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23 Birds That Can Talk You Probably Didn’t Know

List of birds that can talk by mimicking human speech:


1. Budgerigars



2. Starlings



3. Canary



4. Ravens


5. Starlings



6. Yellow-Crowned Amazon



7. Yellow-Naped Amazon



8. Amazon Parrots


9. African Grey Parrots are smart birds



10. Blue-Fronted Amazon



11. Cockatoos



12. Parrotlets



13. Quaker Parrots



14. Musk duck




15. Severe Macaw



16. Eclectus Parrots



17. Indian Ringneck Parakeets



18. Cockatiels



19. Hill Myna




20. Pionus Parrots

21. Mockingbirds



22. Lyrebirds



23. Australian magpie


Video clip of talking pet birds:



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