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29 Smallest Animals in the Wild Ranked by Size

Here is a list of the smallest animals in world:

Pygmy Rabbit, 9 inches



Dwarf lanternshark, 8 inches



Chihuahua, 7 inches



Singapura cat, 7 inches



Pika, 7 inches



Philippine Tarsier 6 inches



Pygmy Marmoset, 6 inches



Northern Pygmy Owl, 6 inches



Fennec Fox, 6 inches



Pink fairy armadillo, 4 inches



Mouse Lemur, 4 inches



Threadsnake, 4 inches



Pygmy Possum, 3 inches



Speckled Padloper Tortoise, 3 inches



dwarf gecko, 3 inches



Etruscan shrew, 2 inches



Bee Hummingbird, 2 inches



pygmy jerboas, 1.7 inches



Brookesia micra chameleon , 1 inch



Ocotpus Wolfi, 1 inch



Pygmy Seahorse, 1 inch



Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat aka bumblebee bat, 1 inch


dwarf sphaero,  .6 inch


Paedocypris, .3 inches


Paedophryne amauensis, is a tiny frog of .3 inches


Monte Iberia eleuth, .4 inches


Arboreal minute slamander 17 mm


Thorius Arboreus, 17mm


Long-Tailed Planigale 4mm


Spruce-fir moss spider 4mm


Video of the smallest animals in the world:


Smallest birds in the world