Lucera Labs Inspired Wake Up Devices and Methods

Lucera Labs was working on an electronic device to wake you up before they closed.

Here are some alternative devices to help you get up out of bed in the morning:

  • Alarm clock – preferably one that starts at low volume and then gets louderFor the best results, keep it 5 feet away from bed so you have to get up to turn it off.


  • Cell phone
  • Coffee – for the caffeine jolt, set your maker to have it ready automatically
  • Megaphone
  • Sunlight – there is nothing better than bright light to wake you up
  • Dog pawing
  • Shock clock watch
  • Room temperature controller – set it cooler at night, and warm in morning

Upon further research I found:

Edition research reports that Americans wake up mostly at 630am.

mymorningroutine.com found that people sleep 7h 29m and go to bed at 10:57pm on average. They also report that 35% hit the alarm snooze.

eachnight.com wrote that we use the following wake up methods:

  • Phone alarm – 50%
  • Naturally – no alarm
  • Alarm away from bed – 10%
  • Digital alarm clock – 9%
  • Household member 4%
  • Analog alarm clock – 2%


Splash some cold water on your face will cause a shock response.

If you are having trouble waking up, then try reducing caffeine, going to bed earlier, colder room temperature, or a different mattress.

If you are on a camping trip, then the birds will probably wake you at sunrise with song.

Note that you must get up at the same time every day, even on the weekends. Sleeping late will mess up your internal schedule and make waking early difficult during on weekdays.

Wake up devices infographic