29 Funny Camping Photos That Make People Laugh Every Single Time

Here are some funny pictures of the outdoors:

Dog outside his tent


Dog and cat camping






Dog in tent

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Swatting a mosquito



Having trouble putting up a tent



Racoon warming up hands by campfire



Dog airborn






Human pyramid



Homemade tent




Watch out for bears




Squirrel eating peanut


Funny bear sleeping





What can happen?

  1. The Impenetrable Tent: You’ve arrived at your campsite and it’s time to set up the tent. You pull out the poles, the fabric, and…no instructions. After a half-hour of grunting, arguing, and at least three collapses, your tent somewhat resembles a lopsided jellyfish. The moment of triumph is slightly dampened when the ten-year-old in the next campsite sets up their tent flawlessly in five minutes flat.
  2. The Midnight Snacker: You wake up in the middle of the night to a suspicious rustling outside. Armed with a flashlight, you unzip your tent and discover a raccoon making off with your bag of marshmallows. Bonus points if it stops, makes eye contact, and continues its marshmallow heist with zero guilt.
  3. Gourmet Campfire Cuisine: You decide to get adventurous with your campfire meals. It starts off well with some hot dogs, but then you get a little too confident and attempt to grill a delicate salmon fillet over the open fire. The result? A fishy inferno, a lot of smoke, and a scramble to open a can of beans.
  4. The Sudden Storm: The forecast promised clear skies, but lo and behold, you’re suddenly in the middle of an impromptu rain shower. Everyone scrambles to get the rainfly on the tent, and in the chaos, someone’s shoe ends up under the torrent of water collecting on the saggy part of the tarp. Goodbye, dry socks.
  5. Misplaced Nature Calls: Nature calls at the least opportune moment – when you’re at the furthest point from the campsite bathrooms. You commence the “gotta-go” dance, darting between trees and bushes, hoping you make it back in time. Pro tip: Always check the route to the restrooms during daylight hours.
  6. Wildlife Parade: You’re sitting quietly by the fire when a small, unassuming chipmunk darts out, followed by another…and another. Soon, you’re witnessing a full-fledged chipmunk family reunion happening right in your campsite. Who knew your camping trip would include a wildlife documentary?




Dog on kayak





Catching a tiny fish






Butterfly on dog



Snail on frog






Dog helping to put up tent






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