Mirage Arcane Warfare – First Person Shooter Game

Mirage Arcane Warfare was a skill based multiplayer FPS game.

The setting was fantastical Arabian and Persian deserts, markets, and palaces. Here are some screen shots:

Players could use combat weapons made from steel like daggers, knives, spears, and swords. Others could skip weapons in favor of magic.

The PC game was removed from steam due to GDPR regulations.

There was ruthless warrior fighting in a virtual civil war. You needed first person shooter skills and fought using one of six characters.

Distinct Classes and Abilities

  • Alchemancer: Harness the power of manipulation with explosive abilities.
  • Entropist: Control the forces of chaos with abilities that disrupt and disorient.
  • Illusionist: Deceive and confuse enemies with illusions and mind-bending spells.
  • Shock Mace: Unleash lightning-fast strikes with electrifying melee abilities.
  • Vigilist: Protect and support allies with defensive and healing abilities.
  • Taurant: Embrace brute strength and devastating blows with powerful melee abilities.

“Mirage Arcane Warfare’s combat mechanics and intricate character designs were praised, offering satisfying and visually appealing battles. However, the lack of player activity detracted from the overall experience.”

The legacy and influence of Mirage Arcane Warfare within the gaming industry are still felt today, serving as a reminder of the vibrant and imaginative worlds that can be brought to life through multiplayer action games.

Class Selection and Abilities

Choose from a diverse roster of six different classes in Mirage Arcane Warfare, each offering their own set of distinct abilities to suit various playstyles and strategies. Whether you prefer to unleash devastating magical spells or engage in close-quarters combat with deadly weapons, there’s a class for every type of player.

One of the classes available is the Vypress, a nimble assassin who excels in swift and deadly attacks. With the ability to teleport short distances and unleash a flurry of quick strikes, the Vypress is perfect for players who prefer a hit-and-run playstyle. For those who enjoy wreaking havoc from a distance, the Alchemancer is the class of choice. Armed with the power of elemental magic, the Alchemancer can unleash fiery explosions and conjure deadly tornadoes to devastate their opponents.

If you prefer a more defensive approach, look no further than the Taurant. This hulking warrior is equipped with a massive weapon and has the ability to block incoming attacks, making them a formidable tank on the battlefield. Additionally, the Taurant’s charge ability allows them to close the gap quickly and deliver punishing blows to their enemies. For players who enjoy supporting their team, the Vigilist is the perfect class. With healing abilities and the power to create protective barriers, the Vigilist can turn the tide of battle in their team’s favor.

Class Playstyle Abilities
Vypress Assassin Teleportation, quick strikes
Alchemancer Long-range magic user Fire explosions, tornadoes
Taurant Tank Blocking, charge attack
Vigilist Support Healing, protective barriers

In addition to these classes, Mirage Arcane Warfare also offers the Entropist, a powerful mage capable of manipulating gravity to disrupt their enemies, and the Tinker, an engineer skilled in constructing deadly traps and gadgets. Each class brings its own unique playstyle and abilities to the battlefield, allowing players to find their preferred role and contribute to their team’s success.

Experience the thrill of Mirage Arcane Warfare as you master the abilities of each class and work together with your teammates to achieve victory. Adapt your strategies, coordinate attacks, and unleash your abilities in this fast-paced and magical multiplayer action game.


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