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21 Birds That Eat Mosquitoes And How to Attract Them

List of birds that eat mosquitoes:

1. Purple Martins



2. Bluebirds



3. Starlings



4. Barn Swallows



5. Cardinals




6. Oriole



7. Grackles



8. Grosbeaks



9. Ducks



10. Geese



11. Chickadees



12. Woodpeckers



13. Eastern phoebes



14. Warblers



15. Titmice

16. Sparrows



17. Red-eyed vireo



18. Nuthatches



19. Nighthawks



20. Hummingbirds




21. House wrens


You can attract these mosquito killing birds by putting out food in feeders that they want like seeds etc.

List of foods that they eat.

List of birds that eat wasps.

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