The 5 Best Jet Skis For Fishing | Updated Guide

When we talk about fishing the first thing that might come to your mind are small boats. But that is rapidly changing. A lot of people are now moving towards jet skis for their fishing needs. If you are wondering which Jet Ski you should get for fishing then you have come to the right place.


  1. Sea-Doo Fish Pro

Let us start the list with a jet ski that is built specifically for fishing. It is called the “Fish Pro”. This ride is outfitted with everything you want to fit in a jet ski made for fishing. From coolers to house your caught fish to fish finding censors. It is all built-in and already there.

Other jet skis can be used for fishing only after they have been outfitted with fishing gear. Otherwise, they are just aquatic vehicles. But the Fish Pro comes with all the necessities. It is my top pick for beginners. Because as a beginner you are not quite as ready to outfit a jet ski with all that you need for fishing.


  • Dry Weight: 858 lbs
  • Rider Capacity: Up to 3
  • Storage Capacity: 150 Liters
  • Fuel Capacity: 70 Liters


Navigation And Fish Finder: The Fish Pro comes outfitted with a top-tier Echomap navigation system from Garmin. This is an amazing piece of technology that not only helps you navigate but also helps you find fish through the power of echolocation.

When you are out in the waters trying to look for fish, going around willy nilly won’t land you any success. But with the help of this advanced navigation system, you will be able to find exact locations very easily to maximize your output.

Feature Packed Front Storage: The front of the Fish Pro has not only an easy-access storage box but also a watertight glove compartment too. The easy-access front storage is very convenient for any kind of equipment you might need at a moment’s notice, such as a small tackle box or a bottle of water.

The waterproof glove compartment has a USB port. You can keep all your devices charged up and running while on the waters. All while keeping them safe in a watertight space. This is super helpful for people who travel with a few pieces of electronics with them.

Preinstalled Fishing Equipment: As the name “Fish Pro” suggests; the primary purpose this Jet Ski was designed for was fishing. And it delivers on that front super hard. Everything you could need to start fishing is there already to some capacity.

This is the biggest selling point of this vehicle. You don’t need to custom fit your vehicle with every piece of equipment, most of it comes with it already. Which is a boon for people just getting into it as they wouldn’t have the best ideas about which pieces of equipment to go with.


  • Preinstalled fishing equipment
  • USB port in the watertight glove compartment
  • Fish FInder
  • Garmin Echomap navigation



  1. Yamaha Waverunner FX HO Cruiser

Yamaha’s Waverunner series of personal aquatic vehicles are amazing. Yamaha is a household name and they deliver the best quality there is. But even between their lineups, the Waverunner FX HO Cruiser takes the cake. This is my best overall pick on this list of fishing jet skis.

The Yamaha delivers a lot of power when it comes to the driving experience. But that doesn’t mean that it feels crude. This is in fact a luxury-oriented aquatic vehicle although it is still cheaper than some of the other options on this list.

You can expect very balanced and smooth driving with this unit. The firm and balanced chassis keep this fast and agile all while keeping you comfortable. This is the main thing that makes this my top pick.


  • Dry Weight: 838 lbs
  • Rider Capacity: Up to 3
  • Storage Capacity: 166.7 Liters
  • Fuel Capacity: 70 Liters


Advanced Control System: The FX VO has all the bells and whistles you would expect in riding mode and driving controls, and so much more. With a touchscreen control section and multiple ride modes, you can make your driving experience exactly your own preference.

You also have Yamaha’s patented RIDE control system that has electric dual throttle handlebars. All of these features combined make for an advanced and highly customizable riding experience.

Theater Style Seating: It’s not a premium ride if your seats are uncomfortable. The Yamaha Waverunner FX HO will amaze you with its theater-style highly comfortable seats. You won’t know how good the seats on a jet ski can be until you have experienced this.

An ordinary seat of a jet ski can induce fatigue when you ride all day. If you are fishing it is natural to ride on a jet ski for a whole day. With these seats, your legs will not face any kind of fatigue or pain even when riding all day.

Enhanced Agility And Balance: This unit is made to be a luxury-oriented aquatic vehicle. This provides a lot of horsepower while driving. But it is also capable of keeping itself balanced under the most extreme of conditions.

The average Jet Ski can be quite hard to balance. Add in all the bulk of the fishing equipment and it becomes even harder. But the hull of this vehicle is built in a way that keeps it agile yet very balanced.


  • Great control system
  • Balanced and agile chassis
  • Amazing seating system
  • Powerful yet comfortable


  • Needs a fair bit of customization for fishing
  • The relatively narrow back area


  1. Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra LX

If you are looking for a lot more power and a ton of more storage than the other options on this list; the Ultra LX is exactly what you are looking for. This is one of the fastest and most powerful jet skis out there that can be used for fishing.

With a whopping 212 liters of storage space and 78 liters of fuel capacity, this is a beast of a unit. You will have enough space to put in every piece of fishing equipment you own. And you will have a ton of power to pull all that weight all day.

It is quite the bulky Jet Ski. And for good reason too. The top speeds this can reach are over 50 to 60 mph. With a good amount of towing speed too. And all of this power is in a very budget-friendly package too. This is cheaper than almost all the other entries on this list.


