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50 Things That Make Camping More Enjoyable

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Here is a lists of things that I think make camping more fun:




Electricity. I like having it so I can charge my cell phone and lantern.



Bug spray. Is a must have. I have found that they come out in the evening. I bring repellent and also yard spray which work well combined.


Camera for wildlife photos. I have seen fox, fawn, and other cute animals.


















Sleeping bag

A two-person sleeping bag will trap the body heat equivalent of two bodies keeping both of you toasty.








String lights. I have found these at home stores and I think they look cool at campsite. I have found plugin and battery models.







Q: What kind of activities can make camping more fun?

A: Camping is the perfect time to embrace your inner adventurer. Hiking, swimming, stargazing, wildlife watching, or just sharing ghost stories around the fire – the possibilities are as endless as the great outdoors!


Glow sticks, I love these. I can get a 2 pack for $5 and they last all night.


Tiki Torches










Campsite with view of lake is priceless.


Fishing gear




Waterfalls. I like to go on hikes that end with one.


Portable power device with battery and solar


Drinking water







Playing Cards


Good food There is nothing better than the smell of steak and brats cooking on campfire. I boil them at home and then heat and brown them at the site. I found the cheddar and jalapeño ones to be more tasty than regular.



Tools like hammer, knife, hatchet, and multi tool



Fireflies. I love seeing them come out at dusk.





Dark place to Stargaze, and see the Milky Way.
















Portable generator







I usually pack the car following this carefully crafted camping check list.

I always bring some cash and credit along with cell phone.

There are many benefits

Camping Hacks with Kids

Here are some tips for camping with a baby

You can make your own solar oven with aluminum foil

These are far more exciting activities that carry the spirit of competition and have adrenaline pumping.

Geocaching: a GPS-based treasure hunting game, to search for hidden caches in the area. Its a blast.

Arts and crafts: Bring along drawing, painting, or crafting supplies to create art inspired by the natural surroundings.

Outdoor movie night: Set up a portable projector and screen to watch movies under the stars.

Yoga or meditation: Practice yoga or meditation to relax and connect with the natural environment.

Stand-up paddleboarding
Rock climbing
Trail running
Flying kites
Foraging for edible plants
Sunrise or sunset viewing

The ultimate camping checklist is here:

Last summer, I decided to immerse myself in the great outdoors and went camping at a scenic state park known for its lush forests and serene lake. It was a solo trip, a chance to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature. My camping gear was carefully selected: a reliable four-person tent with a generous 6-foot center height, giving me ample room to move around, and a sleeping bag rated for 20 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring I’d stay warm during the cool nights.

Upon arrival, I set up camp on a secluded spot I had reserved, shaded by towering pines and with a view of the lake that was simply breathtaking. The tent went up without a hitch, its footprint measuring a roomy 8 feet by 9 feet, and soon it felt like a home away from home.

The first day, I took to the lake with a rented kayak, a sleek 10-foot model that cut through the water with ease. The rhythmic dip and pull of the paddle was meditative, and the only sounds were the lapping of the water against the kayak and the distant call of loons. I paddled around a small island in the center of the lake, marveling at the clarity of the water and the peacefulness of my surroundings. I wondered what kind of fish it had. I was feeling lazy so did not try angling.

Back on shore, I decided to explore the hiking trails. With a sturdy pair of boots and a backpack filled with essentials like water, snacks, and a first-aid kit, I set off. The trails wound through dense forest and opened up to reveal stunning vistas of the surrounding hills. I must have walked for miles, my camera at the ready, capturing the beauty of wildflowers and the occasional deer that crossed my path.

As evening approached, I returned to my campsite and started a fire in the provided pit, which was about 2 feet in diameter. I cooked hot dogs on skewers and roasted marshmallows, the flames casting a warm glow on my face. The simple joy of cooking over an open fire was a highlight of the trip.

Nighttime in the camp was magical. I lay on my back outside the tent, a blanket wrapped around me, and gazed up at the stars. Without the light pollution of the city, the Milky Way was clearly visible, a dazzling band across the sky. I spotted constellations and even caught a glimpse of a shooting star, making a silent wish as it streaked by.


Q: What’s a good way to stay entertained during the evenings?

A: Remember the fun doesn’t set with the sun! Evening is the perfect time for campfire stories, stargazing, or a round of charades. And who knows? You might even discover that you’re quite the shadow puppeteer under the soft glow of a lantern.

Q: Is there any special gear that could make my camping experience better?

A: While you don’t need to equip yourself like you’re about to summit Everest, some gear can make your camping trip more enjoyable. A comfortable chair, a sturdy cooler, a portable charger for your devices, and a multi-tool can all make life in the great outdoors a little more civilized.

Q: How can I make my camping trip more memorable?

A: Making memories is what camping is all about. Try something new, like bird-watching or fishing. Capture moments with your camera. Keep a journal. Most importantly, be present. The best memories are often the laughter, the shared stories, and the sounds of nature.