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What Are The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders?

Both animals and birds are our friends and all animals should be loved and treated with care. However, sometimes our little squirrel friends can get greedy and start snatching the seeds meant to be fed to our bird friends.

Droll Yankees Yankee Feeder takes the trophy for being the best squirrel-proof bird feeder on the market. Its electric-powered spinning technology allows squirrels to be tossed off when they try to snatch your bird’s food.

As most birders want to ensure the safety of their birds alongside making sure no squirrels get hurt, choosing the best feeder can be tricky.



Why Do You Need A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

Squirrels travel in groups and at times stock up on seeds, nuts to save up on their nests for winter time. If these squirrels find a proper source, they will call hordes of their mates to come and pick up as much as they like. Eventually, you will run out of your birds’ seeds and your birds will be left to starve.

Why waste money on a food holder that keeps squirrels from feasting? Along with that, there is another issue that has to be addressed. Greed and natural selection come into play. Just like your birds, squirrels are animals as well, thus, they need food to survive.

As squirrels are mammals that hibernate during the winter, they must always have a supply of food on hand. This means that squirrels will do whatever it takes to survive. Thus, we can’t blame them for being concerned for their own existence.

To keep their birds safe from predators, birders should keep their birds as close to home as possible. Most birders will want their birds to have a stable source of food and water from a specific area so that they do not have to manually feed their birds multiple times a day.

Now, let’s talk about various factors and considerations regarding why you need a squirrel-proof bird feeder.


Squirrels Are Athletic And Smart

Squirrels are very intelligent beings who know their way around things. When they encounter a problem, they are able to solve it on their own. To complement their intelligence, they have flexible and athletic bodies.

They can climb, jump, fly (some can) and chew their way out of tricky situations. Their acrobatic skills allow them to overcome any obstacles they may find. Hence, using longer polls for your bird feeders or a few bare barriers will do you no good. The best way to keep these smart furies away is by using specialized squirrel-proof bird feeders.


Birds Are Fragile

Birds are a lot more delicate than squirrels, other than their flight, they are quite immobile when relying on their hindlimbs. Thus, making or using bird feeders with sticky, spiky, or complicated structures may harm your birds simultaneously while keeping squirrels away.

When your main focus is to supply your birds with nutritious food and attract their buddies, make sure you don’t use a deathtrap. Hence, buying a well-reviewed and tested bird feeder is always the best tip.


Keeps Other Animal Out

It’s not just squirrels that you have to worry about stealing your bird seeds. Sometimes rats, raccoons, and chipmunks can also become part of the heist squad. Hence, you can always use a squirrel-proof certified bird feeder to keep these animals away as well.

You may think chipmunks are cute but considering how much seed they can pack in their mouths and how they may screech at you if you approach them, you would be better off saving the food for your birds.


Adds Value To Your Garden

Despite the features that make them squirrel-proof, some bird feeders are rather appealing. Most bird feeders can add aesthetic value to your garden.

Birds are very choosy and like to be around feel-good areas. Hence, beautifying your garden by adding attractive bird feeders will not only attract local birds but also exotic ones to your house. Your bird pets will also love hanging around with their mates and have higher morale.

Treat your birds well and they will be thriving and living a good life as a result of your efforts. Do this while also ensuring that the bird feeders don’t turn into a squirrel refuge!



The 5 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

That’s enough small talk about the importance of Bird Feeders. If you’re convinced to buy one then you just might well be looking forward to learning about the best squirrel-proof bird feeders on the market.

Hence, to meet your cravings, this section was specially curated by selecting the most unique, best, and priceless bird feeders on the market.


1. Droll Yankee’s Yankee Flipper

Well, the fact that I put this product as my no.1 choice should be self-explanatory enough but for those of you who require elaboration, please make yourself at home.

The Yankee Flipper from Droll Yankees is made to last, get the job done, and put on a rather amusing show when flipping off squirrels. It’s honestly quite a sight watching squirrels try to get their hands on the bird feeder. This auto-mated electric feeder is pretty much trouble for these squirrels as any extra weight sets them flying across.

Other than that, it is strong, durable, and lasts long enough before requiring a recharge. Although the recharging feature might be its biggest drawback yet, it still holds up to other competitors on the list.


Height: 17 Inch

Capacity: 5 Lbs

Mechanism: Battery-powered flipper



Long warranty: This product comes with a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage. Electrical components also have about a one-year warranty. Pretty slick warranty deal if you ask me!

Safe for birds: Although the flipping technology may scare off most birders, just know that these flippers only activate when a certain weight surpasses the limit. Birds usually are not heavy enough to turn the flipper on.

Flipping technology: As soon as any squirrel, chipmunk, or raccoon makes its way to this bird feeder, it will be flipped off. Luckily, the flipping is not done in a way that hurts them, your little fur friends will always land on their paws safely and would probably be confused about what just happened.


  • The rotating mechanism provides quite the entertainment
  • Can store tons of seeds that will last a long time
  • Birds find the design attractive


  • Quite expensive
  • Require charging and battery replacement once in a while.


2. Woodlink Absolute II

The second on the list position goes to Woodlink’s absolute II for its utilization of the spring-load technology and excellent build quality. They are made to last and store tons of bird food for months.

Almost no maintenance is required, and the birds will always eat from the tiny feeding stations on the side. Thanks to its spring mechanism, any furry intruders will be pushed away from above. Absolute 2 has an attractive model which keeps the food dry and hosts an ideal hub for birds to feast at.

Their biggest complaint lies in how they are overly expensive and how they will always need a slight tilting of the pole to get the positioning right. Some may claim it as some sort of design flaw, however, adjusting them would surely fix it.


