What is The Best Jet Ski Battery?

If you need to change the battery of your jet ski, getting the right battery is essential.

In jet skis, you can use various types of batteries but all of them won’t be efficient for your vehicle’s engine. Rides like jet skis work best if you use AGM batteries. The term AGM stands for “Absorbed glass mat”. It is a special type of lead-acid battery that can tolerate a high vibration and shaking of the vehicle.

I’ve talked about which battery would be perfect for your personal watercraft, and now I’d like to provide some valuable insights into this topic.


What Type of Battery is Used In a Jet Ski?

Most of the jet skis out there use a battery of 12 volts that holds around 12 to 30 amps (Varies depending on the product). Now, with time, this data is changing rapidly. The new Jet Ski models can use a battery of 18 amp to 30 amp or even more, although the voltage output remains the same. That is why checking the manual that your manufacturer has provided is absolutely essential.

Now, most of the experts have agreed to the fact that AGM will work best on almost all types of watercraft. AGM batteries have many advantages that other ones fail to deliver. Some of the advantages of AGM cells are provided below.


  • They Are Completely Sealed

AGM batteries are not so different from regular lead-acid ones, so what makes them so special? One of the biggest differences between AGM batteries is, they are completely sealed and not flooded. Here, the electrolytes which help to create the necessary power are completely sealed in a special type of glass mat.

These glass jars/mats are made with fiberglass. Usually, the fiberglass boundary is very thin so that the surface area can be bigger. The bigger the surface area, the more electrolytes can be held on the cell. As a result, the power an AGM battery can produce is simply unmatched.


  • Can Tolerate A High Vibrations

If you have driven a jet ski before, you should know that they create a lot of high frequency vibrations which can damage ordinary batteries. When scientists were designing jet skis, it was their prime concern.

And that is where an AGM battery can come in handy. They can tolerate a very high amount of vibration and do not damage so easily.


  • Very Lightweight

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to AGM batteries is, they are very lightweight. As you might already know, the jet skis are very lightweight themselves. So, using a battery that doesn’t weigh much is essential. In addition, an overweight jet ski will be hard to control. Furthermore, the fuel consumption will be much higher.

Additionally, the size of an AGM battery is much smaller than a regular lead-acid cell which is essential for personal watercraft. Smaller size means more efficiency and more room for modification. But the size of the battery doesn’t drag the performance whatsoever. In fact, it can deliver much more juice than its competition.


  • Long-lasting

Most of the regular lead-acid batteries last around three years at most; even after you maintain them properly.

But when it comes to AGM batteries, they will easily last more than six years. Most of the Jet skis consume a lot of power and normal cells won’t be an efficient choice whatsoever. That is why AGM batteries are a much better option.


  • Lower Self-discharge Rate

Many people do not know about an important factor of the battery. Having a lower discharge rate is very important especially when it comes to Jet Ski cells. In winter, your battery will be unused for several months and any normal lead-acid cell will rapidly discharge.

But that is not the case for AGM batteries. The electrodes of these cells are completely sealed and due to that fact, their discharge rate is much lower than others. This is probably the biggest advantage of an AGM battery.


Facts to Consider While Buying Jet Ski Battery

Now, before rushing to the store and buying a Jet Ski battery, there are several factors you will need to keep in mind for getting the best performance out of your personal watercraft. These factors are essential especially for those who are looking to upgrade the performance of their jet ski.



One of the most important aspects while buying a Jet Ski battery is its compatibility. If you have some experience with personal watercraft, you might know that it runs typically on a 12-volt battery. But don’t take it for granted, different jet skies weigh different and will support different types of batteries. So while shopping, being wary about the technical details of the cell is essential.

Another very important aspect that many people often overlook is its dimension. Different jet skies are of different sizes and the used engines also vary with model. So, always buy the battery of the proper size, or else you will have to reshape the cell bracket for using it.

Finally, for making sure the battery will work 100 percent efficiently on your jet ski, measure the polarity of your old cell. It might seem pointless, but sometimes the battery makes a high amount of current and the wires of the Jet Ski (in some cases) are too short to tolerate it. A quick check of the polarity might prevent a future unpleasant surprise.



