Glam Camping Accessories You Need with Infographic

Here is a list of the top 27 things you need for glamping aka glam camping.

1. Solar lights


2. Lanterns



3. Portable camping cooker



4. Headphones



5. Bell tent

More glamorous tents inside and out.



6. Circus Style Tent


7. Chairs and table. Rustic indoor and outdoor homeware and camping accessories.



8.String lights




9. Luxury tent



10. Led battery path lights


11. Headlamp



12. Acrylic wine glasses


13. Handmade keychain



14. Yurts

Glampers stay in fancy luxurious shelters instead of basic tents. Some have heating and cooling, electricity, wifi, TV, and furniture.



15. Candleholders


16. Bunting



17. Rugs make good home and garden gifts.




18. Faux-fur blanket



19. Trestle tables



20. Camping BBQ cookout



21. Scented candles




22. Indoor/outdoor cooking pot



23. Tepee



24. Silicone speaker

25. Blanket


26. Fireplace campfire with fire logs.


27. Sleeping bag

You can connect with nature on your next glamping trip. You can enjoy the outdoors without being uncomfortable sleeping on the ground. Gear is available from stores.

Glamping gear and stats infographics