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Do Deer Like to Eat Peanut Butter?

If you’re looking to attract deer then you should try out peanut butter.

Peanut butter is very tasty, filling, and is rich in minerals it is often a top favorite among these herbivores.

In addition, peanut butter comes with some essential ingredients like iron and plenty of protein. For the uninitiated, this goes a long way in boosting and enhancing the growth of their antlers.


Food plots are thus certainly an excellent way if you are looking to get deer nearby and help them go healthier. Although peanut butter is not exactly healthy, it is still a quick and excellent fix for deer to get around your vicinity. The best part: it is extremely affordable. This is also the reason why many individuals choose peanut butter over additional ingredients.


How to and how much?

One of the simplest and most hassle-free methods to attract deer through peanut butter is by actually smearing the spread on any random tree.

To do this, you first need to select some crunchy variant of peanut butter and then select the tree where to plan to smear it. As you do this, make sure that both the peanut butter and the tree is devoid of human smell because this animal is one of the first ones to notice that.


Once you have chosen the spot, you can smear the peanut butter on the tree. However, as you do this, make sure it is at the complete height of the deer. Typically, most of these herbivores aren’t taller than five feet, so this is supposed to help you out.


In case you are uncomfortable smearing peanut butter with your hand, consider using a knife to get the job done. Continue to repeat the same process with other trees until you finally trap the deer.


Alternatively, you might also want to add an entire container full of peanut butter right along the trunk of the tree. The process to this is equally simple. Just remove the bottom portion of the container and make sure you get a perfect cut. Next, attach the mouth of the jar four to five feet on the tree. This is a simple and easy trick to lure deer without getting your hands dirty.


Use a whole jar because the more the peanut butter, the more is the likelihood of the animal entering your vicinity and actually attending to it.


How far can they smell?

How far this animal can smell your peanut butter entirely depends on its species. For instance, if it is a Ranchland, the deer can get the smell from a distance of 100 miles. Others can smell it from nearer or further distance, again depending on the species. However, in almost all cases, deer will be lured to come near your property if it’s a maximum of half a mile away from them.


Do they like peanuts?

Deer absolutely love peanuts, and this is regardless of whether they are shelled. In addition to regular peanuts, deer are also extremely fond of hickory nuts and acorns among others.

So, if you are planning to attract deer with peanut butter, there’s a high possibility that you will end up successfully luring them.

Peanut butter ingredients: Roasted peanuts and salt. Sometimes sweeteners such as sugar or corn syrup and stabilizers such as tocopherols (derived from vitamin E) are added to peanut butter to improve the flavor and stability of the final product.


Do they like honey?

Deer love anything sweet and honey is no exception. Just as they love peanut butter for the sweetness and the fat content, they love honey for the sticky sweetness. So, if you are looking for alternatives to peanut butter honey might just be one of your best options.


Ways to attract them?

If you are trying to attract these herbivores, you might want to consider the following strategies:

  • Because deer especially love the fragrance and the taste of vanilla extract, you might want to consider it while luring them
  • If you’re looking to hunt wild deer, you might want to use full corns as a bait
  • You might want to consider any sweet fruit like apples, berries, and cherries to lure deer
  • Among veggies, green beans, wheat grains, and even soybeans to attract deer


What do they eat?

Because deer is primarily herbivorous, in the wild, it thrives on grass, branches of trees, shoots, and practically any other tree part. Although this isn’t common knowledge, deer thrive quite well on tree barks as well.


Now that you know all about deer and their affinity to peanut butter, fret no longer and follow our strategies to get the animal in proximity like you always wanted. Peanut butter seems to work exceptionally well and if you are planning to get some real game, you might as well consider it.

Deer have hooves, follow turkeyslick salt, and damage trees. Some of them have spots, bark, and can see well. They eat at night, jump, and may attack dogs.