7 Best Jet Ski Fishing Racks and Cooler Holder (Reviewed 2023)

While jet skiing alone is super fun, fishing during jet skiing can amp up the fun a thousand times. Catching fish may not always be for a barbeque or deep frying. Many just go fishing for fun and cradle the fish back in the water. However, carrying fishing equipment in jet skis is difficult because of their make and model. That’s where Jet Ski fishing racks come in.

There are many manufacturers of Jet Ski accessories. Among them, Kool PWC Stuff is the most renowned. Besides some KPS products, I have also included some quality PWC fishing racks from other brands like Plattinum Products, Extreme Max, etc.

Kool PWC Stuff is made from 16-gauge stainless steel so the durability is unquestionable. It can hold six rods and has enough straps and turnbuckles for secure installation. This rack can also fit most standard coolers


  1. Kool PWC STUFF Fishing Rack With 6 Rod Holders

When it comes to Jet Ski accessories, Kool PWC Stuff or KPS is the most trustable name. They have numerous varieties of Jet Ski fishing racks to fulfill the demand of different users. So it only makes sense that the first name on our list would be a product from them. KPS 6 fishing rod holder fishing rack is Kool PWC Stuff’s most popular product in this category and rightfully so.

A fishing rack is likely to undergo rough usage so the use of a sturdy material is important. Keeping that in mind, KPS have used high-grade 304 stainless steel for strength and durability. It has individually adjustable legs. You won’t need any separate modifications in your jet ski as it will fit any surface.

For firm and secure fitting, KPS have included one marine-grade turnbuckle, two 36″ industrial-grade 1″ wide Velcro straps, and one six feet ratchet strap. For the cooler, there is a 40″ bungee cord. It is made to withstand the harshest of marine weather.


Six fishing rod Holders: You can take different types of fishing rods with you thanks to six stainless steel fishing rod holders. In case your friend does not have a fishing rack, you can carry his rods too. There are also fishing rod straps for securing the rods in place.

Gas Plates for RotoPax Fuel Can: Nothing worse than running out of fuel in the middle of the sea. To prevent that, KPS have incorporated two plates for RotoPax® fuel cans. Now you can drive all you want without worrying about being stranded.

Universal Design: Many fishing racks are often designed for one specific brand or model. This KPS Jet Ski fishing rack model has a universal design, meaning it will fit on any jet ski on the market like Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, etc.


  • Angled fishing rod holders for trolling.
  • Fits your PWC without causing any damage.
  • Fits all Jet Ski models on the market.
  • Comes with all the accessories.
  • Robust build quality.


  • Doesn’t fit in SeaDoo models with suspension features.
  1. Plattinum Products Fishing rod Rack Cooler Holder Combo

Both aluminum and stainless steel are equally competent to be used in the construction of Jet Ski fishing racks. They both have more or less similar properties with aluminum being lighter and more expensive. Plattinum Products, however, didn’t worry much about price and used high-grade aluminum to construct this top-of-the-line Jet Ski fishing rack.

This all-aluminum build fishing rack is available in three colors: mill finish, text black, and white. Their redesigned receiver arm is removable and has a height adjusting feature. The cage also fits most 48-to-54-quart coolers. We recommend checking the cooler size before purchasing.

Each of its eight fishing rod holders has a black removable polyvinyl cap to protect your fishing rods. With these caps on, the holders can accommodate fishing rods with a diameter of under 1.625″es. Without the caps, 1.75″es diameter rods will fit.


Eight fishing rod Holders: Plattinum products fishing rod rack and cooler combo has a whopping eight fishing rod holders which is just insane. You can carry all the fishing rods of your group alone in your rack.

Aluminum Build: The all-aluminum build reduces the weight making it easy to carry without compromising mechanical properties. Although the price is slightly higher, the investment is worth it.

Fits into Standard Receiver Hitch: Fitting it on your jet ski is highly convenient. It slips into any standard 2″ front or rear receiver hitch making it easily accessible.


  • Superior build quality.
  • Excellent finish.
  • Easy installation.
  • Polyvinyl caps in fishing rod holders.


  • Lock pin not included.
  • Doesn’t include gas plates.
  1. Extreme Max Jet Ski PWC Fishing Rod Rack and Cooler Combo

Extreme Max’s aluminum fishing rack and cooler combo can be the budget alternative to Plattinum products fishing rack. It is made from high-grade aluminum and offers the same amount of versatility at a lower price.

