Do You Wear Shoes On A Jet Ski? – Footwear, Water Shoes

As fun and exhilarating jet skiing can be, it still is a serious sport. And just like any serious sport, you need to wear the right gear. When it comes to gear, what shoes you wear is often a topic of discussion.

You can choose to jet ski barefooted or with shoes on. But you should wear shoes when jet skiing since there are a lot of benefits to it. It gives you some much-needed protection. An argument can be made to not wear shoes when the bottom of the water is soft, though.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to it. Below I will go into details about what kind of shoes you should wear and also the ones you should avoid. So, without further to do, let’s get right into it.


Do You Have to Wear Shoes On A Jet Ski?

The answer to this one is both yes and no! Shoes are one of the most essential gear when you are jet skiing. They help keep your feet planted firmly and also give you more control and traction.

This can help you with falls. Another option is to go completely barefoot as well. That might seem a bit too weird, but those who have been jet skiing for a while would know the awesome sensation skiing barefooted brings you.

If you are skiing somewhere where the bottom isn’t particularly comfortable, for example, there is no sand or the area is too rocky under water, then shoes can help you make the experience much more comfortable. However, generally, I would say it is ok to go barefoot if there is sand at the bottom but I would not recommend it.

Jet skiing barefooted is great and something you should most definitely experience at least once in your life, though. What you need to remember is this; if there is a comfortable bottom to walk on then go barefoot. Otherwise, wearing shoes at all times is highly recommended.


What Type of Shoes Should You Wear?

There are two types of water footwear that you can buy. Water sandals or water shoes. They are pretty similar and provide almost the same functionality. And that is to provide grip.

Let’s learn a bit more about these.


Water Sandals

Water sandals, also called basic water shoes look similar to sandals but they are more robust and also fit better. They have sort of a semi-open design which allows water to escape them easily. You can check out the Teva Langdon Sandal to understand what I’m talking about.

This is great when you’re skiing or walking on the beach. Water can escape easily and if your shoes get sand in them, you can wash that off easily as well. Most of them will have a rubber bottom which makes for great grip. They are cheaper as well compared to our next shoe which is real water shoes.


Water Shoes

Real water shoes like the Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua water shoes actually look quite similar to tennis shoes. If you’re inexperienced or have not seen one before, you can easily mistake them for just your normal sports or tennis shoes. However, there are differences.

They do not hold water which allows them to dry rather quickly. So, you do not have to walk around in soggy shoes for hours. That is a relief for anyone who had to deal with this problem. It can get annoying very quickly.

Another perk is the fact that they look like any normal sneakers. They will blend in with the rest of your gear pretty nicely and you do not need to worry about your overall ‘look’. This is especially a good thing if you consider yourself to be more on the fashionable side.

On top of all these, they also give you good protection from the sun. You can click here to read a bit more on water shoes. Actually, I have a whole section on benefits of wearing shoes while jet skiing. So, keep on reading.

What Type of Shoes You Should Not Wear?

Since I mentioned what type of shoes are good for jet skiing, it only seemed logical that I also touch on the type you should avoid at all costs. And when I say at all costs, I mean it. Remember to always avoid flip-flops and Crocs!

They might seem very comfortable and easy to wear, but you should not wear them since Crocs do not do well in wet conditions and lack traction. Flip flops on the other hand, can come off easily. They do not stick to your feet as securely as water shoes do which is a risk. Flip flops do not give you much protection either.



Benefits of Wearing Shoes On A Jet Ski

Skiing barefoot can be fun. It gives you a sense of freedom and it is generally less of a hassle. You do not need to worry about packing a pair of shoes and then wearing them. However, there are some solid benefits to wearing a pair. Let me touch on them briefly:

  • Shoes give you better traction and in wet conditions the more traction you have the better
  • They also protect your feet from small scratches and other things. There have been cases where people have scratched their feet when jet skiing. If you have shoes on that will not be a problem
  • Shoes protect your feet from the sun. This is especially useful if you happen to have sensitive skin.
  • And lastly, a good pair of shoes also looks pretty cool. Okay, maybe it is just me who thinks that. But I am sure some of you out there think the same.


What Other Gear Should You Wear on a Jet Ski?

As you might imagine, shoes are not the only gear you wear when jet skiing. There are a couple more crucial gears you need to wear. All these will help you prepare for a fun day of jet skiing and most importantly will keep you safe. Safety is priceless. Also, check out this guide for more on jet skiing safety.

Life Jacket

Life jackets are important. Even if you are the most skilled rider, you should wear a life jacket. If you happen to take a fall in the water, a life jacket will come in handy.


A good standard swimsuit for both men and women is also something I consider is a must. You need to be dressed for the occasion, as people say. So, get yourself a comfortable and preferably athletic pair of swimwear. Besides, you will wear the life jacket over it anyway.


Eye protection like a pair of high-quality goggles will protect your eyes from any foreign objects. And when you are zooming by at high speeds on a jet ski, the wind can be irritating as well. Goggles will reduce that and help your vision stay clear.


Lastly, there is sunscreen. Do not take it for granted. When you are riding, the sun can have quite an impact on your skin. Most of your body is exposed to ultraviolet rays. So, it is a good idea to have some kind of sun protection.