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31 Exceptionally Weird Insects You May See Outdoors [Pics, Video]

List of colorful and strange looking insects:

Leaf butterfly




European stag beetle




stick insect




Brahmin Moth



Pink Katydid




Two-spined Spider



Tree Hoppers










fan horned beetle



scarlet lily beetle



cuckoo wasp



Potter wasp



Zygoptera dragonfly



wasp head closeup



Spiny Flower Mantis



Peacock Mantis



Jumping Spider



Red Palm Weevil



Tail less whipscorpion



Monkey grasshopper



Yellow green colored African Comet Moth





Cicada parasite beetle



Iceryine Scale



Flatid Bug Leafhopper Larva




Giant prickly stick insect

European mantis



Minstrel bug



robber fly



caterpillar of butterfly





More resources:

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