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How to Reset HWH Leveling System (Video of Operation)

If your RV is sloping then then you may need to adjust or reset the leveling system.

Some HWH leveling systems have a lighted reset switch below the key panel. You may find it in the electrical bay. Note that all models are different and some do not have a reset.

Also make sure the fuses are not blown.


Here is a video how to operate and adjust:


RV leveling systems use hydraulics and computers to save you time. It is important to be level so that things do not roll inside RV and slide out function smoothly.

Most class A motorhomes usually have auto leveling, while class B, C, and towables have manual leveling. It costs about $4k to add automatic leveling to a class C.


Components of leveling system:

  • Jacks
  • Power unit
  • Control kit
  • Hose kit
  • Mounting kit