Seadoo Jetskis – Are they worth it? [11 Pics and Answer]

If you are a fan of jet skis then you have probably heard of Sea-Doo by now. Sea-Doo is one of the top Jet Ski brands on the market, and they are known for making versatile PWCs. Seadoo Competes with Waverunner and Kawasaki on the PWC market. It is more affordable than its peers, so you probably came here to verify the quality.

Seadoo jet skis are cheaper than other jet skis of a similar performance range. They also offer a wide range of Jet Ski types such as dedicated sport fishing, touring PWC, tow sport, and performance jets. The material and engine quality of these jet skis are top-tier too.

Seadoo is a great choice for first-time buyers because of the cheaper price. That makes initial investment easier, but most Seadoo does not come with some popular accessories. Sea-Doo also offers a variety of Jet Ski types to choose from. I will help you understand everything about the Seadoo brand, and their Jet Ski types so that you can choose efficiently.




Types Of Jet Skis SeaDoo Offers

SeaDoo is one of the most reliable Jet Ski brands on the market right now. It also happens to be one of the most versatile ones too. Other brands generally focus more on one type of Jet Ski to specialize in it, while SeaDoo covers many Jet Ski types.

That doesn’t mean the quality is inferior though. Sea-Doo prides themselves for their attention to detail and the quality of their jet ski. It is arguably the best brand to go to for a reasonably-priced purchase. Sea-Doo tries to keep the quality intact while making PWC available to the general public.

Among all the leading PWC manufacturers, SeaDoo provides the cheapest starting price for their jet skis. The comparable top-tier products are also less expensive than their counterparts. The other Strong suit of SeaDoo is the variety. I’ll give a brief overview of the most popular Jet Ski types they offer:

1. Recreational Jet Skis

Most Jet Ski manufacturers push for performance or race-type jet skis. Few pay any attention to the casual PWC because it does not help boost their image. A large recreational jet ski requires a big engine, so the price is fairly steep for most people. That is why SeaDoo took it upon themselves to provide top-quality recreational Jet skis at an affordable price.

Recreational Jet Ski is the type people use for fun and leisurely activities. These are typically larger than standard ones and generally have a lot of room on the deck. Recreational jet skis are better for people who want to engage in different activities. Most rental jet skis you see on the beach fall into this category.

SeaDoo introduced a subcategory of recreational jets called Rec-Lite. These are smaller than regular rec jet skis but have almost identical performance quality. The key feature of these jets is their affordability. These are cheaper than most PWCs, so the sport became more accessible after SeaDoo introduced this series.

2. Touring Jet Skis

The most defining quality of the touring Jet Ski is its fuel efficiency. These jet skis are not particularly fast, but they can run for a long time. SeaDoo offers one of the best touring Jet Ski on the market with their GTX series. These jet skis offer top-tier performance, fuel efficiency, and comfort while traveling long distances.

SeaDoo tour jets have a lot of storage space and swimming platforms. An Anti-debris pump system allows for a smooth ride in bumpy waters. SeaDoo is well-known for making top-of-the-line touring jets, and few can even hope to compete with them in this regard.

3. Performance Jets

Performance jets are for competitive watersports. SeaDoo makes top-quality performance watercraft, but it does not reign as a king in this field. Yamaha Waverunners also make equally powerful performance PWCs. Neither Waverunners nor SeaDoo can beat Kawasaki in terms of speed though.

Still, SeaDoo is more affordable than its competitors. The same performance-tier jet skis by SeaDoo come at a lower price than Kawasaki jets or Waverunners. SeaDoo made great progress in recent years after introducing the Deep-V T3 hull design for performance Jet skis.

4. Tow Sport Jets

Jet skis are one of the first choices for surfers to carry their surfing gears. These are cheaper than a conventional boat, and easier to maintain. So, Tow sport jet skis became a popular trend, and manufacturers started introducing Tow skis specifically designed for carrying surfers across the waves.

SeaDoo has quite a few top-tier Tow jets in their catalog. These rides come with dedicated storage racks for surfboards and have powerful engines to tackle waves themselves. The best thing about SeaDoo Tow jets is their price tag. These are much cheaper than other tow jets but still provide satisfactory performance, something that most surfers want.

5. Fishing Jets

SeaDoo makes a lot of specialized PWCs, and the fishing Jets are one of them. Who said you need a silent and calm atmosphere to do quality fishing? Blazing through the water on a jet ski can get the job done just as well. The only downside is a longer waiting time.

Most leading brands focus on performance jet skis or recreational ones. They hardly ever pay attention to the niche genre. Fortunately, SeaDoo has these folks’ covers. They make high-quality finishing jet skis that have a lot of space onboard.

