Are Jet Skis A Waste Of Money? – Let’s Talk Money

Summertime is all about vacation and the outdoor lifestyle. This time of the year mostly involves activities surrounding the water. One of the most entertaining ways to enjoy the water is by riding a jet ski, its like a motorcycle on water.


On average, a jet ski costs over $10,000. It remains idle for most of the year as you can use it in the warm seasons. Paying such a hefty price for something you cannot even use for the whole year is not worth it. But if the money isn’t an issue for you, riding a jet ski is a great way to enjoy summer on the water.

You can even use it next year with a little servicing. This makes getting a jet ski totally worth it. You can buy used to save some cash.


Jet skis can be expensive to own and maintain. Keep reading the whole article to know if you should or should not get a jet ski and if there are other cheaper and better jet skis available in the market.



How Much Is A Jet Ski Worth?

The price of a jet ski depends on a few factors like the performance of the jet ski, its build, and any other unique features that it offers. Higher-end jet skis cost about $20,000 and an average new jet ski costs around $10,000. The cheapest jet ski in the current market is the Sea-Doo Spark and the most expensive one is the Kawasaki Ultra 310LX.

Jet skis can be of three types; luxury, performance, and recreational. Luxury jet skis come with a variety of extra features. These justify the hefty price tag that this jet ski comes with. Performance jet skis are considered to be the fastest jet skis. Due to the high speed and acceleration, this jet ski costs almost as much as a sports car.

Recreational jet skis on the other hand are great for low sport or amateur riders. This jet ski is not the fastest and does not provide the luxuries, which makes it more affordable. The price tag is what interests more consumers to buy a recreational jet ski. Thus, whether they are worth it or not depends on what you’re looking for and how you’re intending on using it.


Prices of popular models:

Sea Doo Spark 3 $7k

Sea Doo GTX $13k

Sea Doo LMT 300 $17k

Kawasaki SX-R $10k

Kawasaki Ultra 310LX $18k

Yamaha EX $7k

Yamaha VX $10k

Yamaha FX LMT SVHO $17k




Are Jet Skis Expensive To Maintain?

Typically, owning and maintaining a jet ski is more expensive than purchasing one. There are a lot of associated costs such as running or service costs. The yearly expenses of maintaining a jet ski start from around 1000 dollars. High end jet skis will cost more to even about $3,000!

There are maintenance costs that are hefty as it is necessary to service your engine after a certain time to keep it in good condition. If you decide not to use your jet ski for a long time, it will cost a lot to prepare your engine for a long period of rest such as winter.

However, owning a cheap jet ski will be much easier and more affordable to maintain. The less powerful the engine is, the less costly it will be to service it. Besides, if you can store your jet ski in a garage, you can save a lot on storage costs.



Costs Of Owning A Jet Ski

As you can see, owning a jet ski can be expensive. However, there are a lot of other costs related to a jet ski. These include fuel, insurance, a trailer, and other accessories that you need for a jet ski. Let’s learn more about them.


  • Fuel

The amount of money you spend on fuel depends on how many gallons of fuel are consumed by your jet ski. If you’re riding the jet ski at its highest speed then fuel will be consumed quickly as the engine is at its maximum capacity.

On average, you can ride your jet ski for thirty hours in a year which means you will burn about 300 gallons of fuel. Considering the fluctuating gas prices, you can expect to spend around $600 annually.


  • Insurance

Normally, insurance costs anywhere from $100 to $500 annually. It usually depends on the model of your jet ski. If your jet ski is of the latest model, your insurance will be more expensive.

If you make any new modifications then your insurance cost will increase. The engine type also determines how much you pay.


  • Other Accessories

Accessories are not necessary to add to your jet ski but it makes for a fun ride if you do, such as music. You can buy jet skis with built-in speakers which cost about $1,000 depending on the kind of package you choose.

If you’re not willing to spend that much but still want music to drown out the sound of the engine, you can put some Bluetooth speaker onto the jet ski. This might not be as effective but it is certainly cheaper, costing you about a few hundred dollars.



Why Should You Get A Jet Ski?

Jet skis are a fun way to bring everyone together in the summer. Jet skis have been proven to be good for your health as well. It increases your blood circulation bringing oxygen to your issues. This results in a great improvement in your endurance. This can also help you get in a pretty good exercise as it burns your calories when you’re pounding against the waves.

It also helps relieve stress and clears your head. You forget about all the worries as you’re too busy focusing on enjoying your ride on the water. You can also attain a good sense of balance and coordination riding a jet ski.

It is best to get a jet ski if you’re living somewhere where there is water around and is warm most of the year. Like, Florida. If the cost of buying a jet ski and actually maintaining it is not an issue for you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get one.



Why You Shouldn’t Get A Jet Ski

Getting a jet ski is not always as pleasant as it sounds. Whenever you’re going for a surf, you will have to take a lot of preparations. The jet ski needs to be fueled up and if you don’t live close to the water, you have to take all the trouble of attaching it to your car.

Moreover, a jet ski is very dangerous if you don’t know how to ride it properly. You can drown your engine which will then cost a lot to repair. A jet ski weighs about half a ton and can hurt other people on water, causing disastrous accidents.

Moreover, the jet ski license is a written test. You have to answer a few multiple-choice questions for that. So, this could be a bit too much work for something you’ll ride only a few times per year.

You can expect to pay about a few hundred dollars on a jet ski as all the expenses mentioned above are vital.

Altogether, jet skis are the perfect way to enjoy your summer on the water.