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Do Deer Talk or Bark? Communication Explained, Video

Deer communicate with talking in their own way and barking.

You may have walked through the woods and probably heard a loud snort. A deer has likely been alerted about your presence and they are warning others to leave the place.

Deer use different ways to communicate with each other including taste, sight, smell, and sound.

In short, deer talk to each other. They love to socialize and take good care of each other. And, the best way to do so is by warning others about the danger that is approaching. However, there are specific sounds that you need to keep in mind.

That’s because, when you hear them, it means that they know that you are around. Also, it proves that they have alerted the remaining herd about your presence. Moreover, when deer snorts, it means that there is danger around them.

Hence, whatever methods you have employed to camouflage your presence haven’t been enough. And, they have been alerted. The snorting sound is quite similar to that of a human sneeze. So, when you hear this sound from a distance, it could break your heart. These animals make different sounds when they are happy, excited, or bored.

 Check out this video of a Whitetail communicating with wheeze and grunts:

Do calls work?

When done correctly, calls do work on deer. These calls are designed to mimic the sound that a deer makes. While most hunters are familiar with these sounds, some of them have never used these sounds because of the fear of losing them. Calling deer is the best tactic that you can use to lure a doe or buck into bow range.

When you make the sound in the right way, it gives you sheer excitement to know how you have fooled an animal. However, calling doesn’t yield positive results always. But you should include this strategy every time you go out hunting for a deer. Also, it makes you a well-rounded hunter.

Going for the perfect deer call is a half-done job. You need to work on your setup as well. Make sure that you put a barrier between you and your target so that they don’t circle behind. Hence, positioning yourself on a thicket, bluff, or riverbank prevents the animal from circling downwind.

Also, it prevents them from sniffing around and makes them venture right within your shooting range. The most common deer calls include bleat, rattle, grunt, and snort wheeze. Understanding these sound patterns and matching them according to your needs will take your hunting game to the next level.

Do deer bark?

Deer do bark but not all of them. The Indian muntjac is referred to as barking deer. That’s because of the bark-like sound they tend to make when they sense something unusual about their surroundings. Or, when they feel danger around themselves. The noise carries a loud and clear yet disturbing and haunting in the dark.

Typically, the bark denotes a call to identify their location, a warning signal, or challenge to intruders. Whatever be the reason, these animals make a lot of weird sounds whenever they need to do. Around 12 species of barking deer are found throughout south-east Asia.

Also, they are found in India, Taiwan, and Southern China. Muntjacs are a kind of vocal deer that are popular for their harsh barking calls. The sound could be heard both during the daytime and nighttime in the grasslands, woodlands, and forests where they are present.

However, female muntjacs often make this sound to attract males during the mating season. What’s interesting is that most of the time you can find them making the noise while standing in one place for some time. And, they do that repeatedly.