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25 Birds That Eat Spiders With Action Pictures and Video

List of birds that eat spiders:





purple sunbird








Blue Tit



Pied Cuckoo




Woodland Kingfishers


house wren


yellow-throated warbler


Anu White







african hornbill






1. Blackbirds


2. Chickadees



3. Bluebirds



4. Hawks




5. Eagles




6. Sparrows



7. Spiderhunter



8. Tanagers




9. Crows



10. Shrikes



11. Wrens



12. Blue Tits




13. Great Tit



14. Gray Catbird



15. Jackdaws



16. Barn Swallows




17. Robins



18. Owls



19. Woodpeckers



20. Thrushes



21. Flycatchers​​​​​​​



22. Nighthawk



23. Pigeons


24. Hummingbirds


Cool video of birds and other animals eating spiders:




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