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Do Deer Have Hooves as Feet?

Deer do have hooves. Instead of a foot with pads or toes, deer have hooves on their legs. These hooves are comprised of two pieces and are hard.

Moreover, the hooves are helpful in climbing and running. The white-tailed deer makes a clicking noise with their hooves while walking.


Apart from deer, other hoofed mammals include antelopes, giraffes, horses, pigs, cattle, and rhinoceros. All these animals have a nail-like casing called a hoof. And, they cover each toe on their feet.

Deer can turn sharply, run faster, and jump higher with hooves. They provide traction and cushioning. A hoofed mammal has longer lower limbs so it can run further with each stride

However, the hooves aren’t covered completely in some animals such as hippopotamus and camels. And, they look like a nail.


Because of the hooves, deer can run faster. Most hoofed animals are plant-eaters and they are found in open habitats like grasslands. A healthy and clean hoof is considered an elegant structure in deer.

The strong, outer nail is hard and it absorbs shock. As a result, it provides traction both on wet and soft surfaces.

Apart from that, hooves act as a formidable weapon as well. While the inner portion appears soft, it is quite hard. And, it provides traction and cushion on rigid surfaces.

The sharp outer hooves dig into the soil while embarking on a worn trail. And, when they land on a road, the hard inner part makes the landing smooth.


Deer live outside are preyed upon and leave tracks in snow.
Some have large racks, 6, 8, and 12 points. Baby deer are small while moose are large. Red, White Tail, and Marsh Deer are cool looking.