8 Hawks of Virginia That You Can See Outdoors

List of hawks you can see in Virginia with identifying photos, closeup and flying.

Broad-Winged Hawk, 15 inches long, 25 inch wingspan, 13 oz weight




Red-Tailed Hawk, 21 inches long, 48 inch wingspan, 40 oz weight



Rough-Legged Hawk, 19 inches long, 38 inch wingspan, 33 oz weight




Northern Harrier, 19 inches long, 32 inch wingspan, 16 oz weight



Sharp-Shinned Hawk, 12 inches long, 18 inch wingspan, weighs 5 ounces




Cooper’s Hawk aka Goshawk, 16 inches long, 30 inch wingspan, 20 ounce weight





Northern Goshawk, 22 inches long, 44 inch wingspan, 35 oz weight


video how to identify hawks:


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