The storage space is noticeably larger than conventional jets. These boats are designed more for stability, to allow easier fishing.



Top Sea-Doo Jet Skis You Can Buy

Now that you have a general understanding of the brand. Let’s take a look at some of their most popular Jet Ski collection:

1. Spark Trixx

Spark Trixx is one of the most recent SeaDoo models on the market. It is a one-of-a-kind Freestyle PWC with absolutely frightening speed and control. This ride is a Rec-Lite jet ski that was designed solely for stunts and tricks. Few can match the level of control and maneuverability of this Ski while also having a top speed close to 50 mph.

The most prominent feature of the Spark Trixx is its engine. This bad boy hosts a Rotax 900 ACE-90. It may not look like much, but it is the most compact jet ski engine in the industry. The overall power may seem a little underwhelming compared to performance Jet Ski engines. However, its weight-to-power ratio is unmatched.

The hull is made of Polytec, which reduces the overall weight while also giving the Jet Ski a stable base. The hull is also scratch-resistant due to the use of color-in molding.

This Sea-Doo PWC is perfect for stunts and high-intensity riding. Experienced people can have a lot of fun on this PWC, but it would be a terrible choice for beginners. The controls are nice and fluent, but it has a high skill requirement.


  • Manufacturer: Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Fuel: 7.9 gallons
  • Engine: Rotax 3-cylinder 900cc
  • Seats: 2
  • Storage: 42 gallons


iBR Control: Intelligent brake and reverse is a revolutionary control system. It makes the watercraft easier to handle under extreme conditions. You can stop the Sea-Doo faster, and have better control over the reverse throttle. It helps with high-speed maneuverability to help with tricks.

Variable trim: In terms of performance, Spark Trixx comes with a variable trim system. That lets one control the Jet Ski to do exaggerated tricks. One can turn the nose of the Jet Ski straight up without any hassle. They can even submerge the nose in the water for extended periods.


  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Can Do all Tricks
  • Good Stability & control


  • Relatively high skill requirement


2. RXP-X 300

RXP-X 300 is one of the best speed-type jet skis on Seadoo’s catalog. It is a powerful jet ski with insanely fast acceleration and top speed. Its launch control feature allows it to have a 3.8sec 0-60mph acceleration. Honestly, it might be the most powerful racing jet ski you will find in the same price range.

It uses a powerful 3-cylinder engine for its power source. Its past model used to run on a Rotax 1503 supercharged, but they swapped that out because of some technical issues. The final version X 300 has the best speed and ergonomics.

You can modify the control system to fit your habits with the variable trim system. It offers you 3 different handle positions and lets you fine-tune the handling based on external conditions. Did I mention you can do all this while carrying someone in the back seat? The center-of-gravity of the boat is so stable that you can still reach maximum performance while carrying extra weight.

The RXP is a more dedicated racer, and only supports a maximum of two passengers, while the RXT is a bit more family-friendly and has a seating arrangement for 3 people. It has a corrosion-resistant engine cover and an anti-debris intake grate. The anti-debris intake grate helps reduce cleaning time and lets you move freely in debris-filled water.


  • Manufacturer: Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Fuel: 18.5 gallons
  • Engine: Rotax 1630 ACE(Supercharged)
  • Seats: 2(Adjustable)
  • Storage: 40.5 gallons


Ergolock-R System: The RXP has an ergonomic seating system that makes the rider and the PWC feel like one. This design increases control and gives a more aggressive riding experience.

The saddles are sculpted to make the rider integration as smooth as possible. It also has deep knee pockets and rear support for added stability.

T3-R Deep-V Hull: The Deep-V t3 hull design boosts the aerodynamic properties and increases the overall maneuverability of the Jet Ski. You can do full-on hairpin turns at max speed with appropriate skills without damaging any components. The unique hull design also increases handling precision and acceleration to some extent.


  • Precision handling
  • Fast
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Powerful engine


  • Not fuel-efficient


3. Sea-Doo GTX 170

The GTX series of Seadoo is primarily focused on touring jet skis. The GTX 170 is one of the latest touring PWCs from the Seadoo supply line. It comes with a powerful engine that produces a whopping 170 horsepower and has a high acceleration rate. The power and speed might not be as high as RXP, but it still is nothing to scoff at.

Now, remember, the GTX Series is mainly geared towards touring. So this unreasonably powerful jet ski is mostly for exploration, not competitive racing. That is why the overall size of the ride is much larger than the average recreational Jet Ski. You could very well place it in the luxury category too because of all the comfort-inducing accessories and features it has.

It has a 100-watt audio system, widescreen display. It also has a storage space that makes some freezers look small. The seats are all perfected sculpted for maximum comfort and seating space, so you can take a small family on board easily.