  • Dry Weight: 933 lbs
  • Rider Capacity: Up To 3
  • Storage Capacity: 212 Liters
  • Fuel Capacity: 78 Liters


Large Amount Of Storage: The primary problem a lot of people face while fishing is a lack of storage space. With a large amount of fishing equipment and the space needed to house the caught fish, space becomes quite scarce while fishing. But that is not an issue at all with the Ultra LX.

This is a bulky jet ski. With 213 liters of available storage space, you would expect it to be. You will be able to comfortably fit in all your fishing equipment and fish here. And you would not have to worry about running out of space very soon.

A Ton Of Power: Don’t take me lightly when I say this is a powerful unit. It has a lot of both speed and towing power. It might be even overwhelming for some beginner-level drivers. It can reach top speeds of up to 50 to 60 miles per hour while being able to carry a large amount of load.

Performance Hull For Better Balance: With the bulk of this unit and the amount of horsepower it packs, you might expect it to be hard to balance. Well, you will be wrong in that regard.

The performance hull in this unit provides top-tier balance while you are riding at full speed or making tight turns. The unit stays balanced and does not lose its center very easily. You will be able to drive smoothly while you are going at top speeds in the open waters.


  • A large amount of storage space
  • A ton of power and speed
  • Very balanced


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Can be tough to get used to the controls


  1. Sea-Doo GTX 300

Here we have another amazing offering from Sea-Doo. This Jet Ski is for those who want a light and fast aquatic vehicle that is still spacious and comfortable. With one of the largest swim platforms in a jet ski out there, you can expect your fishing sessions to be quite comfortable.

This is not your average heavyweight unit. This is a much more minimalist and lightweight option for those looking for one. With a nice 158 liters of storage space, it doesn’t opt-out from necessary features altogether but provides a nice balance of things. And there is a watertight compartment to keep your smartphone safe while playing music on the waters.


  • Dry Weight: 819 lbs
  • Rider Capacity: Up To 3
  • Storage Capacity: 99 Liters
  • Fuel Capacity: 70 Liters


Wide Swim Platform: While fishing it is very convenient to have a bit of extra space to move around and relax. A big problem people have when switching from boats to jet skis for fishing is that they feel a bit confined. Well with this Jet Ski that is not a problem at all.

The large swim platform has good balance and enough space to house all your equipment. You can also just choose to keep it empty for your comfort. Either way, this comes in handy.

Built-In Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers: We all like a bit of music while going on long rides with the wind in our faces. But on the waters, it becomes quite tough to keep speakers or headphones on you. The GTX 300 solves this problem by having built-in waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Now you can jam to your favorite tunes while riding among the waters.

Lightweight Body: The GTX 300 is a very minimalist type of aquatic vehicle. It is very lightweight and easy to handle. Not everyone wants a bulky and heavy jet ski. For those of us who want something simpler and easier to handle this is the best thing out there.


  • Minimalist design
  • Ultra-wide swimming platform
  • Easy to handle
  • Waterproof speakers


  • Low storage capacity
  • Relatively low speed


  1. Yamaha Waverunner VX Deluxe

Here is another amazing offering from Yamaha’s Waverunner line of products. This is a much more compact and light option. It is also very budget-friendly. The storage and fuel capacity are not too low. The body is much smaller which means the dry weight is much less.

Although you can fit 3 people and it is meant to be a 3-seater, it is much more fitting to be a 2-seater vehicle. It is a powerful unit nonetheless; the power is just contained in a much more compact package.


  • Dry Weight: 692 lbs
  • Rider Capacity: Up To 3
  • Storage Capacity: 114 Liters
  • Fuel Capacity: 70 Liters


Compact Body: As you might have noticed, this unit has a much lower dry weight than many of the other jet skis out there. This is a very compact device that is much more maneuverable and flexible for all kinds of riding scenarios. It is a lot less spacious but for those looking for a compact option, this is it.

Multi-Mount System: Yamaha is really proud of its mounting system. This mounting system allows you to have a plethora of peripherals and devices attached to the Jet Ski at once. From your navigation system to an action cam, anything you want can fit on it at the same time.

Advanced Throttle System: The Yamaha RIDE throttle system is an amazing piece of tech. With one pull of the throttle, you can change your modes very easily. It also helps you accelerate and decelerate much quickly and helps you turn more easily.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great mounting system


  • Lower storage space
  • Not very spacious for fishing equipment


What To Look For When Buying A Jet Ski For Fishing?

By now you probably understand that any old jet ski will not be fit for fishing. There are mainly three things you need to look for in jet skis for fishing. Let me go over them in brief here so you have the right idea.

Space: You need a lot of space on a fishing jet ski. From the equipment to all the fish you will be catching, they will take up a ton of space. And most people prefer to fish with a partner so there is that too. You will need a ton of space and a bulkier jet ski is better.

Flexibility: A fishing jet ski usually has a ton of equipment on board. Even the ones made for fishing will not come with every single piece of equipment you will eventually need. So you need to look for a jet ski that you can freely outfit with a bunch of equipment.

Power: You will not just be carrying yourself. You will have your equipment and fish too. And running with all of this weight is going to take quite a bit of power. So don’t take the super-fast Jet Ski and light, pick the one that can pull the most weight.

I hope you were able to pick the right vehicle for yourself. If you are still hesitant then my recommendation is that you go with the Yamaha Waverunner FX HO Cruiser. It is the best all-around Jet Ski you can find.