Step It Up Movement

You can make a difference to keep the outdoor environment clean.

You can hike, bike, walk, or kayak with banners of call to action.


You can convince other people to save the earth.


The outdoor environment health is vital for all of nature.



There is no planet B.




There is no denying our planet is dying.




We need to switch to clean energy asap. Wind, solar, and nuclear are good.




Photo of a polar bear on disappearing ice will be more common if we do nothin.




Carry banners to inform others.

Things to know about climate change:

  • By 2035 it could be irreversible
  • Greenhouse gases on earth are too high
  • Over a million species of wildlife face extinction
  • The oceans are not healthy.
  • Sea level will rise.
  • We need renewable energy asap.
  • It is caused by humans.
  • CO2 levels are too high
  • Wild animals are migrating to find better living conditions.
  • There will be more extreme weather, wildfires, drought, and stress.


More info about effects: https://climate.nasa.gov/effects/



If sea level rises then coastal cities will be underwater.









We need a change.