One of the most important aspects of Jet Ski batteries is their type. If you want to utilize the full potential of your personal watercraft, using the right cell is essential. Although any regular lead-acid battery will technically work, it won’t be efficient as the power requirement of jet skis are pretty high. But if you are short on cash, go for the regular one.

It is pretty safe to say that AGM batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat) will be perfect for almost all types of jet skies. Although they are a bit expensive compared to the regular lead-acid ones, they will completely change the driving experience. So I will highly recommend everyone to buy AGM cells.



I know many people who will buy the cheapest available Jet Ski battery without considering the quality. You might be wondering, if an AGM cell is available at a very affordable price, why wouldn’t you buy it?

Well, the type of the battery doesn’t assure the quality. Most of the cheap variants come with a very fragile build quality, meaning the chances of breaking increases while driving your watercraft. Not only will it be inefficient, but it can also lead to a drastic accident. If the polarities of the battery are shorted due to water, a fire hazard might occur.

Another big disadvantage of using a cheap cell is its discharging rate. Even if the battery is AGM type, it will discharge very quickly and if the charge completely drains while driving the Jet Ski, you can imagine what will happen. Worse, the self-discharging rate of these batteries is very high.

While buying a full Jet Ski package, there are places you can cut the cost, but the battery is not one of those areas. For your security and 100 percent utilization, buying the best quality cells out there is a must. Don’t cheap out on this area, or else your whole driving experience might be ruined.



When it comes to AGM batteries, it is extremely important to check whether the manufacturer has provided a decent amount of warranty. Most of the cheap variants don’t come with any, and using such a battery on a jet ski would be very foolish.

Most of the regular AGM cells come with 1 to 2 years of full replacement warranties, but a warranty period of three years isn’t uncommon. As I have mentioned earlier, batteries are one of the most important components when it comes to jet skis. So if possible, buy the one with the longest warranty period.



Buying the perfect battery for your jet ski can be very confusing at times, so checking their customer reviews would be quite beneficial for predicting the service they’ll provide.

There are literally thousands of different models available and only the users can provide you with the most honest review. It will surely help you to make the right choice.


The price of different Jet Ski batteries will greatly vary depending on the quality and brand value. In general, you will find batteries ranging between 50 to 230 US dollars. Now, if you choose a normal lead-acid cell, the price would be much cheaper, but they won’t last long. Additionally, it is pretty obvious that driving a jet ski is not cheap entertainment. So, it would be foolish to cut costs on the battery department.

The price of the battery reflects the quality of the product. Although buying a good AGM battery that has the best quality is recommended, check the pricing of all the available options. Some companies put an unfair price tag, so always compare the battery you choose with other available ones.


Best Jet Ski Batteries In the Market

One of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing the battery is the Jet Ski’s engine. Now, in general, there are two types of jet ski engines out there, two-stroke and four-stroke. Usually, a two-stroke Jet Ski engine has a size of 500 to 1000 cc, and the 4-stroke one can be up to 1800 cc.

Now, with the engine size, the amount of total created torque and power can drastically change. In normal words, different types of batteries will fit on different engines. Below, I will talk about the best two-stroke and four-stroke batteries out there in the market.


  1. Caltric Compatible with AGM Battery

A Caltric compatible AGM battery would be a fantastic choice for those who are looking for a cell that has all the necessary requirements and has a marginal price tag. The product won’t do anything exceptional, but it has almost all the necessary specs to run personal watercraft smoothly.

One of the best aspects of this battery is its easy maintenance. The seller has claimed that no water is needed for the maintenance of the product. Moreover, most of the reviews of this product are extremely positive and I can easily recommend it to those who are amateur Jet Ski users as the installation process is very straightforward.


  • Diameter: 175 * 87 * 155 mm.
  • Weight: 13.5 lb.
  • Type: AGM.
  • Design: Glass Mat.


