7 Shipyard Built Boats [Naval Force]

La Rochelle shipyards have been making multi hull cruise ships,
trimarans, catamarans,and  mono hulls.

Here are some photos:

Catamarans on the ocean

Types of sailboats

  • Cutter: Similar to a sloop, a cutter has a single mast but carries two or more headsails, such as a staysail and a jib. This configuration allows for better sail trimming and balance in various wind conditions.
  • Ketch: A ketch is a two-masted sailboat, with the main mast being the tallest and the mizzen mast shorter, located forward of the rudder post. Ketches are known for their stability and versatility, allowing for a variety of sail combinations.
  • Yawl: A yawl is similar to a ketch, but the mizzen mast is located aft of the rudder post. The mizzen sail on a yawl is generally smaller than that on a ketch and is primarily used for balancing the boat rather than propulsion.
  • Schooner: A schooner has two or more masts, with the main mast being the shorter and the forward mast (or masts) being taller. Schooners can carry a large amount of sail area, making them well-suited for long-distance cruising and cargo transport.
  • Catamaran: A catamaran is a multi-hulled sailboat with two parallel hulls. Catamarans are known for their stability, speed, and shallow draft, which makes them popular for cruising in shallow waters.
  • Trimaran: A trimaran is a multi-hulled sailboat with three hulls, one central hull and two smaller outrigger hulls. They are known for their speed and stability, making them popular for racing and fast cruising.
  • Catboat: A catboat is a single-masted sailboat with a single large mainsail and no headsail. Catboats are characterized by their wide beam, shallow draft, and simplicity, making them suitable for sailing in shallow waters and coastal areas.


Shipyard built boats infographic



Sailboats on the water



Boats are made in shipyard like this:





Charter boats at dock ready for for pleasure

Power boats

  • Cabin Cruiser: Larger boats with comfortable accommodations, such as sleeping quarters, a galley, and a head (bathroom). These boats are suitable for overnight trips and extended cruising.
  • Center Console: Feature a central helm station, providing 360-degree access around the boat. These boats are popular for fishing, as they offer ample deck space and easy maneuverability.
  • Cuddy Cabin: They have a small cabin in the bow, offering limited shelter and sleeping space. These boats are suitable for day cruising, watersports, and overnight trips.
  • Deck Boat: Have a wide beam and an open deck area, providing ample seating and space for entertaining. They are suitable for water sports, swimming, and day cruising.
  • Fishing Boat: Fishing boats come in various sizes and designs, including bass boats, offshore fishing boats, and flats boats. They typically feature specialized equipment such as rod holders, bait wells, and fish-finding electronics.
  • Jet Boat:  Are propelled by a jet of water, rather than a propeller. These boats offer quick acceleration, shallow drafts, and impressive maneuverability, making them suitable for watersports like skiing and navigating shallow waters.



Try some fishing from the back of the boat



The shipyard can refit and repair sailing, motor boats, and yachts.