What Are The Fastest Jet Skis You Can Ride? (Updated 2023 Guide)

Jet Skis are considered to be the best PWC you can get to get an adrenaline-filled fast experience.

From 2017-2020, Yamaha Waverunner modified by Uva Perez held the fastest record of reaching a speed of 127 Mph. In 2020, Brian Kirchberger beat Uva’s record and became the owner of the Yamaha Gp1800, the first Jet Ski to ever reach a speed of 135 Mph.

Now these are just the latest and most expensive jet skis that are also highly modified to reach the utmost limits of their capabilities.

The stock Yamaha Waverunners in the market usually can’t reach speed this high without modifications.

Uva Perez was surely the record holder for the fastest speed ever reached by a watercraft since 2017. However, in 2020, the record was broken by a custom-built Yamaha GP1800 (2017) model fit with a 76 mm turbo and nitrous injector. This beast of a Jet Ski was built by Brian Kirchberger from Bk Built. His estimates provided that this beast had about 1200 HP.

In 2020, a YouTube video was released from That Racing Channel where rider Jose Luis Hernandez reached a whopping speed of about 135 Mph on a Lake in Hydro-Drags in Tavares, Florida. Hence, making Brian’s Jet Ski build the fastest Jet Ski in the world currently.

However, here’s the catch to all this. All these speeds may mesmerize the best of us, or perhaps overwhelm us when we end up learning that stock Jet Skis are built only to reach speeds around a certain speed. This is due to several restrictions given by the US Coast Guard. Now, all the Jet Skis made in the market are restricted to only reach a certain threshold of speed.

For now, just know that both Brian and Uva’s records were special considerations and not everyone can modify their Jet Skis to reach high speeds like that. Certain safety laws and restrictions exist regarding Jet Ski speed limitation. On top, these require a lot of engineering and certainly a lot of money as well.

If you’re not a fan of straining your bank balances, then it’s for the better that you consider buying a fast stock Jet Ski instead.



Top 5 Fastest Jet Skis You Can Buy

Now, I am no expert about modifications or loitering with engine swapping, adding turbos and Nitros to Jet Ski to ramp up their HPs. Thus, I won’t ask you to have any expectations of getting to know about a Stock model as fast as the world record’s reached above. However, the models I’ll be discussing below are just as fast as you can get with Jet Skis legally.

Hence, without further ado, let’s just review the 5 fastest Jet Skis available in the market that you can buy.


1. Kawasaki Ultra 310R

This beast, the more updated yet strengthened version of the Kawasaki 310X line makes sure it delivers just about enough adrenaline for any fast-lanes. This Jet Ski was made for the fast-life and they certainly pack a lot more punch than you can ever know. These models are capable of supporting seating arrangements for about 3 people.

Their supercharged 4-stroke and 4-cylinder engines are meant to make them fast and an absolute beast in the water. They are also pretty light with only weight around 1060 pounds. They also have room for extra steering capabilities thanks to Kawasaki’s dedicated water dynamics and stability gifted to this model.

This latest 2021 take on the 310 series of Kawasaki fastest Jet Ski does not disappoint and you can always expect to soar through waters with ease with this model.


  • Category: Performance
  • Horsepower: 310
  • Top Speed: 67 Mph
  • MSRP: $16,999
  • Super Charged: Yes


High Seating capacity: As you may expect, this model from Kawasaki comes with sufficient seating capacity to support 3 people. This is especially cool considering you can always take your boys out for a spin and get a taste of how fast these Jet Skis can get.

4-Stroke Engine: Ultra 310R having a 4-stroke engine means they will last you for about more than 1000 hours. Just make sure you can take good care of them, such as look after their hulls, compartment, engine, etc. Doing all these will help you retain a high resell value while also make them last for a longer time

Reverse: You can always go back with these Jet Skis, a common feature that many older models may lack. This helps you vouch for more maneuverability, stability, and safety.


  • Fast, like really fast
  • Good looking Jet Ski
  • Supports up to 3 people
  • Very lightweight
  • Fuel-injected Carburetor Type


  • Does not support any breaks
  • expensive


2. Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The fastest stock Sea-Doo series in the line now has a more premium model out in 2021. Hence, allowing you to cruise with the crazy speed with style. This limited edition is the most expensive one out in the list as it falls into the Luxury category.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited has special additions that others lack on others. You can easily brake, go in reverse, and use mirrors to look back. This is a luxurious Jet Ski made for the adrenaline junkies who like to show off their Jet Ski with not just its premium look but also speed.

As they fall into the luxury category, they are built to last and their 4 stroke engine promises a 1000 hour operating time. Truly a masterpiece in the series and a must-buy for those willing to go for a higher-end fast Jet Ski.


  • Category: Luxury
  • Horse Power: 300
  • Top Speed: 67 Mph
  • MSRP: $18,999
  • Super Charged: Yes


Braking ability: Yes, braking is active in this Jet Ski, something that a lot of modern models on the market still don’t have yet. This adds extra maneuverability, safety, and many more. Who says braking couldn’t be of good use in a Jet Ski after all?

