How Many Hours Will A 4 Stroke Jet Ski Last? – Here is The Answer

Perhaps you are in the market for a new or used Jet Ski. But before any purchase, you need to future-proof yourself.

A Jet Ski lasts as long as its engine. A 4 stroke Jet Ski engine lasts around 400 hours. But a lot of factors play a role in the life span of a Jet Ski. For example, performance, usage, features, etc.

400 hours may be the rated max duration, but you do not always see it last that long. This is due to various factors. So, I recommend reading the entire article. So that you can find how to get your Jet Ski to last the longest. And get your money’s worth from it.


Factors That Affect How Long A 4 Stroke Jet Ski Lasts

A Jet Ski’s lifespan depends on the engine and how long the engine lasts. But many other factors influence how long a Jet Ski lasts as well as how long the engine can last as well. In this article, I will go through these points so you can get the most hours out of your Jet Ski. These factors are mentioned below.



Higher performance means more pressure on the engines. High-performance vehicles usually have a higher chance of malfunctioning and an even shorter lifespan due to this. So, a top performance model of a 4 stroke Jet Ski will have a much lower life span than a regular one.

While speaking of performance we should also mention the supercharged engines. The motors are extremely powerful. And as a result, provide amazing performance on the water. But as a trade-off, they need more maintenance and have a much shorter life span.



Newer models of Jet Ski have more to them than just Engines, they come with many more interesting features nowadays.

The features may include systems, touch screens, and some other features. Although these features are attractive, they might not work for more than a decade.

And unlike repairing older models these new high-tech Jet Skis require more care. And repairing them can prove to be very expensive. Even if the engines of these Jet Ski have few operation hours, often these features may no longer work. As a result, repairing them could cost a fortune. As a result, the life spans of these Jet Ski come to an end right there.



How a rider treats and uses their Jet Ski often has a direct effect on their Jet Ski. And how long it lasts. If a rider treats their vehicle well and follows their user manual, they can extend the life of their water vehicle. On the other hand, ignoring the manual may worsen its condition.

There are many ways you can shorten your Jet Ski’s life span by ignoring the basic rules of operating the vehicle. Some ways you as a rider can shorten the lifespan of your vehicle are

  • Riding the vehicle too hard without warming up the engine
  • Towing your Jet Ski behind another boat at a very high speed
  • Performing stunts such as wave jumping
  • Overloading
  • Hitting things while launching such as objects, docks, etc.
  • Sucking up debris and ropes into the pump repeatedly
  • Flipping your Jet Ski in the wrong way in the water
  • Riding your water vessel out onto land in an improper manner
  • Completely sinking your water vessel.

So, by being an inexperienced rider you can damage and in turn cut down the life span of your Jet Ski by many hours even if you only use it for a few hours.



The most important factor as to how long a Jet Ski can last is the maintenance of the Jet Ski. The maintenance of the Jet Ski can even prove to be more crucial than the number of engine hours operated for your water vessel.

This is due to the fact that a poorly serviced and maintained Jet Ski gets damaged much sooner than it would if properly maintained. Owner manuals will contain strictly outlined required service intervals that are to be followed. Besides the normal servicing, most Jet Ski will need to undergo winterization.

Jet ski covers are a must to protect from harsh weather and the Sun. Using one will make it last longer and look better.

Severe damage can take place without proper maintenance. Missed oiling can damage the engine, absence of proper lubrication on moving parts can cause rust to form, and without winterization, it only takes a very cold winter day for the cooling system, intercooler, or exhaust to be damaged.

Thus, I can say that maintenance is a more important factor in how long a Jet Ski lasts.


How Long Does Rented 4 Stroke Jet Ski Last?

Rented Jet Skis are a real-world example of how maintenance plays an important role in how long a Jet Ski can last. You will find many rental Jet Skis that are running with more than several hundreds of hours, even one with more than a thousand hours of operation.

And these Jet Ski are often put through lots of abuse on a day-to-day basis by inexperienced or reckless clients. So, the hours for these Jet Ski engines are from heavy-duty use. One of the reasons why despite such heavy use they are still running is because these are checked and maintained regularly at a professional level.


Longevity Of 4 Stroke Jet Ski Vs. 2 Stroke Jet Ski

Now that we’ve looked at how long a 4 stroke Jet Ski can last, let us compare it to their 2 stroke counterparts. In the past 2 stroke Jet Skis were more common but now most Jet Skis have 4 stroke engines.

As a rule of thumb, a 2 stroke Jet Ski engine is expected to last from 250 hours of use max. However, a 4-stroke engine can run from 400 hours. This is far greater than the 2 stroke jet skis and ensures that you can enjoy your Jet Ski for a long period if it is well maintained.


How to Check Your Jet Ski’s Engine Hours?

Throughout the article we have brought up engine hours and how they can tell you how much longer your jet ski will last and how long it has lasted so far. This is great if you are buying from a secondhand vendor.

All new Sit-down Jet Skis have a gauge or screen that displays the hours when the key is attached to the Jet Ski. Some show the number of hours by default while others have you press a mode button to see it.

In case you have difficulty finding it, taking it to a service shop or dealership can solve it as the professional there can help you.



If what you’re looking for is a Jet Ski that you can ride for many hours, then a 4 stroke Jet Ski is your best choice.

Remember, proper maintenance can increase your jet skis service time by a lot. So, don’t forget to do some regular pre and post-use maintenance on your jet ski. And take it to a mechanic for servicing at least once per year. Even more if possible.