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Why Do Crickets Smell so Bad? The Stinky Facts

Crickets are not smelly insects, but the fecal pellets they produce can be stinky. The smell is coming from the environment they live in especially if it’s not been taken care of. Reason for bad odor:

  • Dead ones decaying

  • Rotting food

  • Area too wet and humidity

  • Poop

  • Poor ventilation

There is a stereotype that all crickets smell but others would say that they don’t smell especially if you do it the right way. These are the reasons why crickets have their smells: wet habitat, their food starts to rot, humidity, dead crickets are left in the container, and insufficient hygiene of the container.

Crickets are living beings and if not taken care of properly like the container with the box, it will start to smell bad. Some have false accusations that they do smell but crickets themselves do not smell. The smell is coming from their living environment or what they leave behind as those can be contaminated with smelly bacteria.

Dead crickets start to stink quickly if they will not be removed from the container. They also contain dead bacteria which can be spread to the live crickets. If you feed crickets with fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, these foods will start to rot fast especially in a warm environment. These rotting foods will also attract food flies.

To prevent their containers from having a stinky smell, you need to take out some leftovers and change them regularly with some fresh foods. You can also feed them with dry foods properly to avoid having a smell.

Another reason why they smell is having a wet habitat. It is important to keep their container dry at all times because they can have a smell if the cartoons placed in the container get wet. Having wet cartons, crickets love to eat these and when there are leftovers of wet cartons, it will start to smell very bad.


Droppings of crickets do not smell, however, if it gets wet inside the container, you will start to feel their bad smell. Too much humidity can also create a bad smell to your crickets at home.

When the air is dry and with low humidity, there will be no bad smell spreading inside the containers but if humidity raises above 50 percent, then it is sufficient for the bacteria to create a bad smell. Having a high humidity will make fruits and veggies rot much faster and the dead crickets have their smell faster.

How to Keep Them Without Smell?

To keep them from having that bad smell, these are some of the things you can do: keep their containers dry at all times, feed them with dry foods or if there are watery content foods, keep proper hygiene on their container, remove those dead crickets inside the container, and maintain proper ventilation inside the container. Optimal temp is 75-85 degrees.

They are not harmful, you can eat them, and keep them quiet.

The can be pets, breathe without lungs, regenerate, jump, fly, live for 3 months.