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35 Orange and Black Birds That You’ll Want To See

List of birds that are orange and black:

1. Oystercatcher



2. Orange-Backed Troupial



3. Suberb Startling



5. Icterid Blackbird



6. Toucan



7. Puffin



8. American Robin



9. Greater Bird of Paradise



10. Black-headed Grosbeak



11. Varied Thrush



12. Bullock’s Oriole


13. Streak-backed Oriole


14. Orchard Oriole


15. Eastern Towhee


16. Baltimore Oriole


17. Vermilion Flycatcher


18. Red-winged Blackbird


19. Yellow-headed Blackbird


20. American Redstart


21. Blackburnian Warbler


22. Spot-breasted Oriole


23. Western Spindalis


24. Northern Cardinal orange colored


25. Hooded Oriole


26. Altamira Oriole


27. Spot-breasted Oriole


28. Blackburnian Warbler


29. Brambling


30. Northern Red Bishop


31. Spotted Towhee


32. Scarlet Tanager


33. Western Tanager


34. Flame-colored Tanager


35. Green-and-rufous Kingfisher



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