Easy Maintenance: Thanks to its mat glass build, the maintenance of this product is very straightforward. Most lead-acid batteries require special attention to maintain better health, but for the Caltric compatible AGM battery, you won’t have to spend an extra penny for maintenance.

Long-Lasting: One of the most awesome features of this battery is, it will last longer than most of its competitors thanks to the mat glass built. Additionally, the design and appearance of this product are also fantastic.

Easy Installation: Those who don’t have any prior experience with jet skies can easily go for this battery. Most of the people who have used it claim that they are super easy to install, and come with 100 percent battery health which is fantastic.


  • Easy installation.
  • Factory-built equipment.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.


  • You’ll have to scrub terminals regularly.
  1. Mighty Max Battery YTX20L

Mighty Max Battery YTX20L is an awesome battery with a pretty reasonable price tag. For around 55 US dollars, you will get a battery that might outperform some of the premium ones. Especially, if you are one of those people who likes to drive a bigger personal watercraft, you won’t regrade using this cell.

When it comes to batteries, having a good amount of warranty is extremely important as there is always a high chance of having a cell malfunction. Mighty Max Battery YTX20L provides a full 1-year replacement warranty with 30 days of full refund policy. It shows the confidence that manufacturers have in their products.


  • Diameter: 6.88 * 3.42 * 6.10 inches.
  • Weight: 11.79 lb.
  • Type: AGM.
  • Design: Glass Mat.


Consistent Performance: When you are driving a watercraft, it is safe to say that the battery of your jet skis will face various temperatures. As you might already know, battery life degrades when the temperature varies rapidly. Well, that’s not the case with Mighty Max Battery YTX20L. It will provide the best performance you will expect in all sorts of climates.

High Shock Resistance: While driving a watercraft, the engine will create a lot of vibration to balance the vehicle. We already know that most of the AGM batteries can handle a high frequency, and that is especially true for the Mighty Max Battery YTX20L. Even when the frequency is extremely high, they won’t break.

Easy Installation: Although AGM batteries work much more efficiently compared to the regular lead-acid ones, the installation process is always critical. Well, that’s not the case with Mighty Max Battery YTX20L as they can be mounted from any angle. Meaning, the whole process will become much more simple and straightforward.


  • Easy installation.
  • Factory-built equipment.
  • High shock resistance.
  • Can handle any temperature.


  • The wire harness isn’t included.


  1. Gel SLA Power Sport Battery

I know many of you out there aren’t sure which battery would be a perfect fit for your personal watercraft. It can be very confusing and the seller won’t take the product back if you messed up on determining the size of the cell. The biggest advantage of using a Gel SLA Power Sports Battery is, they are compatible with a wide range of jet skies.

This battery is factory-activated, so you won’t have to face any problems in starting the jet ski if you choose this variant. Moreover, you won’t have to buy any external acid packs and the installation of the “Gel SLA Power Sports Battery” is basically plug and play. For those who are new to the Jet Ski hobby, this cell would be perfect.


  • Diameter: 6.88 * 3.42 * 6.10 inches.
  • Weight: 11.79 lb.
  • Type: AGM.
  • Design: Glass Mat.Features

Can Add Electrolytes: Gel SLA Power Sports Battery has a very unique feature that most of the other variants lack. If you are a battery enthusiast, you will be happy to know that adding extra electrolytes inside the glass mat is possible on this variant. For those who don’t understand, properly adding extra electrolytes will enhance the overall capacity of the battery.

High Compatibility: If you are a new Jet Ski driver, your biggest concern would be the compatibility of the battery. If it doesn’t fit in your personal watercraft, then you will have to sell the battery for half of the buying price. But Gel SLA Power Sports Battery supports a wide range of jet skis and if you choose this cell, compatibility won’t be a headache.

Environment Friendly: It is a known fact that batteries can produce very toxic chemicals and gases especially while charging and discharging. Well, that’s not the case with the Gel SLA Power Sports Battery. All the chemical reactions occur within the glass barrier of the cell, and due to that fact, toxic chemicals cannot come out. It is an awesome feature that most of the older battery models lack.