Height: 11 inches

Capacity: 12 lbs

Mechanism: Spring-loaded



House-like design: The small house-like design is sleek and elegant for the choice of many birders. They are a perfect hotspot for your birds to feast on and hang out with their friends.

High storage: 12 lbs of bird food storage is no joke, if you do not have flocks of guest birds coming over, then your birds will have enough supply for months!

Solid construction: They are sturdy, strong, and built to last thanks to their metal construction. You can also add petroleum jelly and stuff to make them a lot more resistive towards squirrels


  • High capacity
  • Mountable on poles
  • Easy set-up
  • Easy to refill


  • Expensive
  • Some report design flaws in the product


3. Brome’s Squirrel Buster Finch

The third one’s the charm as always, Squirrel buster Finch as its name may frighteningly imply is heavily squirrel proof. Any squirrel trying to jump on these bad boys will be outsmarted as their quick closing mechanism. The bird feeders can be compared to a prison for squirrels since no squirrel will try to get into this bird feeder.

Even if they do, it will shut down access to food right away. These containers will also keep the food warm and fresh for a long time and will prevent any leakage.

They can be easily hanged from a pole and intentionally be hanged at open spaces away from trees and trunks to allow isolation from squirrels.


Height: 20 inches

Capacity: 1.4 – 2.4 lbs or more

Mechanism: Auto-shut



Attachable to poles: As they can be hung and attached from poles, they can be put almost anywhere away from squirrels and closer for your birds.

Efficient protection of seeds: No rodents can ever expect to successfully jump onto one of these bad boys and expect themselves to leave with a mouthful of seeds.

Brome’s assurance: A good brand is always an advantage for many. Brome gives excellent quality assurance and will replace your products with no hassle! Their customer service is always active to help you out with your product queries.


  • Made with durable material
  • Great seed amount indicator
  • amazing customer service from a brand



  • Limited to storing seeds only
  • Bigger birds may have a problem while feeding on here



4. Perky-Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone

There is no chance these squirrels will be able to steal anything from this bird feeder. This model of bird feeders is a special hybrid of the cage and loaded spring. Any squirrel managing to jump on this feeder will shut down access to the seeds using the spring. Hence, making the squirrels look for food elsewhere.

The two-way mechanism along with its sturdy plastic build surrounded by metal cages makes it both light and protective. It is a very aesthetic looking as well and will surely attract tons of birds to your patio


Height: 20 inch

Capacity: 2 lbs

Mechanism: Caged and Spring-loaded



Metal on the outside, plastic on the inside: The inside feeding tube is made entirely of plastic, however, the cages surrounding it are made of metal, thus in case of any attempt for break-ins, they would have to chew through the metal first.

Beautiful hotspot: Birds are as always quite picky when it comes to choosing their spots, and the aesthetic of this bird feeder is just what they may be looking for.


  • Metal cages
  • two protective functions
  • Very good looking
  • Several birds can feed at once


  • Very low storage
  • They may get knocked over
  • plastic parts are not very strong


5. Droll Yankees SQG 15-Inch Green Dome Squirrel Guard

Droll Yankee has to take the last sport for their signature dome-shaped squirrel guard bird feeder. This one spells out ‘simplicity is bliss’ louder than any other bird feeders on the list.

Their dome-shaped roof is slippery enough to slip off any squirrels looking to hijack food. No squirrels can latch on to its dome as it is built to be slippery. On top, the dome protects from rain and makes the seeds last longer by protecting them from any leaking of water.

Unlike a few products on the list, this one stays sturdy and does not easily let strong winds defeat itself from staying still.


Height: 8 inches

Capacity: 1 lb

Mechanism: Slipping mechanism


Dome protection: Protects from rain, squirrels and also provides rain protection for birds sitting under it. It also prevents the food rations from being spoiled by water and such.

Unique mechanism: You do not need to worry about any squirrels getting hurt thanks to its easy slip technology. Any intruders will be sent straight on the ground if they try to carry out any infiltration.

Easy to clean and install: The dome can be cleaned with a few swipes here and there. This hanging feeder is easy to install without much hassle and its height can be changed at will.


  • Easy to clean
  • rain protection
  • Slippery protection


  • Quite expensive comparatively
  • Low storage capacity



Things to Look for Before Buying a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Now that you have seen all the products I had to list, it is okay if you haven’t found the bird feeder of your choice.

You may find it challenging to choose the best bird feeder because there are so many options on the market. So, if you’re looking for a squirrel-proof feeder, keep the following criteria in mind before making your final purchase.

Must be easy to use: You should pick a visually appealing feeder that birds can see from afar and readily approach. Aside from that, ensure the feeder you choose is simple to refill and clean. As you wouldn’t want to add more hustle from your side. Let the feeder do its work on its own.

Has to be durable: Choose a feeder made of high-quality materials that will provide you long-term service. Make sure the feeder you choose will not topple over if it is knocked over by a squirrel or bird. You may choose from thick polycarbonate or metal feeders of your choice to satisfy this durability.

Must have sufficient food Capacity: When purchasing a squirrel-proof bird feeder, make sure you get one with sufficient feeding capacity. Especially if you expect a lot of bird friends. Purchase one that can contain at least 2 pounds of birdseed mix. If you plan on not refilling frequently, then go for those with 5 pounds of seed storing capacity.

Must be Weatherproof: As bird feeders are prone to damages, you should choose one that can endure all sorts of weather. If you are buying a plastic feeder, for example, be sure it is UV-proof to avoid cracking and fading. UV-proof feeders are also excellent storage capacity indicators.



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