What Does Tens of Thousands Mean?

Tens of thousands means 20 or more thousands. For example 50,000 is a number that is tens of thousands. It is a vague phrase meant to convey the order of magnitude of a number between 20k and 99k. It can be used to exaggerate such as when you want to say a lot but do not know the exact number.

As an example, here is a sentence in which there are many of something but it does really matter if the actual number is 20k or 85k: There are tens of thousands of mosquitoes in the park.

Here is an example using as hyperbole: There must have been hundreds of thousands of bats in the sky.

The word tens is plural so it implies 2 or more tens. It does not mean 10k exactly.

Photo example of with tens of thousands of soccer fans:


Similar phrases

Hundreds of thousands.

Thousands of thousands.

Tens of millions.

Something like 20 or 50 or 80 thousand.

Dozens of.

Unspecified large number



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