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Are Crickets Good Pets? (Things to Know)

Crickets are good pets as they are easy to take care of if you love insects. They are great pets for families, kindergartens, and students in the classroom. However they only live for 1 year or less.

These are some of the reasons why they can be good pets: they can maintain easily; they are ready and available in pet shops; if you are quick enough, you can hold them using your hands; and they do not bite you, so they are safe for little fingers to make some cleaning and do the feeding. Some children find these insects amusing because of the sounds they produced that are quite fascinating.

What You Will Need to Keep Crickets?

These are the things you need for you to keep crickets: live crickets, paper towel, two small containers like a bottle cap for the water and one is for the food, objects or toilet rolls placed in their enclosure for them to hide, a container that is small filled with sand or moist dirt for the female crickets to play on their eggs, and food like biscuits, vegetables, paper, fresh vegetables and fruits, fabric, and fungi.

Crickets normally live under logs, rocks, grass, leaves, debris, and soil. Aptly-named house types of cricket prefer to live in indoor places wherein they seek out crevices and cracks for protection and shelter for their eggs.

Ideal Temperature for Crickets

The body temperature of crickets is dependent solely on ambient temperature. For crickets to be able to reproduce, the ideal temperature they need is 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit or 27-32 degrees Centigrade.

What should you feed them?

You can feed them cornmeal or oatmeal coming from your kitchen. Other sources of food are chick starter or chicken mash that are available at feed stores. make sure to change their food weekly or as needed and do not let it get mold or damp. Chicken mash is also a good source for their food. They are omnivores and eat almost anything.

Do They Drink Water?

These insects are easy to keep. They need food and water for them to survive. Having available water to your crickets at all times is very important. One of the fastest ways to kill them is not to give them water. They can also be drowned quickly and it is not recommended for you to have an open pool of water near to your crickets. Keep the containers of your cricket to be clean at all times to make sure that they will have a healthy and long life. Keep the tank free from all dead crickets and waste garbage.

Do They Climb Walls?

They are excellent climbers as they can easily climb vertical surfaces like walls. Since they are adept climbers, there’s no reason that they can’t easily climb walls and on some vertical surfaces. They are good at escaping like crawling, climbing, and jumping especially when you put them in tank walls or a container or if predators like frogs are coming in.

Do They Shed?

They shed or molt. As they are growing, they will reach a period of their life where their exoskeleton that is their outer layer will prevent growth in the future. This simply means that they will shed their layer and will continue to grow when they reach adulthood.

Once they are adults, they will stop molting and growing. Depending on some environmental conditions, adult crickets live between two to three months.

Infographic of insect pets:

The can be pets, breathe without lungs, regenerate, jump, fly, live for 3 months.