Nepisiguit Adventures

If you are ready for an adventure, then try a guided snowshoeing trek.

You will need knowledge of winter survival, outdoor cooking, fire building, and making shelter.

Follow the person ahead of you so you do not get lost.

It is a demanding workout so be sure to be in shape.


Enjoy the sun and fresh snow. You can bring a backpack stuffed with snacks and drinks to keep you going.


Snowshoeing stats infographic


Photos of a shelter made from snow and sticks



You can make a fire in the winter like in the summer. You need some kindling, dry wood, and matches.



Kayaking is good choice for a small group of friends that want an outdoor experience.


Most will hold 2 people like these.


Camping in the woods can be fun and scary. You will have time away from the city and get a chance to view nature like eagles and hawks.


The scenery is amazing. You need to bring must have gear.


Be ready to tell and listen to stories and jokes.

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