How to Catch Fish with Hotdogs as bait. (It really works)

Fishing with hot dogs as bait will work and help you catch a lot of fish compared to the other baits. Rather than using the nightcrawlers, crickets, lures, worms, and minnows, most people prefer using hot dogs as a staple bait.

They are the perfect bait you can use for landing catfish, carp, trout, and bluegill species, especially the small catfish species.

The bait will be effective for trapping channel catfish if you add more flavor to the hot dogs. Kool-Aid, garlic, and even alcohol will help enhance the hot dogs’ flavor making them attractive.

The hot dogs present the perfect bait for all the catfish channels except the flathead and blue catfish. Most people prefer to use hot dogs to trap the catfish because they are easy to use, have attractive properties, and don’t have any mess records. Using hot dogs as bait will be essential for the kids, as the method is easy to use, and they can catch sizable catfish they can handle.


Ice fishing with hot dogs

Mostly when having ice fishing in the winter, you’ll only think of the jig heads and wax worms as baits for fishing. The hot dogs can also offer the perfect bait due to their versatility as baits. You can use them effectively to catch the fish while ice fishing.

For ice fishing with hot dogs, you can first set them on a tip-up, then allow them to float. While the hot dogs are floating, you can be waiting for any passing fish to move around and try snatching them up.

Alternatively, you can hook the hot dog on a jigging rod, then sit in your ice shanty trying to entice the fish to bite. However, this method won’t be as effective during ice fishing as the other baits such as jigs or worms.


Kind to use

Using the hot dogs for trapping the fish is the kindest way of catching the fish. You can also use it easily to trap the fish than the other methods. Studies have shown that using wriggling, hook, and hot dog bait doesn’t cause any pain to the fish. The reason being, the fish, is impervious to any pain. Nonetheless, the fishing method only triggers an unconscious reaction to the fish, and you use it for catch and release fishing exercises.





How to rig

There are multiple ways you can effectively rig hot dogs while fishing. You can choose to use the bobber rig having a split shot or choose a simple hook for your rigging. In addition, you can also allow the hot dog bait to sink up to the water’s bottom. The main aim is to target the cooler water during the summer periods. Below are some of the common ways on how to rig:

  1. Hook and bobber rig

Before using this rigging method, it’ll be essential to check and understand the water columns where the fish are present. Keep your baits above a foot beneath your bobber if you’re fishing early in the morning. As the water gets warmer, it’ll be important to drop your bait further away from the bobber. After which, allow the hot dog to move to the bottom of the water and trap the catfish cruising in the water.

  1. Bottom rig

Bottom rigging is very effective for trapping the fish that are on the bottom. You’ll have to remove the bobber, then allow the hot dog bait to sink to the water body’s bottom. Attach a split shot weight on the line above the hook, approximately 18 inches, to achieve this effect. Let the bait sink to the water and leave it there for some time. Ensure your line is tight to allow you to take note of any nibbles or activities below the surface.


Comparison between hot dogs and other baits

Hot dogs are the appropriate bait to trap the catfish and trout fish species due to their smelly and tasty nature compared to the live baits. When using hot dogs as bait, it’s usually easy to rig on the hook to trap the fish, unlike other baits such as the stink baits. Hot dogs have a fleshy appearance that attracts most species to come preying for them, thus increasing the fishing accuracy. Lastly, unlike the other baits, which you’ll only use on specific water levels, you can use them on any water as long as you understand the columns where to find the fish.

Comparisons of hot dogs to lures

Hot dogs present a cheaper and more effective bait for fishing than lures. Most good lures are generally more expensive to purchase than hot dogs. Most fish species are less responsive to the lure than hotdogs, especially the catfish species. Hot dogs present the best alternative to lures because they are easy to handle, unlike lures, which require specialized skills to handle them effectively.

Hot dogs can be the appropriate bait capable of catching many small and medium-size catfish species. If you decide to go fishing with hot dogs bait, it’ll be good to cut them into pieces and flavor them for effective trapping of the fish.


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