21 Kinds of Trout Every Angler Wants to Catch

Here is a list of types of trout that you can try to catch:


1. Golden Trout



2. Splake Trout



3. Paiute cutthroat trout



4. Sunapee Trout

5. Adriatic Trout

6. Marble Trout



7. Ohrid Trout

8. Rainbow Trout



9. Sevan Trout

10. Apache Trout



11. Aurora Trout

12. Cutthroat Trout



13. Gila Trout

14. Brown Trout



15. Brook Trout



16. Bull Trout



17. Lake Trout



18. Dolly Varden Trout



19. Char Trout



20. Tiger Trout



21. Palomino Trout


Baby trout

Trout baits and lures.


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