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How To Attract Lorikeets To Your Balcony? 5 Proven Ways

Lorikeets are one of the most interesting species of birds, being both colorful and fascinating at the same time. Their entertaining antics make them fun birds to be around. They can easily be attracted to your garden or the balcony if you know the right tricks.

Unlike other birds, lorikeets extract nectar as food instead of seeds. You can put nectar-rich plants on your balcony to attract them. Soluble powdered nectar also works as a good substitute if you can’t find these plants anywhere. Make sure to keep enough water sources for them to drink as well as bathe. Bright colored perches will also keep them around longer.

Thus, it is quite obvious that the main attraction to lorikeets is food and water. However, you need to have proper knowledge so you can provide them with the right food and environment to attract them.

What Food Attracts Lorikeets?

Lorikeets have a special diet so it is very important to provide them with the right to keep them healthy. You can provide them with lorikeet mixes that are either dry or wet. These are alternatives of nectar and serve the same purpose. Their diet also includes fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, melons, strawberries, peaches, etc. They also like seeds, greens, nuts, worms, beetles, aphids, and flowers.

In the wild, lorikeets usually feed on nectar from native flowers. If you want to draw their attention, getting these plants would be the most effective as they will trace it to your balcony. You must also know that while giving them fruits, you need to be aware so you don’t provide them with any acidic fruits such as oranges and lemons. These will upset their stomach making them sick.

Alongside food, you can also provide them with separate water sources for drinking and bathing. As they are fun birds, offering a bath container will keep them around longer as they can play in it. If they’re staying around longer, keep in mind to change the food and water as it will lose all the minerals and vitamins if kept out too long.

Simple Tips To Attract Lorikeets To Your Balcony

Food and water are the basic amenities that will attract lorikeets to your balcony. Nonetheless, there are other simple tips that will make it easier for you to not only attract them but also keep them around longer. Some of these tips are listed down below.

Keeping Nectar-Rich Plants Or Bowls Of Nectar

Filling your balcony with these plants is a brilliant way to attract lorikeets to it. They hang upside down from the perches to reach the flowers and then use the tip of their tongues to dig deep into these flowers in order to extract pollen. Moreover, these plants are very colorful so it will keep the lorikeets around more all the while being a pleasant environment for you as well.

However, if the climate conditions are not suitable enough to grow these plants on your balcony then you can also put bowls of nectar as an alternative. Lorikeets also feed on powdered nectar mixed with water or even dry, that is if you provide water alongside it. This is just an artificial form of the natural nectar and is almost no different than the natural one.

Providing A Source Of Freshwater And A Birdbath

Water is a fundamental element for them like it is for most birds. Adding a bowl of water or a little fountain will attract lorikeets to your balcony. Although, if you choose to add a fountain you will need to change the water at regular intervals so that the lorikeets don’t get sick.

Besides providing water for drinking, you can also provide a birdbath. Keeping them both separate is a good idea so that they don’t drink from the same water they bathe in. This can be harmful to them.

Colorful And Noisy Bird Toys

Chew toys that are both noisy and vivid will help attract lorikeets to your balcony and also keep them there for a while. These toys will not only keep them from getting bored but also prove to be a great exercise for their beaks, keeping them healthy.

It is best to put toys of both these combinations as lorikeets can rejoice in the sounds these toys make. This is the perfect way to keep them busy and entertained.

Provide Perches

Attaching perches to your balcony walls will make it an attractive place for these lovely birds to visit. You can put simple flat surface perches or even use stick-shaped woods as they will be more colorful and appealing to these birds.

Lorikeets are usually very friendly so it is ideal that you put several perches on your balcony. If you manage to attract one lorikeet, it is quite likely that the others will follow. If you want to attract a large number of lorikeets to your balcony, getting a lot of colorful perches will help.

These are the fundamental tips that will help you attract lorikeets to your balcony.

Avoid Doing These

Remember that, if you have other pet animals such as dogs, make sure to keep them away from your balcony as this might scare away the birds. Insects are also harmful to them. This is because they dwell in the branches of trees and breaking the branches with their beaks is dangerous for the birds.

In addition, avoid feeding them too much as they can get sick faster. If they’re hanging around longer, change their bowls of food and drinking water from time to time to avoid bacteria from growing.

Plants That Attract Lorikeets

It is important to know what plants attract lorikeets so you can create a natural habitat for them. As they are native birds, they prefer to stay in nature more. The most common plants that they are attracted to are shrubs and nectar-rich trees. Lorikeets will be able to see these plants from far away when they’re flying and will be intrigued by your balcony.

Apart from green plants, lorikeets also prefer plants that contain flowers and fruits as they like to feed on them. However, make sure to not keep too many flowering plants as they only nibble from specific flowers such as daisies and tulips. Other than that, they are sensitive to most flowers such as roses and sunflowers.

Keep in mind that it is extremely necessary for you to take care of the plants as lorikeets are usually attracted to fresh, green plants. If you don’t, however, the lorikeets might visit your balcony but they won’t come back the next day. Thus, consider getting fewer plants and more perches and toys. These will perfectly do the trick of attracting them to your balcony.

Fill your balcony with sufficient food and colorful perches and toys for them to have fun, and surely they will revisit again.

Adding plants is an even greater idea so that they feel like they’re amidst nature.