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8 Hawks of Wyoming That You May Have Seen

List of hawks you can see in Wyoming with identifying photos, closeup and flying.

Broad-Winged Hawk, 15 inches long, 25 inch wingspan, 13 oz weight




Red-Tailed Hawk, 21 inches long, 48 inch wingspan, 40 oz weight



Rough-Legged Hawk, 19 inches long, 38 inch wingspan, 33 oz weight




Northern Harrier, 19 inches long, 32 inch wingspan, 16 oz weight



Sharp-Shinned Hawk, 12 inches long, 18 inch wingspan, weighs 5 ounces




Cooper’s Hawk aka Goshawk, 16 inches long, 30 inch wingspan, 20 ounce weight




Swainson’s Hawk, 20 inches long, 48 inch wingspan, 36 oz weight





Ferruginous Hawk, 25 inches long, 53 inch wingspan, 55 oz weight








Northern Goshawk, 22 inches long, 44 inch wingspan, 35 oz weight



video how to identify hawks:


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