Maine’s Bears and Wildlife

The state of Maine in the United States has a variety of wildlife. There are black bears, moose, little brown bat, and cottontails.

All the mammals are threatened with extinction from hunting and climate change.

Black Bears


  • Maine is home to the largest population of black bears in the eastern United States, with an estimated 35,000 bears.
  • Black bears in Maine can weigh up to 600 pounds and grow up to six feet in length, although the average weight is around 250 pounds.
  • Maine’s bear hunting season typically runs from late August to late November, with a bag limit of one bear per year.
  • Maine’s bears are primarily vegetarian, with a diet consisting of berries, nuts, and other vegetation. However, they are also known to eat insects, small mammals, and occasionally carrion.
  • Bears in Maine are most active in the early morning and late evening hours, and are often seen near streams or other water sources.
  • The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife offers educational programs and resources to help people coexist safely with bears, including tips for storing food and garbage, securing beehives, and avoiding potential conflicts.

They eat fish


Black bears roam the wilderness looking for food.

Maine’s bears infographic


They can climb trees


They can smell and get food out of your garbage can.


Cute cubs


Infographic comparing size to other bears


They have big teeth


They can walk in the snow


  • Black bears hibernate during the winter months, although their degree of activity varies depending on factors such as climate and food availability.
  • Black bears have an acute sense of smell and are able to detect scents from miles away. This makes them highly sensitive to food odors and a common cause of human-bear conflicts.
  • Black bears are known for their intelligence and have been observed using tools and exhibiting problem-solving skills.
  • Black bears are important for the ecosystem, as they play a role in seed dispersal, nutrient cycling, and regulating populations of other animals.




  • Male black bears weigh 300lbs but can be 600 lbs. Females are 150 lbs.
  • They do not hibernate.
  • Many bears die due to humans hunting.
  • Fatal bear attacks on people is very rare but is best to stay clear.
  • Do not run away from a bear. Carry some pepper spray.
  • Guide to Maine’s bears from dept of fisheries and wildlife.


Bull moose munching on water plants in Maine’s North Woods


Baxter State Park, Maine.



Northern Maine Whitetail Deer Yard