Roadtrek 210 Popular Gas Mileage

The Roadtreck 210 Popular gets 14 MPG. You can get 2 MPG more or less depending on wind and weather conditions.

Compare to other class B Motorhomes:

  • Roadtreck CS 18 mpg
  • Airstream GT Twin 17 mpg
  • Roadtreck Sprinter RS adventurous 20 mpg
  • Roadtreck 210 Poplular 14 mpg
  • Winnebago Travato 59G 20mpg
  • Winnebago Rialta 20 mpg


210 Popular Specs:

  • 6L v8 gas motor
  • 21 ft long
  • 9600 lbs GVW


A class A bus style RV gets about 10 mpg, a class C get about 12 mpg.

Compare to mpg of diesel.

Gas mileage of Ford V10 engine motorhome.



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