Hike and Discover St Katherine, Sinai High Mountain Region Of Egypt

You can travel to the town of St. Katherine in the Sinai peninsula in Egypt at an elevation of about 1600 meters from sea level, at the foot of the Sinai High Mountains. You can go hiking on trails of Mt. Sinai. They look like this:

Over a thousand visitors come to visit St. Katherine’s Monastery, the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the World built on the site

St. Katherine hiking trek infographic


The Sinai mountain range was formed 600 million years ago. It is mostly red granite rock with some metamorphic, sandstone, and limestone. Be careful because Regular flash floods still happen.


You should start hike at dawn when the weather is cool and sun is low.


You can use camels to carry your gear.



Every visitor or group of visitors to Mt. Sinai must have a guide by the authorities. Guides are provided by the tribal rotating system at the Police check point and cost 130 LE.

Wear some good hiking shoes because the trail is rocky as shown here.

The view from top is amazing





Large groups are welcome.



Bring your camera or smartphone to get some good photos.



Part of the trails are paved, but mostly they made of dirt and rocks.




Wadi El-Arbaein route looks like this:


Mount Sinai mountains infographic