It has four height-adjustable footpads and a four-strap mounting system which provides a secure and custom fit on the back of your jet ski. Similar to all standard fishing racks, the Extreme Max Jet Ski PWC fishing rack supports 48-to-54-quart coolers.

It has six fishing rod holders on the opposite sides of the cage, two on one side and four on the other. You can also take extra fuel cans as this fishing rack also includes mounting holes for the RotoPax fuel system. You can carry RotoPax® fuel cans without compromising any space inside the cage.


Ample Space in the Cage: The cage is spacious enough to carry most things you would need when fishing out in the sea, besides a cooler. It could be your lunch box, drybags, tackle boxes, additional fuel cans, and more.

Versatile Usage: The primary usage of this fishing rack is for jet skis. However, it fits quite well on ATV/UTV cargo racks, golf carts, or any other vehicle that you might use to get to your favorite place for fishing.

Durable Build: Extreme Max has used marine-grade aluminum so that it lasts long in harsh conditions, maintaining the durability and structural integrity all through.


  • Mounting holes for RotoPax DLX fuel systems.
  • Adjustable foot pads.
  • The cage is big enough for extra baggage.


  • The weld quality could’ve been better.
  • Not suitable for saltwater.
  • RotoPax® system sold separately.

  1. Brocraft Jet Ski Aluminum Fishing Rod Rack & Cooler Holder Combo with Gas Plates

This aluminum fishing rack from Brocraft is the epitome of excellent design and outstanding quality. Unlike other aluminum racks on our list, this rack has used aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure lightweight and at the same time, mechanical strength, and properties like its competitors.

It has mounting holes for gas cans. You can mount the cans outside the cage, leaving space for coolers up to 54 quarts. Two of the six fishing rod holders are angled so that you do not have to compromise trolling.

You can carry RotoPax gas cans using the RotoPax RX-PM pack mount. Or you can drill holes as you need on the plates to attach any gas cans you want.


High-grade Aluminum: Unlike other aluminum builds on this list, Brocraft have used aircraft-grade anodized aluminum to make this fishing rack. While mill finish looks more lustrous, anodized aluminum is more corrosion resistant and long-lasting.

Adjustable Legs: This PWC fishing rack has four adjustable legs so you can adjust the height according to your need. For the same reason, this universally designed rack fits on most jet skis.

Additional Holders: Besides the cooler holder and fishing rod holders, it has an additional bracket to be used as instrument holders such as pliers, rigs, screwdrivers, etc.


  • Extremely well built.
  • Universal design.
  • Easy to use twist and jam nut mechanism.


  • Plastic feet are not glued to the legs so they might fall off.
  • Rod holders are not welded with the cage.
  1. KPS 6 fishing rod Holder Jet Ski Fishing Rack for the Sea-Doo LinQ System

KPS being the most renowned PWC accessories manufacturers, it should be no surprise that this list would include more than one of their products. This KPS Jet Ski fishing rack is made from marine grade 304 stainless steel. Although slightly heavier, there is no shortage of durability in this product.

It comes with six fishing rod holders which is the standard among Jet Ski fishing racks. The fishing rod holders are welded to the frames so there is no chance of falling off and losing your rods. Two rods are diagonally placed for trolling.

It also includes holes drilled for RotoPax® gas cans. It allows you to carry an extra 7 gallons of fuel to avoid the risk of being stranded in the sea.


Designed for Sea-Doo LinQ System: This Jet Ski fishing rack is particularly designed for any Sea-Doo Jet Ski models with LinQ systems. Two LinQ brackets are included in the package. You can also use it with Yamaha and Kawasaki jet skis but you will need an additional bracket and need to drill four extra holes.

Easy Installation: The adjustable legs provide complete support for the LinQ system both in front and back. You can install it on your Sea-Doo LinQ system in a few minutes without any straps or turnbuckles.

Powder-coated Metal: KPS have used powder-coated stainless steel which is an exceptionally long-lasting, economical, and color durable finish. Such surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, and wearing.


  • Supports other models besides Sea-Doo LinQ (additional bracket needed).
  • Welded fishing rod holders.
  • RotoPax® fuel can plates.


  • Might seem bulky.
  • Better options are available if you own any Jet Ski model other than Sea-Doo LinQ.
  1. KPS 4 fishing rod Holder Model Z Jet Ski Fishing Rack

The KPS 4 fishing rod holder fishing racks have been made using 16-gauge high-quality stainless steel and powder coated for enhancement of mechanical properties. You can place it on the back of your PWC with adjustable brackets to secure a solid grip.

