Trip Tern : Social Traveling [Top Tourist Destinations]

Trip Tern was a way to make travel planning easier. Users would submit a destination city with budget and then it automatically output an optimal itinerary.

A few good replacements are Wonderlog, TripIt, Pilot, Jubel, Hipherd, and ViaHero.

A well planned trip will have optimal routes between places, keep you on time but not overscheduled, and makes sure that you do not miss anything.

The top tourist destinations are:

  • New York City, 13M
  • Millan, 6M
  • Athens, 5M
  • Barcelona, 6M
  • Dubai, 15M
  • Rome, 10M
  • Valencia
  • Venice, 5M
  • Las Vegas, 7M
  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • Alaska


Travel itinerary, to plan where to stay and what to see each day. For example:

2 day trip to National Park

Day 1:

Unpack car


2 hours of kayak fishing


2 hour long hike

Setup tent


Make campfire and make smores

Bed time

Day 2:


2 hour bike ride


1 hour of Frisbee

1 hour walk by lake


Start campfire and make dinner

Drink beer

Look at milky way

Bed time


Travel tips infographic