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Do Some Kind of Crickets Fly? (Photo of Wings Extended)

Some kind of crickets can fly well, such as the Jamaican Field Cricket. The Ground Cricket is wingless and can not fly. Other species can fly but not so well. They have wings as shown in photo above. Here is a list of flying capabilities:

  • Jamaican Field Cricket: can fly

  • Field Cricket: can fly

  • House Cricket: can fly

  • Tree Cricket: can fly

  • Mole Cricket: can fly

  • Oriental Cricket: can fly

  • Bush Cricket: not fly

  • Mormon Cricket: not fly

  • Ant Cricket: not fly

  • Ground Cricket: not fly

  • Camel Crickets: not fly

  • Jerusalem Cricket: not fly

Some species of this kind can fly good enough but most of them are clumsy and erratic flyers.

They rely on their back legs that are powerful for them to get away and leap into far distances and they can also flap and extend their wings for them to jump farther. It is not surprising that most of these insects are capable to fly but there are some that fly rarely and others don’t fly at all.

They normally use their hind or back legs in jumping and all of the legs in running rather than in flying as they always move from one place to another location.

Experts in insects divide crickets into seven different groups and of these groups, Jerusalem and camel crickets groups do not have their wings while fielding and house crickets groups have their wings that are functional and they used in flying towards lights at night time.

All of the species of crickets have their wings and there’s no reason why they can’t fly.

The can be pets, breathe without lungs, regenerate, jump, fly, live for 3 months.