It is fuel-efficient while also having a monstrous 70 Liter fuel tank. This thing can run for hours non-stop with all the design improvement towards its stamina. The GTX 170 has a quarter-gallon cargo compartment under the seats.


  • Manufacturer: Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Fuel: 18 gallons
  • Engine: 4-stroke Rotax 1630 ACE
  • Seats: 2-3(Adjustable)
  • Storage: 26 gallons


ST3 Hull: The ST-3 is one of the most stable hull designs on the market. It is perfect for balancing on rough waters while still looking tasteful. The ST3 is a bit bulky, so that lowers its agility a bit, but the benefits to the terrain adjustment are massive.

iDF Pump: Ingenious debris-free pump system is an anti-debris pumping mechanism. It prevents the debris from getting stuck in dirty water. Many adventure-lovers have a habit of visiting less-trodden waters. These choppy waters are generally filled with debris and rough waves. IDF pumps help navigate such waters without damaging the filtering system.


  • Stable-ride
  • Fuel efficient
  • Powerful engine
  • Versatile


  • The size makes it hard to transport


4. SeaDoo GTI SE

The new Sea-Doo GTI SE is one of the best recreational jet skis on the market. It was an upgraded version of GTI 90. Sea-Doo never compromises quality for affordability, so they tried their best to include all the bells and whistles on the GTI series. This new version has a better engine and hull design.

The GTI series entirely consists of affordable recreational jet skis. They are also Sea-Doo’s best-selling product model. Few affordable recreational jet skis can match the GTI series in terms of quality.

You can choose between two available engine options. Both of them are Rotax engines with a reliable history. The 1630 ACE engine with either 130 horsepower or one with 170 horsepower. The 130 hp will give a lot of fuel efficiency at the cost of a slightly less speed. On the other hand, the 170 gives a lot of speed at the cost of fuel efficiency.

It is perfect for both casual riding and high-intensity racing> however, the latter depends more on the rider’s skill than the specs of the Sea-Doo.


  • Manufacturer: Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Fuel: 16 gallons
  • Engine: 3-cylinder Rotax 1630 cc
  • Seats: 2
  • Storage: 40 gallons


Ergolock Seating: The GTI SE uses the same Ergolock seating design as its older model GTI 90. That design offers a lower center of gravity for the rider. It works even if there is more than one person on the seat. The new GTI model also has a huge storage unit of 40 gallons. There’s also a smaller unit at the front.

Gen 2 PolyTec Hull: The GTI SE uses the Polytec Gen 2 material for its hull. It’s an impact-resistant material made of thick outer skin and flexible fiberglass inner lining. They also used coloring-in technology to make them scratch-resistant. Aside from its strengths and durability, the hull is surprisingly light too. The hull design is an inch wider to allow more stability and comfort.


  • Stable Seating arrangement
  • Large cargo space
  • Good fuel efficiency


  • Hard to transport
  • Moderate speed


5. Seadoo Fish Pro 170

Fishing jet skis are a relatively new addition to the market. Fish Pro 170 took the world by storm when it first came out in 2019. It was the first Jet Ski by Sea-Doo that was specifically designed for fishing. Even to this day, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better alternative if you are only looking to fish.

People have used jet skis for fishing in the past. It was relatively easy installing a few fishing gears on any decent jet ski without much hassle. But that kind of makeshift fishing boat is nowhere near as efficient as a dedicated fishing PWC. The Fish Pro outclasses every other makeshift fishing PWC by a mile.

The first quality of the Fishing Pro is the fuel capacity and fuel efficiency. Sea-Doo toned down the acceleration and top speed to give it a higher mileage and sustainability. You can venture into much deeper waters with the Fishing Pro compared to regular PWCs. You get to roam around more due to the lower operating cost of the vehicle.

The boat is as sturdy as it could be with a robust design. It can offer enough stability to allow the rider to fish from multiple angles and positions. ST3 Deep-V hull design grants it the ability to tackle choppy waters like a pro.


  • Manufacturer: Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Fuel: 26 gallons
  • Engine: 4-stroke Rotax 1630cc 3 cylinder
  • Seats: 3
  • Storage: 25+16 gallons


Fish Finder: The Fish-Pro comes with a built-in Garmin Echomap 62cv fish finder. It is a dedicated fish locating system with full navigation and mapping features. You could also access regional maps with it as long as you have token access.

Fishing Cooler: The storage unit is the most favorite feature of sport fishermen. The back storage has a 13-gallon cooler with a work surface on top. There is also a dedicated space for tackle and bait, as well as an angle trolling slot.