Sufficient seating capability: With a weight capacity of supporting up to 600 LBS, this luxurious model can support up to 3 people tops.

A stable design with Hull: What sets them apart from most other models is how they come over the top stability thanks to their sleek and adaptive hull design. With a lower center of gravity, these models are built to be more compatible with that craving stability in water during high speeds.


  • Braking option available
  • Very stable and safe
  • Premium look
  • The package comes with extra accessories and more


  • A little bit on the expensive side
  • Not everyone may like the bulky design


3. Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO

How can we talk about fast Jet Skis without including the infamous Yamaha Waverunner series? After all, Uva Perez was capable of turning one of the stock models of this series fast enough to set the record of highest Jet Ski speed from 2017 to 2020.

As of now, Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO takes the throne for being the best and fastest in the series in the stock market. This model is on the cheaper spectrum of our list, and I figured some of you who are on a budget could help with a much cheaper alternative for a fast-lane life.

Don’t let its low price fool you as these models are built to be fast and certainly deliver a lot more than you may expect them to. Powered by a 4 stroke 1812 cc engine capable of reaching a top speed of 67 Mph while keeping the Horsepower parked at 250.


  • Category: Performance
  • Horse Power: 250
  • Top Speed: 67 Mph
  • MSRP: $14,759
  • Super Charged: Yes


Improved Control: These models come with better steering adjustment which helps with cornering, controlling the mid-corner throttle and acceleration. The center of weight being improved to support more stability also comes in handy for those looking for extra maneuverability.

Footwell Drains: Water pooling can be quite the bummer, but not with this model, they have self-adjusting drains that specialize in preventing water pooling. There are also premium custom cut footwell mats available only specifically for this model and its limited counterpart.

High storage capacity: Not only there’s expandable space under the bow that makes it easier to store more stuff. You also have watertight compartments where you can keep your clothes and valuables dried at all times under the seat. Extra storage space has always proven to become handy after all.

Re-boarding facilities: There’s a reboarding grip at the back which makes it easier for riders to re-board their Jet Ski after a swim. Then there’s also tuck-able steps on the sideways that come out only when needed and can conveniently hide once you have boarded it.


  • Re-boarding steps and Grips
  • Great storage options
  • Lower price compared to others
  • Excellent handling
  • Braking ability


  • Might look smaller than most Jet Skis
  • Lower Horsepower


4. Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230

The only Tow Sports category Jet Ski on this list. The Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230 stands for what it’s made for. To be towed around and having exclusive features focused on towing. What sets this model apart is its top-notch stability and re-boarding facilities.

It is also the only model here on the list with an engine with a closed-loop cooling system. They are powered by a 4-stroke engine however, they only have 3 cylinders. Nevertheless, they still get the job done when it comes to reaching the top speed of 67 Mph.

The hull is designed to specialize in providing better handling and stability thanks to its lower center of gravity. You can also enjoy music on board thanks to a waterproof sound system that supports Bluetooth and external buttons to help you change the music while on the go.


  • Category: Tow Sports
  • Horse Power: 230
  • Top Speed: 67 Mph
  • MSRP: $15,799
  • Super Charged: Yes


Good speed and control: Don’t let Wake Pro 230’s engine shortcomings fool you. This small baby packs enough punch to give you a full-fledged speed experience. On top, you even have excellent handling to help you cruise through at fast speeds.

Music facilities: Who doesn’t love listening to music while they are Jet Skiing? This is especially important for those who want to reach high speeds with style. You can burst music while you’re at it thanks to the safe audio system that comes with many convenient features such as Bluetooth and playback buttons.

Perfect for Tow sports: There are several features exclusive to support your activities in Tow sports. After all, this model specializes in it. You have features such as Ski mode, a wakeboard rack, and a retractable LinQ Ski Pylon.


  • Intelligent Reverse and Braking system approved by US Coast Guard
  • Small, compact, and lightweight
  • Over the top maneuverability
  • Onboard music listening facilities
  • Several tow sports exclusive features


  • Lacks a weaker engine than most other models on the list
  • Not the right type of Jet Ski for those who want a casual or premium one


5. Yamaha VXR

The cheapest one on the list, and also certainly the best value one as well. Yamaha VXR is a 740-pound beast that can reach high speeds of about 0-30 Mph in less than 2 seconds. They are an absolute beast with a 4-stroke, 4 cylinders 180 Horse powered engine as a cherry on top.

It has one of the best power to weight ratios on the market and certainly has NanoXcel technology hull and deck design which makes it ultra-lightweight while also keeping it durable. Despite it being smaller, it can still fit up to 3 people at ease during Jet Ski rides.

The most notable addition to VXR is how it also gets the same facilities as its higher powers in the Waverunner series. That is that these models come with RiDE technology which is a smart braking and reversing system that makes sure that the riders have it easy during high speeds.


  • Category: Performance
  • Horse Power: 180
  • Top Speed: 66.8 Mph
  • MSRP: $12,299
  • Super Charged: No


MIC- Multifunction Information Center: The dashboard consists of a digital display that shows almost every functional detail about your Jet Ski. It pretty much resembles the dashboard of a car. Hence, you can keep an eye out on your fuel levels, speed, and hours with visible digits.

