Amazon Tours and Cruises [Pics and Info]

You can explore nature on the upper part of the Amazon River in Peru.

The cruise boats are comfortable and look like these:


The boats have first world hygiene, are family friendly, and good food.

You will have fun on an interesting and educational day trip. You can also take a longer trip for several days.


Most of the cruise boats have 3 decks like these.



Here is an aerial photo of the river near Iquitos, Peru.



You can watch cool looking birds like:





Scarlet Macaw


Spangled Cotinga


Toco Toucan





You can see pink dolphins swimming in the Amazon like these:


There are Peacock Bass


You can fish for bass or piranhas like this one. Dawn and dusk are the best times.


Look up in the trees to view a Sloth



You can take a hike walking into the jungle is a real adventure like this:

Try not to get lost in the thick jungle.

Be sure to go with a guide and bring a GPS.




Bring a camera because there are monkeys in the forest like this one:


Watch out because there are Caimans in the river. They are in the alligator family.