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Types of Dried Fruit for Camping Trips and Survival Food

Almost all kinds of fruits can be dried and preserved such as:

  • apples

  • peaches

  • apricots

  • pears

  • figs

  • prunes

  • dates

  • raisins

  • apricots

  • cherries

  • blueberries

  • cranberries

  • mango

  • strawberries

Besides, one can identify different kinds of dried fruits by the methods used to dry them. There are different methods of drying fruits. The most natural and which is perhaps the oldest method of doing that is to dry it through the sun.

Sun-dried fruits are easier and it is cheaper because it does not attract any additional cost. There is try drying as well as the freeze-dried type of fruit and vacuum microwave dried and so on. There are different types as there are different types of fruits and different methods of drying.


How made

There are different methods of preserving or drying fruits. The most popular and free method has been the sun drying method. More about that later. The dehydration method is also popular. If you want to stop the fruit from damage or spoiling then dehydrating it is also a better option since it can prolong the lifespan for a longer period of time. When you dehydrate, it means that you have done away with the water component of the fruit, and this prevents bacteria from attacking the fruits.

The other methods apart from the sun and dehydration method listed above include tray drying method, freeze-drying as well as vacuum microwave drying. These are the most common types and there are benefits associated with each of these methods listed above.

Sun method

This is the most popular and more natural than other methods. It is also cheaper since it does not involve any cost. Sun is used as the thermal source. It involves a simple reaction of heat and within a short time, the water components are done away with.

Tray drying

This is another popular method and is similar to convection drier. It is displayed in insulated and enclosed chambers and trays are used to spread it. Heating dryers are then used to dry the fruits. When it is dried it can be stored away at the most convenient or ambulant temperature.

Vacuum microwave drying method

This involves drying the fruits using heat energy from the microwave. Under vacuum water, the boiling point is reduced, and this brings about a high temperature. You can consider this method as the best dehydration method.

How long to store

The length of time to store dried fruits depends on different factors. It depends on how fresh it is easy. Furthermore, it depends on the type of fruit and the condition when you purchased it. If it were already damaging before you buy it, you should not expect it to last longer.

If you dry it very well and completely, you should expect it to last longer than others. If you preserve them well before you dry them, the lifespan can be prolonged. If your instance that you store it using airtight and sealed containers as well as glass, it can remain fresh and it can remain fresher for a longer time.

The length of time it can stay depends. The maximum time it can last is one year. Some may not last up to that period but you should expect it to last for at least four months. You should know that food quality is affected by different conditions like heat as well as storage temperature.

These can determine the maximum time you can store dried fruits. Dried fruits are best when you store them within the temperature of 60F if you want to store them for one year. For six months you can store at the temperature of 80F.



The use and preservation of fruits by drying them do not start today. It started in the fourth millennium BC in Mesopotamia. Centuries back, different fruits were preserved such as apricots, figs, raisins, and dates as well as apples and other types of fruits. The earliest reported period of dried fruits was around the period 1500BC.

Different methods were used in those days for that preservation and the most important amongst them include clay slabs. Centuries later, Spanish missionaries were drying their fruits using different methods. Within a short time, fruit drying becomes a culture in other parts of the world especially the European continent.


What are the uses of dried fruits?

Dried fruits are used for different purposes. Apart from the fact that it is the best way to preserve fruits and prevent them from damage, there are several benefits associated with it. It can prolong the lifespan of the fruits when you dry and preserve them. You can preserve it for up to one year which is the maximum time. Besides, it makes the food healthy and destroys bacteria and any other thing that is infectious within it.

It can also boost the immune system and in the process helps in warden off diseases. This means that it can help prolong your life. It can also help combat cancer and shed excess weight. Furthermore, it is useful in fighting constipation as well as making your tummy to be healthy. There are several other health benefits and uses.

Dried fruit is the kind of fruit that has all its original water content removed. It is removed naturally by sun drying, or by using dryers and dehydrators. The drying of fruits has always been with humanity.

This is a unique kind of fruit since it tastes great and is highly nutritional. The fact that it is dried means that the lifespan is extended.

Several other fruits like cherries, blueberries, cranberries as well as mango, and strawberries are dried and after that, some of them are infused with something like sweeteners to make them more delicious. These dried fruits can also retain the same nutritional values that fresh fruits such as candied fruits, pineapple as well as kiwifruits and papaya, and so on.