mini are both great waterproof Bluetooth speakers to use on your jet ski. They sound great and you can use them outside of jet skiing too.

  1. Trailer Straps

Moving a jet ski from one place to another can be a huge hassle when it’s not on the water. You usually tie it to a truck or trailer and carry it to the place you need it to be. But that can be a hassle too with a bunch of chords and ties. Trailer straps to tie in your jet ski solves this problem entirely.

If you are looking for recommendations then the SMARTSTRAPS – 468 or these JET SKI TRAILER WINCH STRAP PWC will serve you amazingly if you are in need of trailer straps for your jet ski.

  1. Jet Ski Wetsuit

A good wetsuit is a must for any kind of aquatic endeavor. You can have a much better experience with your jet ski if you have a good wetsuit. A good wetsuit that fits you will keep your body warm and safe.

If you are looking for recommendations on which wetsuit to get, then my recommendation for men’s is the O’Neill Men’s Reactor II and for women, it’s the Cressi Lady Front-Zip Full Wetsuit. Here is a thickness guide:

  1. Riding Gloves

Riding gloves are a critical part of the safety gear you need to wear while riding a jet ski. A jet ski is very much like a motorcycle. And just like you would wear gloves to protect your hand there it’s the same case here. Without a pair of good riding gloves, you risk the chance of getting hurt.

I recommend that you go with either the Cressi Camouflage 2mm Elastic Neoprene Spearfishing Gloves or the CWB Connelly Men’s Waterski Classic Gloves, they both are great options to keep your hands safe while driving a jet ski.

  1. Water Shoes

While riding on a jet ski it is very easy to slip and have an accident if you are not properly geared. Water shoes are a must-have piece of gear to increase grip on the vehicle. These shoes help you plant your feet firmly on the vehicle and control it very easily. To avoid accidents, you need a good pair of water shoes.

For water shoes, your best choice in the market are the O’Neill Superfreak 2mm Tropical Round Toe Booties. The Rec R-14 Ride Water Shoes are also a good alternative. These are both comfortable and highly durable providing you with the most value.

  1. Rash Guards

Wetsuits chafe your skin. And if you don’t take any measures the chafing can cause a very bad rash on your skin. So, it is a general rule that you need to wear rash guards while wearing wetsuits to protect your skin. Buying a good rash guard is a must if you don’t want your Jet Ski season cut short for skin problems.

The best options for rash guards period out available in the market in my opinion are; the Body Glove Women’s Smoothies Rashguard and the O’Neill Men’s Basic Rash Guard. These are leagues better than the many others you find in the market.

  1. Distress Light

This is more recommended for those who tend to venture out to the sea a lot more on their jet ski. These lights are meant to send a super bright SOS light signal for a long period of time. This will help you get rescued if you ever get in trouble.

The ust See-Me 2.0 Water Activated 45 Lumen Strobe LED Light is a great distress light as it can be activated both manually and also automatically when submerged in water.


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