  • Dedicated Fishing Accessories
  • Fuel-efficient
  • High-durability
  • Good stability


  • A bit slow
  • Not good for race or tricks

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6. Tow Sports Wake Pro 230

The Wake Series is mainly for dedicated Tow Sports. Sea-Doo adds a lot of design alteration to incorporate watersport gear carriers on the Wake pro 230. It has a dedicated ski mode, ski pylon, and a board rack for keeping surfboards.

It has a surprisingly powerful engine and acceleration for its purpose of a tow board. The thing runs on a 230 Rotax engine and offers tremendous pulling power. Any Tow sports enthusiast will be happy to have such a jet ski for their waterborne adventures.

It has a 70-liter fuel tank which when paired with the Rotax engine gives a lot of fuel efficiency. You can enjoy some serious tow boarding with your buddies without having to dock every few hours.

Tow skis need a lot of maneuverability to give the surfers enough excitement. The Wake Pro 230 has top-tier control systems to allow sharp turns at high speed. The seating arrangement allows multiple people to stay on board while towing the wave rider. The enhanced center of gravity allows it to keep its balance in all situations.


  • Manufacturer: Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Fuel: 16 gallons
  • Engine: Rotax 1630 ACE – 230 HP
  • Seats: 3
  • Storage: 13 gallons


Swim Platform: Wake Pro 230 has a larger-than-average swimming platform for more maritime fun for the surfers. The platform doubles as a stability enhancer because it helps with the center of gravity. There’s also a boarding ladder at the back. It’s a foldable compartment that helps to get on the Wake faster.

Ski Mode: Ski mode is an auto acceleration feature exclusive to Wake Pro 230. It can switch between 2 different riding modes to make Towsport more versatile.


  • High-stability
  • Good pulling strength
  • Powerful engine
  • Fuel-efficient


  • A bit heavy


7. Sea-Doo GTR 230

The GTR 230 is one of the best speed-type jet skis on a small budget. These skis have a powerful engine that pumps out 230 horsepower. It also has an inter-cooling system to ensure corrosion-free cooling. The acceleration and the throttle are noticeably more powerful compared to the previous models.

The speed is further boosted by the lightweight hull made out of Gen 2 Polytec. It would have been better with gen 3 materials. However, the performance difference between Gen 3 and gen 2 Polytec is not that outstanding, so people don’t have many complaints about that.

It can reach a top speed of around 63 miles per hour, which is surprisingly high for jet skis in a similar price range. The top speed is a bit higher than that, but the manufacturers decided to tone it down to prevent any risks. The control system needs to match the speed limit to provide the maximum output.

The GTR 230 has a comfortable seating arrangement, so the rider can enjoy stress-free watersports. The back storage is decent for a speed-type jet ski, but it is nothing to write home about. A nifty feature is the snap fuel caddy, cooler, and bag holder. These attachments are easy to take off, when necessary, but very secure nonetheless.


  • Manufacturer: Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Fuel: 15.9 gallons
  • Engine: Rotax 1630 ACE – 230 hp
  • Seats: 3
  • Storage: 41 gallons


Closed-loop cooling system: The closed-loop cooling system is a measure against saltwater corrosion. It prevents salt water from touching the interior of the watercraft by keeping the cooling system separated from the seawater.

Sport mode: Sport mode is an acceleration adjustment system. It is not a two-way system that lower engine output though. The sole purpose of sport mode is to increase the maximum acceleration.


  • High Speed
  • Decent Storage
  • Powerful Engine
  • Comfortable seats


  • Not the best control system



The Origins of SeaDoo As a Brand

The personal watercraft market is filled with a lot of strong competitors. Be it the Kawasaki’s, Yamaha’s, or SeaDoo, every competitor brings something unique to the plate. Most of us use the term Jet Ski as a broad term for PWC, but it was originally the name of a PWC produced by Kawaski’s.

Seadoo is also the brand name of PWC manufactured by Bombardier Recreational Products. So, calling it SeaDoo jetski is somewhat of a fallacy. But since most people call personal watercraft jet skis anyway, I suppose we can leave it as it is.

The history of PWC or jet skis stretches back as far as the mid-twentieth century. The popularity of PWC was not very high, because the world was just starting to heal from the war. It was around the 70s when the popularity of watersports started soaring.

Bombardier and Jacobson wanted to catch the hype by jointly releasing their first PWC model in 1968, just before the hype began. They introduced it as a jet-powered aqua scooter. It later got the name Seadoo after many technical enhancements and upgrades.

But there were too many issues with the first one, and the partnership with Jacob ended shortly after. Bombardier did not manage to bring anything new to the market for the next two decades. But they showed a successful comeback in the ’90s and managed to claim almost half of the jetski market with their new and improved Sea-doo.



Seadoo jet skis are the most versatile jet skis you’ll ever find. They have so many types of skis on sale that there’s something for everyone. The quality and reliability of Seadoo Jet Skis are also excellent.

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