  • Customization is available.
  • Compatible with most jet skies.
  • High shock resistance.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Affordable.


  • The wire harness isn’t included.


4. Interstate Cycle-Tron Powersports battery – AGM sealed, 12v, 8Ah
5. Chrome High Performance Water sports battery, AGM, 12v, lead acid, sealed
6. Weize 12v maintenance free AGM motorcycle battery
7. MMG heavy duty 12v battery for PWC, vented, 15 lbs, 19Ah
8. Moske battery, 12v, 12Ah, AGM
9. Odyssey powersports battery, 12v, 13 lbs, 220 CCA
10. Battery Tender, 12v, smart lithium battery, 2.5Ah, 150 CCA, 32 Wh



How to Maintain Your Jet Ski Battery?

As I have mentioned earlier, the best battery option for any jet ski is undoubtedly the AGM type. These batteries will last for a long period of time and the electrolytes are covered with a glass mat. Due to that fact, maintenance becomes very simple and straightforward.

I know many people buy a cell and don’t care about maintenance whatsoever. But, to fully utilize your Jet Ski and battery, you have to keep a few things in mind. How you should maintain your AGM cell is given below.


  • Don’t let the Battery Drain Completely

One of the most important aspects when it comes to charging the battery of your jet ski is; you cannot let it drain completely. If the cell drains to 0 percent, the ability to hold the total amount of charge will drastically reduce.

Always remember that you won’t use your jet ski as much as your car. That means the self-discharging of the AGM battery will occur more rapidly. So, charge the cell at least once a week, or else it will self-drain to zero percent.


  • Use Desulfator

You might have noticed that, after a long break, almost all the jet skis struggle to start. As I have mentioned earlier, the Jet Ski will not be used extensively like a car. Due to that fact, the plates of the battery might sulfate and it will make the starting procedure of the personal watercraft very hard.

To solve this issue, you will have to buy a very strong battery charger. Such chargers are available on Amazon for a pretty affordable price. Spending a few extra dollars on a desulfator would be smart as it will save you from a lot of hassles in the future. These chargers will help to prolong the lifespan of the battery.


  • Always Check the Cable Connections

This is probably one of those factors that most people overlook. Checking the connections of the cables on a regular basis is very important. Small mishaps can destroy the whole battery.

That’s why I always check whether the cables are connected tightly. Again, a loose connection will not only ruin the battery but can also lead to a fire hazard. Also, keep the cables and cores as clean as possible to get the best output from your personal watercraft.


Is Installing An Auxiliary Battery Mandatory?

Another very common question that people ask me frequently is, whether using an auxiliary battery is mandatory or not. Well, it really depends on how you use your jet ski. Does it have a phone charger, sound system, VHF, GPS, fishfinder, or maybe everything?

It should be pretty obvious that all of these electrical components will drain the battery of the Jet Ski very fast. Now, to avoid any frustrating moments while you are out on a journey with your jet ski, you might wanna use another cell in your personal watercraft.

Not only will you be able to use multiple electronic devices on your jet ski, but you will also get extra battery insurance if you choose to use an auxiliary battery. For those who like to take a short ride on their jet ski, having a secondary cell isn’t mandatory. But for long-time cruisers, getting an extra powerhouse would be wise.



Now, installation is a bit tricky. You must have a smart relay to perform the insertion of the battery especially if your jet ski is on the larger side. After installation, your personal watercraft should only use the primary battery. But when you stop, the Jet Ski will only utilize power from the auxiliary one.

While buying a relay, it would be best if the device has the override functionality. It will greatly help in emergencies like when the main battery needs a bit of juice, the auxiliary one can help. Especially, when the engine struggles to start, the secondary cell will provide some horsepower.

Now, you can perform the installation process yourself if you have some prior knowledge about electricity. Always follow the manual provided by the Jet Ski manufacturer properly and use safety gear. If you don’t have any experience in this field, then it would be wise to get some technical help from a professional.