RiDE system: This can be easily activated by a mirror switch beside the handlebars. Braking can be difficult in water conditions, especially when you’re Jet Skiing. This technology allows you to safely lower your speed when needed. Considering how fast VXR’s can get, this is a unique feature to have.

NanoXcel2® Hull and Deck: One of the core reasons why VXRs can reach such speed and acceleration. All due to the latest technology available that makes it so ultra-weight and durable.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Cheaper alternative to a fast Jet Ski
  • Various modern technology and system implemented
  • Durable and ultralight
  • Re-boarding facilities


  • Agility isn’t very strong due to the larger size
  • Horsepower is too low compared to other models on the list
  • The aggressive bulk design might not be everyone’s taste
  • Not supercharged


A jet ski has 100 HP on average. Some have as little as 60, while high performance models have up to 310.

Here is a list for comparison:

Kawasaki Ultra 310R –  310 HP
Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300 – 300 HP
Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO 250 – 250 HP
Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230 – 230 HP
Yamaha VXR 180 – 180 HP

Is there a Legal Limit to Jet Ski Speed?

Manufacturers are following a rule issued by the US Coast Guard to only allow their Jet Ski models to reach only a speed of 67+ Mph.

Jet Skis and other PWCs had little to no laws before 1999. Unfortunately, the absence of restrictions at the time resulted in unwarranted hazards for those who simply wanted to enjoy themselves on the lake. This has resulted in many unfortunate events. Due to a lack of rules, several unknowing riders have lost control and suffered significant injuries.

Jet Skis and other watercraft have become far safer, even at high speeds, since then. The Coast Guard, on the other hand, wanted to impose rules that many people thought were unreasonable.

To address this issue and protect the general boating public, the Coast Guard and personal watercraft manufacturers came up with a “gentlemen’s agreement” in 1999 to limit the top speed to only 67 Mph.

Despite the informal nature of the agreement, manufacturers opted to participate to increase the safety of their products. As, failing to meet the safety standards could subsequently affect the Brand’s image.

It’s worth noting that no regulatory agency has stepped in to set legally binding guidelines to regulate Jet Ski manufacture. Things make a little more sense when you examine the agreement with the Coast Guard to limit top speeds from a reputational standpoint.

A Jet Ski brand, for example, would not want to be renowned for producing Jet Skis that do not meet the Coast Guard’s recommended restrictions. There are also ethical aspects to consider as this concerns the safety of the buyers.


How fast Can Commercial Jet Skis go?

Depending on certain weather conditions and factors, their speed can go up to about 70 Mph+. However, you can increase the speed up to a speed of 80-90 with some modifications. Reducing weight, installing racing kits and speed control modules can make this possible.

Even though manufacturers limit the top speed of Jet Skis on purpose, it is still possible – and legal – to modify your Jet Ski. This is not prohibited because the Coast Guard’s arrangement with top PWC manufacturers is not a legally enforceable pact. To do so, simply acquire aftermarket parts and upgrade your Jet Ski’s components.

These modifications can be complicated and need to be done with additional expenses. There are many factors to reaching high speeds in water such as weather, water density, altitude, pressure, humidity, etc. A safe and optimum condition can surely make your Jet Ski reach its true speed potential. However, failing to meet ideal conditions can end up being hazardous.

There’s a reason why the PWC brands and US coast guard came to terms with the speed limit in stock Jet Ski models. Waters can be very uncertain and safety can be compromised, to ensure safe Jet Skiing this limit was implemented. Although it is okay for people to mod their Jet Skis and make their Jet Skis faster, it still isn’t always advised.

Any unfortunate circumstances will be on you and Jet Ski incidents are usually quite the bummer to deal with. Bummer in terms of financial loss as well as health. Hence, you should always think twice before deciding if a temporary adrenaline rush is worth permanent risks.

Modifying your Jet Skis can also come with financial drawbacks. These may at times include a lower resale value if your potential buyers are looking for stock performance kits rather than a high speed one. On the other hand, according to some brands and dealerships, your warranty may be affected if you bring in external modifications to your Jet Ski.

Whatever you do, always make sure that you are wearing your safety gear at all times to protect yourself and your loved ones. Modifying your Jet Skis to reach higher speeds may be tolerated but neglecting safety protocols will violate US Coast Guard’s regulations. On top of fines, you may also lose or damage your Jet Ski if you’re not careful.

The room for recklessness is nonexistent in whatever you decide to do when it comes to making your Jet Skis go faster. Unless you’re an absolute enthusiast who is willing to stay determined and play everything safely by following the proper guidelines, then personally it’s for the best you stay away from modifying your Jet Skis.

Remember that 67+ Mph will feel just as fast to make you give an action-pumped experience.

Anyone who has ever ridden a high-performance jet ski knows that 67 Mph is fast enough for most people to get a fast-lane experience. Some may even claim that 55 Mph is a sufficient speed to get a taste of how fast Jet Skis can get. Manufacturers have been working for years developing high accelerations that tend to make up for the lack of capped top speed.


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