Stainless steel build ensures it requires minimum space, unlike those bulky aluminum fishing racks. The unique model z design allows you to raise the rack for better access while driving.

Like most KPS models, these fishing racks have all the necessary gears for proper installation. Two of its fishing rod holders are angled. It also has 2 brackets with pre-drilled holes for RotoPax fuel cans. All the attachment gears are marine grade and of superior quality.


Designed for Kawasaki and Yamaha PWC: KPS often designs its products for the Sea-Doo LinQ system. But users of other brands like Yamaha and Kawasaki do not need to be disappointed. This fishing rack is designed exclusively for Yamaha and Kawasaki jet skis, meaning that this rack is plug-and-play for Yamaha and Kawasaki PWCs.

Free Attachment Accessories: Many brands sell required accessories separately. So eventually you have to pay more than the anticipated price because those accessories are mandatory. KPS delivers all the necessary accessories like holder straps, bungee cord, etc. for free with the package.

Rod Holders Include fishing rod Straps: All four fishing rod holders have integrated fishing rod straps so that you don’t lose them amid speedy sessions.


  • Two fishing rod holders are diagonally placed.
  • Does not feel too big nor too small.
  • Supports all standard coolers.
  • Better accessibility to coolers from the driver’s seat.


  • Can be difficult to fit other models.


7. Jetski Outfitters cooler rack

It holds 6 rods and costs $480. It fits Yamaha FX and VX.



Jet Ski Fishing Rack: A Brief Guide for First-time Buyers

Buying a jet ski fishing rack isn’t rocket science. It’s just a rack that holds a few fishing supplies. I believe you can tell how the product is just by looking at it. Yet, for your sake, we will discuss some basic things here as a reminder for you when buying a jet ski fishing rack. Let’s go:

  • Material

When it comes to materials, there are only two; stainless steel and aluminum. While both have their pros and cons, stainless steel has the edge. It has better corrosion and rust resistance due to the added chromium which gives it an additional protective layer.

Aluminum is also widely used to make fishing racks due to its lightweight and rust and corrosion resistance properties. However, aluminum is more expensive due to being lightweight. Weight is not an issue for Jet Ski fishing racks. So, look for racks made of stainless steel as it is strong, has corrosion and rust resistance, and is cheaper.

  • Rod Holders

The main difference lies in the material type and number of fishing rod holders. There can be two to up to eight fishing rod holders, or even more in some models. Choose the one according to your needs. Two or four fishing rod holders can be perfect when you are skiing with your friend.

If you often hang out with your family members or a bunch of friends, get a rack with more fishing rod holders. Not all the jet skis in your group may have fishing racks so you might have to keep their fishing rod holder in yours so the more, the better.

  • Cooler and Gas Tank Holding Capacity

Most Jet Ski fishing racks have cooler holders of sufficient capacity so it’s nothing to worry about much. Standard fishing racks fit up to 54-quart coolers which are adequate in terms of capacity.

Although not all racks have brackets for holding gas cans, it is nice to have this accessory. Those without gas can brackets may have extra fishing rod holders or large cooler capacity as compensation. It’s up to you to find the sweet spot.

  • Ease of Installation

Jet Ski fishing racks come with accessories such as ratchet straps, bungee cords, turnbuckles, Velcro straps, etc. for easy installation. The configuration will determine the ease of installation. Find the one that suits you best and takes care of your PWC.



Tips for Jet Ski Fishing

Jet Ski fishing is super enjoyable. With some tips and guidance, the fun will be tenfold. There are some laws regarding jet skiing and fishing. They might differ from region to region

But you can always adopt some common precautions. Here are some tips for a safer and more thrilling Jet Ski fishing experience:

  • Keep safety equipment like capacity plates, torch, life jacket, etc.
  • Additional safety gears like EPIRB, flare kit, navigation lights (for night jet skiing) can be mandatory according to law.
  • You can use a GPS fish finder for more convenience.
  • Don’t drive in shallow water. It might damage your vehicle.
  • Check the weather forecast before going out.
  • Check if all the instruments are okay prior.
  • Keep a smartphone with emergency phone numbers.
  • Always wear a life jacket.
  • Don’t drive too far out in the sea unless you have enough experience.



You may have gone fishing before but Jet Ski fishing is a unique experience. You will need different equipment and instruments as fishing gear.

On top of all that, you will be alone out in the sea which will give you an out-of-the-world feeling. It holds coolers, fishing rods, and gas canisters all at the same time which makes fishing racks an important addition to your jet ski.


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