Medieval Armored Combat

You can see full contact steel fighting at outdoor festivals.

You will be amazed to see men in steel suits getting wrecked and bones broken.

They use weapons like swords and defend with shields. They wear plate armor covering entire body but still get hurt.

Here are some photos:

The weapons are heavy and hurt when you get hit.


The sword is real

Crowds gather to watch

For the competition there are 3 rounds, 1 min each, with 1 min rest. You get points for strikes, falls, and disarms.

Weapons weigh 2 to 3 kg. Shield weigh less than 5 kg. Pole axe, great swords, long axe, sword and shield are used.


They fight one on one.How to sharpen sword


Real fighting with steel axes, maces, and swords.

Steel for swords


The shield is only defense



The crowds of people love to watch these matches.


They practice away from crowds.


The helmets were heavy and made of steel, with small holes for eyes.


Body armor was chain link or steel plate

Steel gloves


Full armor


Shield for defense


Combat was brutal

Completely covered in steel but still can get hurt.

Not much of a peep hole in helmet

Medieval weapons list infographic